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"A human? Protecting us?"

"No! Gnome! Rogue Gnome!"

"First, I couldn't find my monocle, then my collection of bed coils."

"Now something disappears every minute!"

"Oh, dirty little pests"

"Up to last week, the glue traps were working fine."

"Fix it, Trollhunter!"

"Some Trollhunter you are."

"Jim the Baby-Handed"

"Oh my hero!"

"All hail Jim, the Bular Slayer!"

"Your friends are about to be turned into pate!"

"A human intruder! It stole my stockings!

"Troll... Troll... Trollhunter, it's urgent!"

"I have a package I need delivered to my sister, Sagdwella! She lives under a trailer park in Oo-tah."

"Your post office is more efficient than our carrier mice trolls. I suppose they don't eat the parcels either. You're supposed to answer every call."

"This is a call."

"The address. Whatever you do, do not open it! I've got my eye on you."

"Say, what does a girl got to do to get that mask off?"

"An infestation!"

"Infestation of gnomes in my shop!"

"I need the Trollhunter!"

"Not assassins, dear! Gnomes! They're revolting!"

"No, the other kind of revolting, dear! They've organized to tear apart my shop!"

"The Trollhunter cannot refuse the call."

"Not stacking! Catching!"

"Put that sword away. Don't you know our guests are sensitive to light?"

"I've always stood with our Trollhunter."