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Let the Earth begin anew!!!
―Bellroc after summoning the Fire Titan[src]

Bellroc is the main antagonist of the Tales of Arcadia franchise, serving as the unseen overarching antagonist of Trollhunters and 3Below, and the main antagonist of Wizards and the Trollhunters film, Rise of the Titans.

They were the true main leader of the Arcane Order and the sibling of Skrael and Nari.



Bellroc was born/created many eons ago and founded the Arcane Order alongside their two followers, Skrael and Nari, the three of them creating the universe, the Earth along with it, with the Titans being used as their handmaidens. Just like Skrael and Nari, Bellroc maintained the balance between magic and mortals for many thousands of years, until they grew disillusioned with humanity's violence towards magical creatures. They then started to undertake several plans to destroy humanity for good.

They, along with their siblings, Skrael and Nari, resurrected Morgana after she was killed by Arthur, and told her to be their champion. Bellroc killed Arthur at the Battle of Killahead. After Morgana's failure in their original plot, Bellroc decided to switch their goal alongside Skrael to destroying the universe and remaking the world by destroying the Genesis Seals and unleashing the Titans upon the world, after which Bellroc would use the Fire Titan to connect with the last primordial Heartstone beneath the center of the universe, which would become Arcadia Oaks. This led to Nari's defection from the Order, so Bellroc and Skrael resurrected the very king they sought to kill to fill up Nari's role, the Green Knight.


Bellroc first appeared in the invasion of Camelot, attacking it with fire spells. After the time-traveling heroes returned to the present, the Green Knight captured the corrupted Trollhunter, Jim Lake Jr., and used his amulet to resurrect Morgana from the Shadow Realm (much to her dismay). After learning of Morgana's renunciation to the Guardians of Arcadia, they follow the reformed witch to Hex Tech, where they ambush the heroes and capture them (minus Krel).

They were later defeated by Douxie when they fought with him for Nari the Genesis Seals. With the Seals in their possession, the Order must find Nari if they are to break them and unleash raw magic upon the world. Bellroc manages to find Douxie and Nari blending in an unknown city...

Rise of the Titans[]

Bellroc, along with Skrael, intercepted the Guardians of Arcadia inside a train in order to capture Nari. Jim, Claire and Douxie attempted to fight the two of them off, but were unsuccessful and Nari was captured. However, Douxie performed a transmogrification spell and exchanged his soul with Nari's. However, Bellroc soon uncovered this subterfuge and forcibly exchanged their souls again, but not before Nari left the Guardians a message.

Bellroc then unlocked the Genesis Seals along with their brethren, and roused the Titans. Bellroc then mounted their Titan, located on the South China Sea, and marched to the centre of the universe, Arcadia Oaks, to set the world anew. However, the Guardinas intercepted them at Arcadia, seeking to stop them after learning that Bellroc alone could also destroy the world. But Bellroc was too powerful for them, and easily threw the Guardians off their Titan. At length, only Jim remained, and Bellroc subdued him too in a hand-to-hand battle. They then told Jim to go and embrace his loved ones for the last time, but Jim refused, and started fighting Bellroc again. Toby then brought the Trifurcate Radiation Blaster in Bellroc's vicinity, and robbed them of their magic. Jim was then able to break Bellroc's staff and kill them by stabbing them with Excalibur.

Physical Description[]

Bellroc is an androgynous being, with a shifting voice to represent male and female. They are of average height with grey skin, red hair and tattoos on their face resembling traditional Inuit tattoos. After Callista blinds Bellroc at the battle of Killahead bridge, they wear a blindfold. After awakening the lava titan, Bellroc's main eyes glow bright orange.

Bellroc wears a large cape of black feathers, with red wooden pauldrons on each shoulder. The eyes on the pauldron move, and are most likely used as Bellroc's secondary pair of eyes. They wear a wooden chest plate carved to look like a nose and mouth, and the mouth opens depending on the position Bellroc is in.

