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Master Jim, I fear you have been marked... for a fate worse than death.
Blinky to Jim after Angor marks him

Blinky's Day Out is the seventeenth episode of Trollhunters.

Official Synopsis[]

A barely recognizable Blinky experiences the highs and lows of being human. Angor Rot marks Jim for a fate that's worse than death.


There's chaos in Trollmarket as they try to figure out who is this human intruder. As the human runs around, he asks them to call the Trollhunter.

Jim is watching a memory of Blinky talking to him about the Triumbric Stones. Kanjigar and the others whisper about Jim. Jim's upset that they lied to him. But Kanjigar says they were just trying to deter him. The journey will only get more treacherous. Jim says without his friends, he wouldn't have made it this far. They try to convince him again but are interrupted when Draal starts calling for Jim. They send Jim out to deal with the intruder.

They have trapped the intruder in a bag. Jim orders them to let him go so Jim can deal with him. They drop the bag and Jim opens it. Inside is a man who says he's Blinky. AAARRRGGHH!!! and Draal thinks he's lying, but he starts to say things only Blinky knew, convincing Jim it's him. Blinky doesn't know what happened but knows someone who will know.

Vendel examines Blinky and says he doesn't know what's happened. Vendel learns he went into Gatto's Keep. Blinky realizes that must be why he transformed. Vendel is mad that they're still trying to save Enrique. When Jim shows him the Birthstone, Vendel takes it to keep it safe. The enchantment may take some time to wear off. He can stay and let Vendel poke and prod him or he can go enjoy his day in the sun.

Otto tells Strickler the Janus Order has sent him. They're questioning his leadership. They're worried he doesn't have everything under control. Strickler shows off the ring and says as long as it's on his friend, he can control Angor Rot. Angor Rot implies he can take care of that. Strickler tells Otto about Jim getting the Birthstone. Strickler opens up a secret room and shows Otto how the Janus Order is growing. One day, they'll control the world and the world won't even know. Without Gunmar, there will be a vacant throne. They go back to Angor Rot, who wants to meet with Jim alone.

Jim leads Blinky out of Trollmarket into the sunshine. Before he goes, Blinky says he's sorry AAARRRGGHH!!! won't be joining him on this adventure. Blinky slowly steps into the sun. He looks up at the sun and is in awe of how bright it is. He races off to see more.

Blinky thinks everything is beautiful. He steps into the road and nearly gets hit by a car until Jim pulls him back to the side.

Blinky's eager to try so many things. He tries human foods. NotEnrique thinks Blinky's human form is ugly. Draal tells Jim about Strickler dropping Barbara off. Jim says he already knows. Draal says they smushed faces. Jim tells Draal about the spell Strickler put his mother under. Blinky's stomach starts to gurgle. He's uncomfortable and races to the bathroom. Jim asks if Draal knows about who Strickler brought back with him. Draal doesn't know anything. Barbara pulls up outside, to Jim tells them to hide. He puts NotEnrique in the fridge as he remembers about Blinky.

Barbara comes in and is surprised to see a man she doesn't know there. She tells him she has an orange belt in Krav Maga and then starts to use it. Jim rushes out and tells Barbara the man is with him. He introduces Blinky as Mr Blinky. Jim says Mr Blinky is his guidance counsellor. He's new. Blinky asks Barbara to speak alone. He talks to her about Jim and how he's struggling with repressed hurt feelings of his father leaving him. Barbara thinks this is the explanation for his unusual behavior. Barbara thanks Blinky for giving Jim someone to talk to. Barbara gives Blinky her number so he can talk to her. Toby and Claire arrive just then and Toby's in awe of human Blinky. Claire grabs NotEnrique when he falls out of the fridge and they all leave together.

Once outside, Claire throws NotEnrique into the grass and tells him to get home before her parents notice he's gone. Blinky's excited to try some human things. Claire has an idea of where they should go. They walk for a while and finally arrive where Blinky can see the sunset. He wishes AAARRRGGHH!!! could be there to see it. He thanks Jim for showing it to him. He wonders how long the spell will last because he's still uncomfortable in the skin. Jim says he'll help train Blinky this time. They watch the sunset together.

Angor Rot watches and drops a charm nearby.

Jim and Claire sit on a bench together. Claire knows about the spot because Logan brought her there to ask her to the Spring Fling. Claire told him she was waiting for someone else to ask her. Things get awkward between them and Claire makes an excuse to leave. Once she's gone, Toby pops up and says Jim blew it. They hear Claire scream. A golem made of glass has emerged from the trash can. Jim activates the amulet and tells the others to flank him. More golems appear and surround them. Jim says last time, there was something inside the golem. Blinky says it's an animus totem. They need to get them out from the beasts' hearts and destroy them. Blinky goes to punch one and finds that it hurts. The golems throw glass at them as the battle rages. Jim cuts off the limbs like he did before, but it doesn't work. They need to hit harder and faster. Jim sees Angor Rot behind a tree as they fight. Finally, Claire gets one totem out and destroys it.

Jim takes off after Angor Rot. He's stopped by a force field that holds him in place. Angor Rot taunts Jim, saying he'll be the last thing Jim sees before he dies.

They trap a golem in the trash can.

Angor Rot tells Jim he's never killed a human Trollhunter before, but he wants to draw it out. He won't give Jim the release just yet.

They ram the trash can into a tree and destroy another totem. Another golem bursts out of the trash can.

Angor Rot starts chanting and then tells Jim next time they meet, Daylight will be his to command. He disappears, leaving Jim trapped. The others appear and free Jim. Jim goes after the final golem, which he quickly destroys. Jim's face is marked from Angor Rot. They realize the golems were just a distraction. The marks are the sigil of Angor Rot. He's been marked for a fate worse than death.



  • Blinky is temporarily changed into a human after the events of "Roaming Fees May Apply". He changes back to normal five episodes later.
  • Barbara meets Blinky for the first time, not really knowing that he‘s actually a troll.
  • Angor Rot marks Jim for a fate worse than death in this episode (Angor is now able to steal the Sword of Daylight from Jim and use it against him).
  • Title: Obviously, it refers to Blinky's first day out as a human, experiencing what humanity is like during the daytime without fear of being burned into stone.
  • Errors:
    • At the start of the episode, there is a brief shot of Blinky seen in person after stealing jeans. In that shot, he was in full clothes, and hadn't already gotten the shirt, jacket and shoes.
    • When Barbara hands Blinky her phone number, the name on the slip of paper says "Strickler" instead of "Barbara".


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