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Episode starts off with Jim cycling to the dentist
Assisstant Don't go in there, he's with a patient!
Jim Tobes.
Toby Hey, Jim.
Jim Tobes! Tobes, Tobes, Tobes, Tobes! I have got to talk to you.
Toby [speaks incoherently] Uh, I'm a little busy right now.
Jim What?
Dentist He says he's a little busy right now.
Toby [speaks incoherently] Oh, God. It hurts.
Jim Okay, remember that thing we found the other day? In the canals. The thing with the gem and stuff? It works. It works like crazy!
Toby [speaks incoherently] This can't wait, man?
Jim What?
Dentist He says, "This can't wait, man?"
Jim I've already waited until morning. Who goes to the dentist two days in a row?
Toby Ow! [continues to speak incoherently] I want to get these braces off before I'm 30.
Dentist I want to get these braces off before I'm 30.
Jim What?
Toby It's like my mouth is a city engineering project.
Dentist It's like my mouth is a city engineering project.
Jim How much longer is this going to take?
It cuts to nighttime, with Jim and Toby at Jim's house.
Jim Eight hours! I can't believe it takes eight hours.
Toby Two molars, plus insertions, and some cleanup.
Jim Okay, Tobes. You are never going to believe this.
Toby My mouth still feels sore.
Jim Check this out.
Toby Do you have any aspirin?
Jim Tobes, pay attention.
Toby Mmm.
Jim [Takes out amulet] For the Glory of Merlin, Daylight is mine to-
Jim is interrupted by Toby microwaving a pizza
Toby Go on.
Jim It worked last night.
Toby Are you punking me right now?
Jim Okay, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Amulet activates and equips the trollhunter armour.
Toby Holy champignon!
Jim Oh-ho-ho-ho! How cool is that?
Toby What? Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! So cool, so cool, so cool! Dude, you know what this means, right? You have a sacred responsibility here.
Jim That's what they said!
Toby Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! Oh, my- You have to use these new powers for the benefit of all mankind. You have to use this to kick Steve's butt.
Jim ... Really? I show you a glowing sword and a suit of armour that can only be magic, and that's how you respond?
Toby Seriously! It's butt-kicking time! *Attempts to do a karate kick*
Toby These pants are so elastic. Wait also, who's "they"?
Jim Well, that's the part that I've been freaking out over!
There's knocking at the back door and Blinky peers in.
Toby Wh- What- what the heck is that?! Don't open the door!
Blinky *Opens the door* Aha! Master Jim!
Toby AH! I'm calling 911!

AAARRGGHH atempts to enter

Toby *Grabbing his phone* No, Animal Control. Oh, gosh. Oh, gosh. Oh, gosh. They talk.
Blinky I knew it was but a matter of time before the amulet called to us.
Jim "Called" to you?
Blinky Actually, no. We've been spying on you.
AAARRRGGHH!!! Spy on you.
Blinky Well, keeping a close watch.
AAARRRGGHH!!! *Hits head on door frame* Door small...
Animal Control [On phone] Animal Control
Toby Monsters, at my best friend's house! I need you to send a squad!
Animal Control Is this a joke, kid?
Toby Make that the National Guard! ... Animal Control hung up on me!
Blinky You told your stout little friend about us?
Jim Um, is that a problem?


Master Jim, we trolls have gone to great lengths to keep our existence secret from your kind, lest there be panic.
Toby Oh, my gosh, Oh, my gosh, Oh, my gosh, Oh, my gosh.
Blinky Like that.
Jim It's all right, Tobes.
Toby They're like nine feet tall.
Jim This is my best friend, Toby D.
Toby He has like 800 eyes. We're going to die.


Hardly. Your friend is the Trollhunter. His noble obligation is protective.


By "protecting"... You mean like a superhero? Oh, can I be his sidekick? With a cool superhero name like Deathblade or Snipersnake? Just wait. Who would I be protecting?




