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"Ugh. Death. Disgusting."

"Because you will be...our...champion!"

"Nari has a habit of playing with humans, despite my warnings."

"We are the First. We have watched over magics since the stars were young."

"You come from their world, but fight for ours."

"You will be the Eldritch Queen, Mother of Monsters. You will be the instrument of our reckoning."

"Merlin...and the king...still live!"


"Enough waiting."

"Merlin's puppet is gone! Go finish it. Show us your loyalty, Morgana!"

"Mundane, simple creature! You stain magic. You are nothing in our eyes."

"We will readjust and return in time."

"Nari, come back to us and finish the work you have begun!"

"Take him with us."

"The amulet--made from the last remaining piece of her."

"Recover your strength, Morgana. The Shadow Realm has taken its toll on you."

"No more half-measures. Now we walk a new path to remake the world."

"You will be rewarded with a quick and painful death!"

"Our missing third in exchange for your Troll mongrel?"

"You dare deceive us?!"

"This castle shall be your tomb!"

"Foolish servant! You think this will stop us? We planned for a millennium--gathering, waiting..."

"Do. You. Mind?!"

" undo you, to undo all!"

"Raze the foundations! Find the Seals! Leave his allies no place to hide!"

"Fire is calming, Skrael. It helps me think."

"Tell us where to find Merlin's errand boy or be turned to ash!"

"Enough games! We have made our choice."

"What is this strangeness?!"

"You dare meddle with the forces of time?"

"It's weakening! We are almost free!"

"You will die for this!"

"Foolish child, you have lost! Thanks to you, we have the Genesis Seals. The Summoning is neigh!"

Rise of the Titan[]

"Nari, you've been a naughty girl. You are coming back with us"

"You cannot hide from us forever."


"And now... time for the once mighty Trollhunter to die! Without your amulet, you are nothing but a frightened little boy!"

"Let go, or the humans perish."

"Struggle all you want. The breaking of the seals requires only your presence. Not your commitment."

"She is not Nari." “Three will rise , three will form, unite and be one, the worlds are reborn!”

"Prattle on. This world was created to become a paradise where every creature would live in harmony. Humans disrespected that balance. Abused it."

"I'll warn you — breaking your spell will be quite painful."

"As you wish."

"IT... IS... TIME!!!"

"Let the Earth begin anew!"

"Trollhunters. But you cannot hunt a god!"

"So weak! So disappointing. You are unworthy to face a god, child!"

"The world is but seconds away from a glorious rebirth. Don't spend that time here. Go. Embrace your loved ones for the final time."

"Then you will die alone. You have no amulet, no armor, and yet you still think yourself a hero?"

"Hmm... such hubris."

"Hahaha. It's too late. The world will be remade."

"My... my magic... I'm... powerless!"