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The twin swords are deadly weapons used by Bular.


These swords were used by Bular during the Battle of Killahead Bridge. It was also used to deliver a crippling blow to Deya and later defeat Kanjigar

They were used by Bular when he fought Jim in what was to be his last battle. After his death, they were presumably destroyed.


The swords are of traditional make, slightly curved and having a tiny hook-like appendage at the very tip. The metal is cracked and damaged and the hilt is made out of what looks like bone. The guard is made of two metal pieces joined together.

When not in use, they are placed in scabbards which can be slung on the owner's back. The scabbards are made of wood with a strap of leather in between. It has a decorative metal screw on it.


They are excellent for both close and long-range combat. They are versatile and can be used for a wide range of actions like stabbing, slashing, chopping etc. The hook on the tip probably helps maximize damage. They can be thrown with a high degree of accuracy too. In the hands of a skilled swordsman, they can inflict lethal damage.

They are also very useful for intimidation.


Since they are not magical objects, they can easily be lost if taken away from the owner. They can be destroyed easily too.


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