And mankind. From bad trolls... As well as goblins, gruesomes, and the occasional rogue gnome.
Toby [Tapping Blinky with a large spoon]
Blinky Do you mind?
Toby [Drops spoon]
Blinky The mantle of Trollhunter is a sacred responsibility, one which has never been passed to a human before. This is a momentous occasion.
They hear a car pull onto the driveway
Jim Oh- it's my mother! Upstairs, quick!
They all run and hide in the bathroom, and lock the door. AAARRGGHH!! Makes a loud thud which alert Barbara's attention.
Barbara Jim? It's me!
Jim [Whispering] She's not supposed to be home til midnight!
AAARRRGGHH!!! [Sniffs Toby] Mmm... You smell like cat.
Toby My nana has a Siamese.
Barbara I forgot my phone. Are you okay in there?
Jim Um, I'm fine. I mean, my stomach's a little, uh.
Toby [Starts plumbing the toilet]
Jim Uh, you know, I might have a food poisoning situation.
Barbara Honey, I'll get you some medicine, okay?
The amulet starts to glow
Jim Okay, what's this going on here?
Blinky The amulet reacts to your emotional state. You appear to be in some distress.
Jim You think?
Toby I have another question.
Blinky Speak, Theodore.
Toby It's Toby, actually. Or Tobias. If Jim's the first human Trollhunter, like you said, then who or what was the Trollhunter before him?
Blinky The glorious mantle has been passed from troll to troll for hundreds of years.
Jim So, the previous Trollhunter, what, retired?
AAARRRGGHH!!! Was felled.
Jim Felled?
AAARRRGGHH!!! Means killed.
Blinky Turned to stone and smashed. Kanjigar the Courageous was his name. Brutally slain by a ruthless troll named Bular.
Toby Don't worry, dude. This Bular guy probably just got lucky!
Blinky The evidence does not suggest that. Bular is a formidable opponent.
Jim Then the other guy, he was just off his game or something, right?
Blinky Doubtful. Kanjigar was perhaps the most alert and able of all the Trollhunters.
Toby But not the best, I'm betting.
Blinky Oh, the very best. Many songs and sagas have been written about him.
Toby Uh, I think what my friend here is a little worried about is, if this-
Toby Yeah, I got it. (continues) If Bular could defeat Kanjigar...
AAARRRGGHH!!! Smash to pieces.
Toby Then what's going to happen to Jim?
Blinky A most appropriate, if troubling, query, Tom- Tobias! Of course, we would never expect Master Jim to engage in battle without the proper training.
Toby See! Nothing to worry about. Now how long does the training normally take?
Blinky Oh... Decades
Jim And... how long do I have?
Blinky A day or two.
Barbara Jim? I have medicine and ginger ale. Come on out!
Jim I'm fine, really!
Barbara I'm a Doctor. I'm gonna treat my own son.
Jim I just... need a little privacy!
Barbara You're worrying me!
Jim manages to deactvate the amulet. He hides the others in the shower.
Barbara I'm coming in.
Jim [Opens door] Whew. See, all good!
Barbara Huh.
Toby [Whispering] Stop sniffing me giant troll dude!
AAARRRGGHH!!! Smell like cat.
Barbara leaves in her car. They all go downstairs.
AAARRRGGHH!!! [Starts knocking things over] Your cave too small.
Blinky So Master Jim, are you ready? We should begin your training, immediately!
Jim Uh, it's a school night.
Blinky I assure you the relevance escapes me.
Jim I'm fifteen. I have to stay home and study, and stuff- do homework? I can't be out y'know, Trollhunting?
Blinky ... Because?
Jim Well the whole getting killed by a vicious troll named Bular might be a deal breaker!
Toby *Points to AAARRRGGHH!!!* Dude, He eats VHS's!
Blinky Deal breaker?
Jim I don't want to die!
Blinky Goodness gracious, who does!
Jim [Takes out amulet] Maybe you should take this back.
Blinky The amulet called to you, Master Jim. It chose you. It is your-
Jim Please don't say destiny.
Blinky -Sacred obligation!
Jim Or that.
Blinky You cannot refuse it, you cannot give it back. It is yours until you die.
Jim And I would like to get a little further past puberty before that happens!
Blinky Master Jim, you are now responsible for the protection of two worlds, the human and troll alike. If you do not keep the balance, evil trolls like Bular will come into yours and wreak havoc!
Jim You're saying this "Bular" could hurt people?
AAARRRGGHH!!! Like you.
Blinky Not helping!
Jim What's he talking about?
Blinky With the amulet now in your posseesion, Bular will seek you out, and you will face him one way or another.
Toby Maybe what Jim needs is a little time to process all of this Y'know, you laid a lot of heavy stuff on him tonight.
Blinky Fine, fine. We shall return tomorrow then, to begin your training!
Toby Awesome-sauce!
AAARRRGGHH!!! and Blinky get ready to leave through the backdoor
Toby For the road big guy!
Toby Moral weapons five and six!
Blinky Master Jim, if I may... destiny is a gift. Some go their entire lives living existences in quiet desperation, never learning the truth that what feels as though a burden pushing down upon our shoulders is actually a sense of purpose that lifts us to greater heights! Never forget that fear is but the precursor to valor. That to strive and triumph in the face of fear, is what it means to be a hero. Don't think Master Jim... become!

Would you at least consider?

