This unnamed Blankbot is a minor character who only appears in the 3Below episode, "Mind Over Matter". He was presumably destroyed by the Zeron Brotherhood after they stole his transit log of the House Tarron Mothership.


Part one (3Below)

The bartender was first introduced cleaning mugs at the Intergalactic Way Station and indulging Neb as the news reports played of House Tarron being overthrown. When Neb drunkenly slurs about knowing the location of the Royal Mothership, he is confronted by Foo Foo the Destroyer for a holo-chip containing the data before the chips is seized by the Zeron Brotherhood. When Zeron Alpha ordered "no witnesses", the barkeep was last seen begging for his life, noting that he was just a robot.

Physical Appearance

The bartender has the typical appearance of a Blank Robot save for a logo stamped on his chest.


The barkeep has the personality typical of most Blanks, a servile helper, but seemed to have some annoyance towards the violent tendencies of his bounty hunter patrons. He seemed to consider himself to be unimportant as evidenced by his surprise when Zeron Beta targeted him as a witness to silent.


Prior to his demise, he was seen with a rag that he used to clean used mugs.



The bartender seemed to have been friends with Neb or, at least, was resigned to his presence.

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