On their head, Bellroc wears a large skull of a horned, bird-like creature, and wears many other small bones. Their forearms are wrapped in gauze, and they wear a large beaded bracelet on their left wrist. Bellroc wears black pants with a belt with attachments resembling Fulu, and walks barefoot.


Bellroc is a hateful and despicable demigod, who is cruel and merciless in their actions. They dislike humanity and believe that humans cannot right their wrongdoings, primarily because they saw humanity's corruption and thus sought to protect the balance between humankind and magic. However, this was only by their own twisted standards as their version of the balance was that magic would overthrow humankind as the dominant force, and plus, only bringing misery and calamity instead of true balance. It was because of this that Nari tries to convince them and Skrael to change because the pain and suffering was never worth it, but they never listened to her about their motives nor acknowledged the result of their actions. This shows how hypocritical and self-righteous their ambitions truly are as they accuse humanity of being corrupt, even though they is corrupt themself.

They were also manipulative towards Morgana, claiming that she is the Arcane Order's "champion" when she was really used as their pawn so they can get what they want, and even killing King Arthur in front of her, completing her decent into darkness. When they and Skrael summoned Morgana from the Shadow Realm after she failed to play her part in their plan, they berate her for never finishing her purpose to fix their balance, so they now want to use the Genesis Seals to unleash uncontrollable magic to destroy the entire universe, which would include not only humanity, but also the magical and extraterrestrial beings living in it, and then remake the Earth in their own image.

Bellroc was also completely selfish, truly caring about no one but themself and not even the well-being of other magical creatures, which is shown through their treatment of Morgana. It was also shown when they outright attack Deya and tell her that her purpose as the Trollhunter means nothing to the Arcane Order, even though Deya is a troll (a type of magical creature). Bellroc also shows sociopathic signs, as shown when she gets furious with Skrael torturing Steve. This was only because Skrael was interrupting her monologue towards Douxie and Merlin, not for Steve's well-being at all.

In contrast to Skrael, Bellroc was so impulsive to the point that they decided to intervene the Battle of Killahead Bridge despite the former's warnings, foreshadowing them getting her main eyes slashed out by Deya. They also prefer to arson buildings, like they did in GDT Arcane Books, because it helps them feel calmer and think up another plan to destroy the universe.

They also have a shade of sadism, though it is not as extreme as Skrael's. While fighting Jim, their sadism was only meant to break his spirit so that he wouldn't even try to stop them, taunting him that he is nothing without the Amulet of Daylight (which they destroyed themself) and calls him powerless without it, treating him like a helpless little boy, and took their time torturing him.

Despite this, Bellroc seems to have an extremely small amount of compassion, as shown when they advised Jim to spend time with his loved ones before they remade the world as their own. However, it wasn't truly genuine since this was only to goad Jim into giving up as they are mere seconds away from connecting to the Heartstone, suggesting it was all he could do at that point. It is heavily implied that they were going to kill Jim anyway without letting him return to his loved ones, as when Jim says that he will still fight them, Bellroc mocks him about dying alone before claiming that he is unable to be a hero without armor nor an amulet.

In the end, Bellroc never truly cared about restoring the balance between magic and mortal, only eradicating all of reality itself and remaking the universe anew as their own image.

Powers & Abilities[]