Jim fist bumps all of Blinkys hands, as an agreement. Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!! then leave by noisily climbing over the garden fence.
Toby They're pretty stealthy. How's that? I bought you a night!
Jim A night?
Toby Dude, you're the one who's always talking about "wanting adventure", and "something more"! Well, wish granted! So trolls are a thing, who knew?
The next day, Toby and Jim go to school.
Toby So? What did you decide?
Jim That if anyone finds out what happened in my kitchen last night, we'll both be committed.
Toby I meant about kicking Steve's butt!
Jim Give up the dream Tobes.
Toby [Looks at amulet] Does this thing run on batteries? What's it doing?
Jim How should I know? It didn't come with a manual!
Toby Does it feel like you're gonna, y'know, change?
Jim Oh no...
Toby We gotta get you someplace that's not out here!
Toby pushes Jim into the gym locker room. Little do they know, Mr. Strickler is watching them. When inside, Jim accidentally transforms
Toby So cool...
Jim Ok, why did it do that?
Mr. Strickler Jim? Jim, are you in here?
Jim [Whispering] Keep him out of here!
Toby How?
Jim Just go!
Toby Fine! Oh hey uh, Mr. Strickler!
Mr. Strickler Ah, Toby. Have you seen Jim? I believe he came in here.
Toby Yeah, he um, he's having some issues y'know? Taco Tuesday, vicious! I think he could probably use some time alone-
Mr. Strickler turns the corner and sees Jim in his armour.
Mr. Strickler Jim. I don't believe that's appropriate school attire, Do you?
Jim Oh yeah, this! Funny story about this. It's uh... for Romeo and Juliet!
Toby Yeah, it's for the try-outs!
Jim Yes! The try-outs for Romeo and Juliet!
Toby Jim's gonna totally smoke those auditions, I mean look at his costume! So realistic!
Mr. Strickler What happened to the chess club?
Jim Oh, I'm doing that too, apparently.
Mr. Strickler Well you better hurry then.
Jim What?
Mr. Strickler I believe auditions end in five minutes.
The camera cuts to the hall, where Claire is performing.
Claire Give me my Romeo; and, when he shall die, Take him and cut him out in little stars, And he will make the face of heaven so fine That all the world will be in love with night
Jim It would have been easier to tell him that I'm a Trollhunter. I don't even know the play!
Ms. Janeth Thank you miss Nuñez.
Claire walks off stage and meets the other two in the curtains.
Claire John?
Jim Uh, Jim.
Claire And here I thought you didn't like Shakespeare.
Jim Oh no, he's my favourite! I totally love him!
Claire That costume is incredible! Did you make it?
Toby No, he found a magical amulet that makes it!
Claire Heh, you're funny.
Jim [Gritting teeth] Hehe, yeah you're a real comedian aren't cha?!
Ms. Janeth Next!
Claire I think that's your cue. Break a leg!
Jim I'd prefer that [Steps on stage]
Ms. Janeth Who are you?
Jim James Lake Jr.
Ms. Janeth What are you trying out for?
Jim Uh, Romeo?
Ms. Janeth Well we are all ears.
Jim Destiny. Destiny is a gift. Some go their entire lives living existences in quiet desperation, never learning the truth that what feels as though a burden pushing down upon our shoulders is actually a sense of purpose that lifts us to greater heights! Never forget that fear is but the precursor to valor! That to strive and triumph in the face of fear, is what it means to be a hero! Don't think, become!
Audience [applauses]
Jim Um, thank you!
Claire Jim, that was remarkable!
Jim Really? I didn't even think, I just sort of said it all.
Claire [laughs] That's acting!
Afterwards, Toby and Jim go into town.
Toby Dude, that was amazing! You were amazing! I'm amazed at how amazing you were!
Jim I can't believe that that just happened.
Toby And did you see how that chikita was looking at you? Your armour totally did you a favor!
Jim I dunno, I'm still getting the hang of it.
Toby The multi-eyed guy said it reacts to your emotional state. The armour turns on when you're in distress!
Jim But I wasn't in distress back at school.
As they turn the corner on their bikes, they see a large dark troll at the end of the street
Bular [Roars]
Jim But I am now!
Bular Trollhunter, Merlins creation, Gunmars bane!
Toby I think he's talking to you...
Bular roars again, but as he tries to leave the shadows, his hand gets hurt
Jim Look! He's afraid of the sun!
Toby [Noticing the sunset] Not for long!
Bular The amulet! Surrender it, and I will give you a speedy death!
Toby Doesn't know how to negotiate this guy!
Bular lunges at them and they cycle away at high speeds. They try and hide from him behind a parked truck.
