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With Angor Rot's temple, we wanted the weight of the jungle to be visually evident. Under Rustan's direction, we bent and sagged the columns and stairs; the temple was even roped with heavy vines that seem to pull the temple further into the earth
―Geoffrey Loo, Modeler
Aysa-Thoon is a minor location in Trollhunters. It appears in "Return of the Trollhunter" and "The Exorcism of Claire Nunez". It is a temple dedicated to Morgana and Merlin, which is located in Ranthambore, India.

This temple is also called the Temple of the Pale One (Merlin) and/or the Temple of the Dark One (Morgana), as it is where both Morgana's magic is strong and where Merlin hid his ancient gyre, which leads to his tomb. It is also where Angor Rot was trapped in after a confrontation with Merlin himself.

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