  • Magic: Being a sort of demigod, Bellroc is among one of the most powerful magical beings in existence, rivaled by their siblings, Skrael and Nari, as well as Merlin and Morgana. After exposing herself to the raw magics of the Genesis Seals, Bellroc's fire magic was supercharged to near omniscient as she was able to effortlessly knock every single hero off of her titan with no problem.
    • Pyromancy: As the Keeper of the Flame, Bellroc's magic is primarily fire-based. They can create jets of fire and fireballs powerful enough to incinerate almost anything.
      • Fire Propulsion: When enraged, Bellroc can use their fire to propel themselves and Skrael into the air at great speed.
      • Fire Augmentation: Bellroc is able to increase the amount of fire they create and increase the strength of their staff's power.
      • Fire Breath: When her magic was enhanced by the Seals, Bellroc was able to breath fire strong enough to break through Douxie's shield and blast him right off her titan.
      • Pyroportation: Bellroc is able to teleport anywhere with their fire magic.
      • Fire/Heat Immunity: Bellroc is immune to natural fire (including their own).
    • Lavamancy: Along with their fire magic, Bellroc can also control and generate lava.
      • Magma Creation: As shown in Rise of the Titans, Bellroc was able to summon enough lava to melt an entire subway car while dueling Jim, Claire, and Douxie.
      • Molten Rock Control: Bellroc is able to control and remove solid rock from her own fire titan, which she used to knock Aja off her hoverboard and flip Krel straight off the titan by just waving her staff.
    • Resurrection: Bellroc, along with their fellow Arcane Order members, can resurrect other beings.
    • Levitation: Bellroc is able to use their magic to fly, and even their fire magic for propulsion in order to fly faster.
    • Brainwashing: Bellroc is able to brainwash others to force them into their service by using a spell on them to make them do their dirty work alongside her. She was able to brainwash Nari into turning back to the side of evil and unlock the Genesis Seals, in which Nari remained under that state until Douxie broke the spell.
    • Telekinesis: Bellroc was able to restrain Nari, blast Varvatos straight off her titan, and lift/slam Jim into a brief submission in a form of red cuffs and orange field around them.
    • Force Field: While charged by the fire titan, Bellroc's force field was shown strong enough to protect her from Krel's, Claire's, Douxie's, and Aja's simultaneous blast attacks at once without breaking an inch.
    • Transmogrification Severing: With Skrael, they were able to break Douxie's spell on Nari and restore them both to their original bodies.
    • Immortality: As a sort of demigod, Bellroc once mentioned that they have existed on Earth since the beginning of time.


  • Combatant: Bellroc is a capable fighter, especially when teamed up with Skrael. Even without their magic and main eyes, they are able to completely overcome Jim Lake Jr. enough to leave him out of commission (at least until he finally receives his Magiktech Armor).
  • Blindsight: Despite their main eyes being blinded by Deya, Bellroc is able to use their second eyes to see their surroundings without slowing down. After being charged by the Seals, Bellroc regained their main eyes.


  • Trifurcate Radiation: When blasted by Krel's trifurcate blaster, Bellroc's magic is rendered completely nullified, leaving them powerless.


  • Staff: Bellroc's Staff is their source of fire magic. It was sliced in half by Jim with Excalibur (and received a scar in their eye in the process), but was able to use one half to stab Jim in the abdomen to stagger him.
  • Second Eyeballs: After their main eyes were blinded by Deya and the Sword of Daylight, Bellroc uses their second eyes on their torso to navigate their surroundings, especially when in battle.


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Episode Appearances[]


"History in the Making"
"Witch Hunt"
"Lady of the Lake"
"Battle Royale"
"Killahead, Part One"
"Killahead, Part Two"
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  • Bellroc is the final villain to be defeated in the entire franchise.
  • When Deya permanently blinds Bellroc at the Battle of Killahead and Jim fatally stabs her on her fire titan, Bellroc bleeds lava.
  • The decorations on Bellroc's armor resemble the face of a Rakshasa, a demon from Hindu mythology.
  • Bellroc is an ancient primordial being whose voice is meant to evoke both masculine and feminine qualities, shifting between them.[2]
    • Bellroc's voice does seem to shift based on their emotions. For example, whenever they are mad, frustrated, or being tested, Bellroc takes on a more masculine voice, but during a calmer environment, Bellroc has a more feminine voice.
    • In Rise of the Titans, Jim once referred to Bellroc as "her".
  • As explained by Aaron Waltke on Discord, Bellroc's greatest fear is magickind being erased and forgotten from history.
    • Of course, Bellroc never acknowledges this in Wizards nor Rise of the Titans. It could be implied that they're merely afraid of magickind living in peace and kindness with humanity, going against their views of magical dominance (by extensions, their own dominance over magic).


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