Toby Armour up, armour up. Armour up! Please! Now! FASTER!
Jim For the glory of Merlin, daylight is mine to command!
The amulet glows, but nothing happens.
Jim It's not working!
Jim For the glory of Merlin, daylight is mine to command. Seriously! It's mine to command! I'm commanding here!
Bular [Picks up the truck] Centuries of Trollhunters, and I will have killed two in almost as many days!
Jim GO! GO! GO!
They cycle off as Bular throws the truck at them.
Jim Flying Truck!
Jim Head down Delancey!
Jim and Toby change their course and just narrowly avoid another flying vehicle. Bular continues to chase them
Jim Behind Stuart Electronics!
Toby You know I can't fit there!
Jim You can fit!
Toby I CAN'T!
Jim You've been on a diet, remember?!
Jim easily slides down a narrow alley between two buildings, while Toby proceeds to get stuck.
Toby I can't fit! I can't fit! I can fit! I can fit, I can fit! I'm fitting! YAY, diet!
Bular [Roars again]
They manage to escape Bular
Toby Look at me. Look at me! We're not dead, right?
Blinky Aha! Master Jim!
Jim Bular's trying to kill us! He chased us all over town!
Blinky And you're still alive! I knew you had potential, Master Jim!
Toby You have a sweet voice, but you ring death with you!
Jim You guys can fight him right?
AAARRGGHH!! and Blinky both chuckle
Blinky I could not hope to posses the skill to defeat Bular!
[Points to AAARRRGGHH!!!] What about him? He's big!
AAARRRGGHH!!! Pacifist.
Jim Seriously?
Toby Man, such a waste of a hulking brute.
AAARRRGGHH!!! Thank you.
Blinky This is why there is a Trollhunter, Master Jim. AAARRRGGHH!!! renounced the violent path ages ago!
Suddenly, Bular appears, snarling.
Blinky Follow me! We'll be safe in Heartstone Trollmarket!
Bular knocks down the power lines and disrupts Toby.
Toby Oh no!
AAARRRGGHH!!! Manages to catch him and Toby grabs hold of the fur on his back. Bular is temporarily slowed because he caught his leg on Toby's bike.
Blinky Master Jim! Dawn you armor!
Jim I've been trying! The amulet won'y listen to me!
Blinky Did you speak the incantation?
Jim I've been incanting the crap out of it and it's not working!
Toby Just focus and incant dude!
They reach the dried up canal. Toby, Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!! go down the whilst Jim gets the amulet out.
Jim For the glory of Merlin daylight is mine to command! For the glory of Merlin daylight is mine to command! For the glory of Merlin daylight is mine to command!
After the third try, the amulet works and equips Jim with the armour, just as Bular reached him.
Bular [Roars]
Jim Ah... Nope.
He tries to run, only to be blocked by Bular.
Blinky Use your sword Master Jim!
Bular I'll drink your blood out of a goblet, made of your skull!
Toby Pound him like a meatloaf, Jim!
Jim strikes Bular with his sword, only for him to block it.
Blinky We must work quickly! Open the portal, the horngazel!
AAARRRGGHH!!! Uses the crystal to draw on the wall under the bridge, and open a portal.
Toby Woah!
Blinky Master Jim! Master Jim, come on!
Jim I'm a little busy here!
Bular You are not fit to wield the amulet! I'll tear the armour off you, along with your skin!
Jim dodges one of Bulars swords. He tries to hit Bular with the sword, but it gets stuck in his arm instead.
Toby Come on, come on! Lets go Jim!
Before he could get through the doorway, it closed and the amulet deactivated.
Jim Oh no.
Bular throws his swords at Jim but misses. Before Bular can get any closer, the portal quickly reopens and pulls Jim in.
Jim [Panting] He nearly- We nearly- He- Almost
Blinky What? Speak Master Jim.
Blinky Almost! A very important word! A life of almost is a life of never.
Jim Why'd the armour suddenly shut off?
Blinky Master Jim, you are the first human to posses an amulet crafted for trolls. It's to be expected it's behaviour will be unexpected.
As they walk, the stairs light up
Blinky This way masters, this way.
Toby Woah! Are you sure we're safe in here?
Blinky Indeed the incantation forbids entry to Heartstone Trollmarket by Gumm-Gumms, such as Bular. They are the most fearsome of Trolls.
Jim Gumm-Gumms?
AAARRRGGHH!!! Scary ones.
Jim Okay, wait. Wait. So Bular can't get in here right? Into Heartstone Trollmarket?
Blinky No Master Jim.
He faces Jim and Toby to look at the centre of Heartstone Trollmarket.
Jim Woah.
Toby Wow!
Blinky This is the world you are bound to protect! This is Heartstone Trollmarket!
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