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The Aspectus Stone is a magical gem that can be placed in the Amulet of Daylight. This gem was used by Maddrux "The Many" to create copies of himself, which legends proclaim that he gained the "strength of a thousand".


Jim Lake Jr., the current Trollhunter, tested out the Aspectus Stone, believing it would grant him superstrength. Unbeknownst to him, when Toby gives the Amulet of Daylight a tap, it creates Romantic Jim. When Jim later see his double at the Nunez household, he tries removing the Aspectus Stone, only for the Amulet to zap him, subsequently creating Hunter Jim. Hunter Jim then takes the Amulet and captures Romantic Jim, only to be convinced by the latter that Jim would do away with all his clones, so he created six more clones, creating chaos at the party. Jim eventually reabsorbs his clones by regaining the Sword of Daylight and subsequently removes the Aspectus Stone.

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