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Bad Omen is the thirteenth and season finale of Part One of 3Below.

Official Synopsis

Alpha unleashes a barrage of attacks on the siblings, enabling Omen to hijack the ship and take the royal cores. Will this be the end of House Tarron?





  • The history class quote Krel recites to the residents of Akiridion-5 is by famed British politician, statesman, army officer, writer, and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Winston Churchill. As Prime Minister, Churchill led Britain to victory in World War II.
  • Since Varvatos is taken hostage by Zeron Alpha, Zadra is presumed to become Aja and Krel's new guardian.
  • Eli Pepperjack manages to take photos of Aja and Krel in their alien forms, confirming aliens are real for Eli.


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