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Bessie is a cow that appears in 3Below.


Bessie was first seen in the episode "Truth Be Told". She was sucked into the Zeron Brotherhood's spaceship, along with Aja and Krel Tarron when they activated their sucking ray in order to catch the royals. During their time in the ship, Steve seemed to have developed a fondness for her. After their defeat of the Brotherhood and escape, Bessie went back to placidly chewing grass.

Physical Description[]

Bessie is an ordinary white female cow with black spots. She is well-built and has a pink nose.


Bessie is a placid, unemotional cow who likes nothing more than standing in the same spot for hours and chewing grass. She did not seem to be unnerved when she was captured by the Zerons and did not show any reaction to Steve's adoration.


  • Steve Palchuck is good friends with Bessie until he fell off a flying ship.
  • Bessie is the most famous cow in ToA.
  • A similar-looking cow is also seen in Wizards when the knights set out to hunt the trolls. Steve calls that cow, "Medieval Bessie"