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Blood Goblins (or Albino Goblins) are a race of Goblin that are found exclusively in the Darklands. They are the minor antagonists of Trollhunters.


Blood Goblins inhabit the Darklands, but a few managed to escape after Draal left his post to save his friends.

They are far more violent and insane than their more common counterparts, shown when they viciously devouring a living cat at the beginning of the episode "Hiss Hiss, Bang Bang".

Physical Description

Contrary to their name, Blood Goblins are actually white, not red like actual blood. Yet, their eyes are red, instead of the usual yellow.

Powers & Abilities

They have the common abilities of a usual goblin.


They are also vulnerable to being squashed, just like their normal counterparts.


Appearances in the Trilogy


Part Two

Part Three


Part One


  • Blood Goblins are apparently more intelligent than normal Goblins, as one was able to fully understand (and subsequently tease) Jim when he demands if Gunmar escaped the Darklands with them.