Human Strickler
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Man Good morning, Arcadia Oaks. It’s 4:30 a.m. If you’re still in bed, you are missing the most beautiful sunrise, clear skies and a beautiful morning ahead. And big news...
A disposable cup rolls through the fog and moves into the shadow of the bridge. A dark heavily armored Troll with horns curled around his head smashes the cup under his foot
Bular [growls]
He lunges at a light colored Troll with silver plated armor.
Bular Yield, Kanjigar.
Kanjigar A Trollhunter never yields. [breathing heavily] I'd rather die.
Bular Terms, accepted. [yells] [groans]
Kanjigar slides out of the way and raises a sword, he swings it at Bular who dodges it. Kanjigar punches Bular to the ground and points his swords at him.
Kanjigar Your turn, Bular. Yield. [gasps] [grunts]
The sun beams down onto Kanjigar, who stares at his shoulder as it smoulders. Bular kicks Kanjigar, who tumbles backwards. His sword slides into the sunlight. Kangigar’s hand burns blue as he reaches for his sword. The glow from a amulet embedded in his chest plate flickers.
Bular There is nowhere left for you to run, Trollhunter. Give me the amulet.
Kanjigar sprints up the canal and leap onto the underside of the bridge. He turns and clutches his sword. Bular jumps out from behind an support beam and swings around the beam and kicks Kanjigar, who slams into a gutter. He jumps away as bular lunges at him. Kanjigar hops down and hangs from the support beam while Bular chases, he swings back up and glances around. Bular tackles Kanjigar, his sword falls to the ground as Bular holds him over the edge. The sword shatters.
Bular [laughs] It all ends here.
The side of Kanjigar’s face burns and Bular pushes him into the sunlight. Bular's claw swipe at Kanjigar, who grabs his arm and holds it in the sun. Bular recoils and clutches his burning blue arm as it smokes. Kanjigar doubles to his feet.
Bular It's me or the sun. Either way, you're doomed.
Kanjigar No. The amulet will find the champion. We will stop you and your master. I may end, but the fight will not.
Bular’s eyes widen as Kanjigar steps back off the bridge and into the sunlight. His skin burns blue and hardens.
Bular [gasps] No!
In the canal below, Kanjigar’s stone body shatters. Bular leans out into the sunlight.
Bular Ahh! [sighs, then roars and punches a support beam.]
Amulet Shines
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