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Bellroc's Staff was a magical weapon wielded by Bellroc, Keeper of the Flame. The staff was their primary weapon, almost always seen with them.


The staff was presumably created by Bellroc after they became a master wizard.

Bellroc used the staff to cast powerful fire spells to attack Camelot, Merlin, Douxie and Hex Tech. Bellroc has physically used their staff to murder King Arthur during the first Battle of Killahead Bridge and a stray seagull that flew too close to them while they searched for Nari and Douxie.

In Rise of the Titans, Bellroc used their staff numerous times to perform magic and in combat. They engaged in sword-to-staff combat with Jim multiple times in the movie, until Jim destroyed the staff with Excalibur, before Bellroc used a shard of the staff to stab Jim. The staff's remains were presumably destroyed in the Titan's destruction and when Jim reset the timeline, it is presumed that the staff was also restored.


It is a brown staff with a fire-red stone on top. The stone is surrounded by several tendril-like ornamentations made of the same material as the stone. The lower portion of the staff has a scythe-like structure covered in red markings.


Bellroc's staff can cast fire-based spells powerful enough to incinerate almost anything. Its main uses lie in physical combat and casting offensive spells. It can also manipulate existing flames.


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