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You come from their world, but fight for ours. You will be the Eldritch Queen, Mother of Monsters. You will be the instrument of our reckoning!!
―The Arcane Order turning Morgana into the Pale Lady

Battle Royale is the fifth episode of Wizards.

Official Synopsis[]

Morgana takes a new title — Mother of Monsters — and vows to usher in an age of reckoning. An epic battle begins in King Arthur's court.


Morgana tests out her new arm. Nari knows it's fun. Morgana feels renewed. Skrael appears and is surprised that Morgana survived the resurrection. Nari introduces herself, Skrael, and Bellroc to Morgana. Together, they have watched over majicks since the stars were young. Man has destroyed the balance as they tried to destroy Morgana. They brought her back to make right what they made wrong. She will be the Eldritch Queen, Mother of Monsters. They coat her in armor and she accepts their gift.

While Steve practices his knight stills, Claire practices going to the Shadow Realm. Claire sees a vision of Jim. She really wanted to see Jim and now she is. Then she sees Morgana, talking to the First. Morgana yells at Claire for spying on her. Claire flees the Shadow Realm, but Morgana follows her.

Steve is still admiring the tooth he got from Nimue. Claire comes back out of the Shadow Realm and warns them that Morgana is back and coming for them. Morgana's hand pokes out of the portal before the portal closes.

Merlin refuses to believe that Morgana isn't dead and is coming to attack the kingdom. Merlin think she's just been tricked. Past Douxie comes in with supplies to help Merlin finish the amulet. Merlin sends future Douxie and Claire out to protect the kingdom so he can finish the amulet.

Arthur has Excalibur back and speaks to the people about it. Douxie and Claire look around, but see no sign of Morgana anywhere. Arthur announces a tournament. The winner will stand by his side and have the honor of striking down Bular, whom they have captured.

AAARRRGGHH!!! threatens more trolls to join Gunmar. Blinky and Dictatious are hiding nearby. Blinky doesn't want to join Gunmar, but Dictatious says he also doesn't want to die.

Jim tries to talk to AAARRRGGHH!!!, but AAARRRGGHH!!! attacks Jim. Jim tries to get the other trolls to rise up against AAARRRGGHH!!!, but they hide instead, leaving it up to Jim and Callista.

The tournament has begun. Douxie tries to make a plan. Some children pretend to be Arthur and Morgana, but Arthur stops them and has the tournament continue. Claire wants to root Morgana out. Sir Galahad reveals that Steve is next in the tournament. Lancelot entered him into it. Steve is scared, but Lancelot encourages him. Steve is facing the Rose Knight. The battle starts and Steve is quickly defeated.

Claire searches around for Morgana while Douxie places defenses around the castle. Claire overhears someone talking about their dark queen and realizes he's talking about Morgana. Sir Galahad says he's the Knight of Skulls and fights like a demon. Claire tries to follow him, but a guard stops her, saying only knights in the tournament can get past a certain point.

Douxie finishes placing protections. Archie says he's overdone it. Just then, Galahad comes to get Douxie for Arthur.

Jim defends himself against AAARRRGGHH!!!, but refuses to fight back, saying he's a pacifist. Blinky and Dictatious explain to him what that means.

Dictatious and Blinky realize they need to join the fight. They call upon the other trolls to join as well. They agree, but back down after seeing AAARRRGGHH!!! punch Jim. AAARRRGGHH!!! is then crushed by a large bowl that Callista has knocked down toward him. With him trapped, the other trolls all come out and attack him. Jim stops them from trying to kill him. Instead, Vendel puts AAARRRGGHH!!! in Blinky's care.

Sir Galahad announces half-time for the tournament. In the ring, Archie faces a gnome. Archie defeats the gnome. Galahad then announces that going against the Knight of Skulls is Claire. Claire uses magic to defend herself, which Arthur says isn't allowed. Claire goes up to the Knight and asks him where Morgana is as she removes his helmet. She realizes she has the wrong person and the queen he was talking about was Queen Sophia of the Dhar'k Isles. The knights pull Claire off him and she is disqualified. The Knight of Skulls' squire then comes up behind Arthur and tries to stab him, saying, "Hail Morgana!," but Claire stops him. He's a changeling and starts fighting the knights. He frees Bular, who attacks Arthur, but Douxie protects him. There's a large explosion around the castle that starts a fire. Bular uses the distraction to escape. The changeling attacks Arthur again, but Douxie protects him again. He attacks Merlin's tower, but Douxie's defenses protect it. They won't work for long and Archie reminds them that the other Douxie is in the tower. They run off to save him while Morgana, through the changeling, speaks to her brother. Steve and Lancelot attack the changeling together with Arthur's help.

Past Douxie plays music and sings while Merlin is working. Claire and future Douxie come in to save them. They become trapped, so Claire opens a portal for them to go though.

All the other knights are down, so it falls to Steve to defend the castle. The changeling tells him it isn't his fight. Just then, the others fall through a portal onto the battlefield and join the fight. They are able to trap the changeling and then destroy him. Lancelot declares Steve a knight. He's Sir Steve of Palchukia.

Skrael says Morgana's plans have been fruitful. Bellroc is upset that Merlin and Arthur are still alive, but Morgana cautions patience. It's only the first step. She disappears into a portal.

Arthur looks at the kingdom. The castle's defenses are destroyed, the best knights injured or dead. The citizens wonder if it's safe to come back out. Arthur wonders how they'll face their enemies with only half an army. Claire sees the plan for the amulet and suggests Jim. Douxie tells Arthur and Merlin they need to go to the good trolls.

Gunmar is angry that someone has destroyed Merlin's keep without his orders. Morgana appears and says it was his successor. She holds it up as an example of her magic. She wants Gunmar to trust her, saying they'll have victory in Eternal Night.



  • It is learned that the Arcane Order turned Morgana into the Pale Lady and set her up as the ultimate villain of Trollhunters for the future.
  • Title: The title refers to the term "battle royal", which traditionally means a fight involving many combatants that is fought until only one fighter remains standing.
  • Error: In one of the following episodes, Galahad states that he never learnt how to read, but in Battle Royale, he was seen reading off a list for the duels


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