Asteroid Rage is the twentieth episode of 3Below and the seventh episode of Part Two.

Official Synopsis

Unable to stop an asteroid hurtling toward Earth, Kubritz pleads with the royals to help destroy it by offering stored alien technology from Area 49-B.





  • Morando finally arrives on Earth. It's also revealed in the end that Morando was the one who sent the asteroid to leave the Tarrons unaware of his arrival. He has also formed an alliance with Colonel Kubritz.
    • Toby and Eli unintentionally capture a footage of Morando's ship in the horizon when the Tarrons destroyed the astroid, leaving them suspicious.
  • Tronos officially reforms, but is ultimately captured by Kubritz once again.
  • In this episode, Shannon is revealed to be within the LGBTQA+ spectrum. 
    • This is the second episode to show openly gay romance. The first being "Terra Incognita Part Two", albeit briefly.
    • Shannon’s sexuality was possibly foreshadowed in earlier seasons when she acts mostly quiet and in “The Reckless Club” when she gave a heartfelt speech about honesty.
  • The song that plays during the laser assembly montage is "Beat Roadrunner" by Josh Powell and Mark Roberts.
  • The famed stock sound effect The Wilhelm Scream can be heard when Toby accidentally hits an Area 49-B agent in the groin with a soda can.
  • When the asteroid is headed for Earth, Sergeant Costas posits a plan to stop the asteroid by drilling in it and detonating a nuke inside it. This is the exact plot of the 1998 sci-fi disaster film Armageddon.


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