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Bad Omen is the thirteenth episode of 3Below and the season finale of Part One.

Official Synopsis[]

Alpha unleashes a barrage of attacks on the siblings, enabling Omen to hijack the ship and take the royal cores. Will this be the end of House Tarron?


The King and Queen explain life cores to their children. As long as yours remains intact, you can survive almost anything. The kids are so bored, they have fallen asleep. The king says they won't always be around and the kids need to know.

Alpha laughs as the ship is launched into space while Aja and Krel just watch.

On the ship, Luug walks around.

Varvatos sees the ship launch and assumes Aja and Krel are on it. Then he gets a video transmission from Luug. The blank parents intervene and end the call.

Alpha hovers over Aja, prepare to kill her.

On Akiridion-5, several Akiridions hope for the royals to come back. Drones come through and tells them public worship of royals is forbidden by Morando. The citizen refuses to accept Morando as her king. the drone gives a first warning and says there won't be a second.

Morando says as long as the citizens think the royals are alive, they'll have hope and it need to be quashed. From now on, any infraction will be punished by law. He sees the king and queen's life cores on video and says the resistance will finally be dead, once and for all.

Stuart distracts Alpha with a dance. Buster appears out of the woods and attacks Alpha. Zadra explains the Omen blank to them. She's afraid there's nothing they can do, but Aja doesn't think that's true. They ask where her ship is. Just then, it flies overhead.

Zadra calls out to Varvatos, who has taken her ship. He explains that he took it to stop the Mothership before it exits Earth's atmosphere. Varvatos attacks the Mothership, using the Stryker as a weapon. He's prepared to sacrifice himself to save them. This is how he plans to make amends. He tells the kids they're unstoppable together and he's proud of them both. He asks them to tell their parents he was sorry. He crashes the Stryker into the mothership, sending it back down to Earth.

Varvatos appears to them as a hologram and Aja thanks him. Stuart and Buster go to find him while Aja and Krel go with Zadra to save their parents.

Morando learns about the ship being grounded, but decides against setting it to self-destruct.

Trolls continue to walk the streets as Eli and Steve watch. Eli tells Steve that he's learned about Aja and Krel being aliens and wants to take pictures to share it with the world. Steve goes to stop him.

Aja and Krel look for their parents. They find Luug and the Momblank, who attacks them. Dadblank joins and attacks them as well. Krel tells Zadra not to kill them because they're friends, just corrupted by the Omen blank. Zadra says she'll distract them while Aja and Krel find the cores.

Eli takes his phone and prepares to take pictures. He almost gets a picture of Buster, but it's blurry and his screen is cracked.

Aja and Krel find that their parents' cores are not where they left them. Mother detects them as invaders on their own ship and sends out a warning. They need to find their parents and get out of the ship. Aja tells Krel to override the system so they can escape and she'll get their parents.

Aja confronts the Omen blank, ordering him to kneel. Morando talks to her through the blank. She refuses to acknowledge him as king. Aja fights with blank, but it's able to heal its damage. She learns that her parents' cores are inside the Omen blank. A self-destruct sequence is started.

Back on Akiridion-5, citizens watch in horror.

Krel is still working to override Mother while Aja fights.

Morando orders the transmission stopped when Aja starts winning the fight.

Zadra is still fighting Ricky and Lucy.

Alpha finds Varvatos trapped in the woods and attacks him.

Aja continues to fight. She traps the blank in a door while the Akiridions watch and cheer her on. Omen blank activates the other blanks on the ship.

Krel is still working on the override.

Aja is confronted by several blanks, who attack her. She uses her serrator to fight them off. She ends up facing the Omen blank again. Krel then comes in, playing party music. He has control over the Omen blank. Aja warns him that their parents are inside, so he can't destroy it yet.

Zadra watches as Ricky and Lucy deactivate.

Aja removes her parents from the Omen blank while Morando watches in anger. Krel then starts a message from them back to Akiridion-5, bringing them hope. He promises they'll fight for the Akiridions and will return to them. The transmission ends when Krel's battery dies. Omen awakens and attacks them again. The self-destruct sequence starts again. Aja says they need to destroy Omen to stop it. Aja has a plan and tells Krel to follow her lead. She leaves the cores with Krel as she attacks Omen. The time runs out just as Omen falls. Krel has to pull Aja to safety just before Mother says the sequence has been suspended. Zadra finds them alive. Their parents' cores are also safe.

Buster and Stuart are still searching for Varvatos.

Alpha has Varvatos as a prisoner and is flying out with him.

Krel and Aja put their cores back where they belong to continue their regeneration. Mother apologizes to them for her behavior, but Krel says she'll feel better when he reboots her.

Krel and Aja look up at the sky, which reminds them of Akiridion-5. Krel is worried that he won't be able to fix the ship and they'll be stuck there forever. She says they've done the impossible before. And for now, Earth is their home.

From the ground, Eli takes some pictures of them in their true forms.

Morando decides he's going to go to Earth and kill them himself.



  • The history class quote Krel recites to the residents of Akiridion-5 is by famed British politician, statesman, army officer, writer, and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Winston Churchill. As Prime Minister, Churchill led Britain to victory in World War II.
  • Since Varvatos is taken hostage by Zeron Alpha, Zadra is presumed to become Aja and Krel's new guardian.
    • This ends up being the case until Aja and Krel rescue Varvatos from imprisonment on the moon in "Moonlight Run".
  • Eli Pepperjack manages to take photos of Aja and Krel in their alien forms, confirming aliens are real for Eli.
  • Goof: In the last episode, Eli and Steve were in their Creepslayerz outfits, now they're in their normal everyday outfits instead.


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