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These paintings are drawings created by Barbara Lake when her memory begins to return, which happens in "Parental Guidance".


Around "Night Patroll", Barbara began experiencing vivid dreams in her sleep and, as she puts it, "wakes up with the urge to express herself". To express these "dreams" she can't seem to remember, she paints them in her basement. Jim finds his mother there, late for her shift, but is shocked to discover that she has painted Blinky. Unknowingly to Barbara, Jim believes that her memory of the magical world is returning, which worries him.

Barbara's painting impulses prevented her from following her work schedule. Due to this, the hospital decided to give Barbara a little break until she feels better, which gave her more free time to paint. Up until "Parental Guidance", she draws a picture of Jim in his armor, which finally restores her full memories of trolls and her son being the Trollhunter.

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  • It's unknown how Barbara's memories began to return at this point, though it is likely because the side effects from the bind severing spell Vendel performed on her began to wear off on its own.