Bad Coffee is the forty-second episode of Trollhunters and the third episode of Part Three.

Official Synopsis

Something strange is brewing at school, where the teachers are more agitated than usual. Claire's illness shows disturbing side effects.


Strickler gives Jim some magic dust that makes anyone who inhales it more feral and aggressive. When Jim accidentally spills some into the teacher's coffee, the teachers start to go on a rampage and it's up to Jim, Toby, Steve, and Eli to stop them.




  • Steve and Lawrence start to bond in this episode, which is the very thing that cures Lawrence of his feral curse. 
  • Emile Hirsch provides much of Jim's dialogue in this episode.
    • Anton Yelchin's dialogue is present during Jim's first scene in the episode, in which he is introduced to Gravesand by Stricklander and Nomura. Upon inhaling the substance, it affects Jim's voice, and Hirsch voices Jim for the remainder of the episode (and the series itself). Strickler subtly lampshades the changes by saying, "Some of the changes are permanent." 
  • This episode takes place a week before "Beetle Mania" in the timeline.


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