Blank Robots, or sometimes called Blankbots or Blanks, are robotic AIs designed to serve life beings.


Blank Robots are created to serve life beings, never to harm them (with the exception of Omen, an advanced robot designed to destroy the Resistance and kill the royals).

Physical Description

They only have one design unless they are modified to have a different appearance. They have two arms, two legs and a floating pill-shaped like head.

Powers & Abilities

Blanks are created specifically to serve life beings. They have some level of strength, resilience, and mobility that is superior to their creator counterparts.

If repurposed as more advanced robots, they can be used as very dangerous and lethal weapons, with the Omens as the prime example.


As robots, Blanks are vulnerable to being hacked and/or reprogrammed.

Blankbot Races

Known Blankbots


Appearances in the Trilogy


Part One

Part Two


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