The Birthstone is the first Triumbric Stone and the fragment of the corrupted Heartstone in which Gunmar was born from.


Many years, the human and troll worlds lived in separate worlds peacefully. However, a dark witch named Morgana orchestrated and sowed seeds of dissension between both worlds. Humans and trolls fought for control of the surface worlds, blood was shed, and the first Heartstone rotted and corrupted from within. From the corrupted Heartstone, Gunmar was born.

The fragment of Gunmar's Heartstone, the Birthstone, was kept within Gatto's Keep in Ojos del Salado.

In "Roaming Fees May Apply", Jim and his friends visit Gatto's Keep to find the Birthstone. After they find it, the Trollhunters escape with their lives and hand it to Vendel.

In "The Shattered King", Jim, with some help from Vendel, cleaves the Birthstone from its shell and places it within his amulet. With the Birthstone, it unlocks the Trollhunter's ability to summon two boomerang-like daggers called glaives.


In its natural form, the Birthstone was a purple rock with glittering characteristics. It often glows from its power.

In its pure form, it's a tiny ruby red gem with rigid textures.


When it was placed into the Amulet of Daylight, the Birthstone gave Jim to ability to summon two boomerang glaives which he can also use for close combat.


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