Master Jim, I fear you have been marked... for a fate worse than death.
Blinky to Jim after Angor marks him

Blinky's Day Out is the seventeenth episode of Trollhunters.

Official Synopsis

A barely recognizable Blinky experiences the highs and lows of being human. Angor Rot marks Jim for a fate that's worse than death.


After the events at Gatto’s Keep, Blinky is transformed into a human being and experiences some things that he had never known about such as sunshine, going to the bathroom and hunger. While Blinky enjoys his time as a human, Jim meets the evil Angor Rot, who has some plans for him that are worse than death.




  • Blinky is temporarily changed into a human after the events of "Roaming Fees May Apply". He changes back to normal five episodes later.
  • Barbara meets Blinky for the first time, not really knowing that he‘s actually a troll.
  • Angor Rot marks Jim for a fate worse than death in this episode (Angor is now able to steal the Sword of Daylight from Jim and use it against him).


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