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The rules you're about to read is the official bylaws of Arcadia Oaks-pedia; any disobedience with these rules by the users, including Sysops, will cause demotion or blockage.
It is expected from users, to read these rules, obey them and report any disobedience with these rules to an admin, with haste. It will grow as problems arise.
If you don't want to read it all, at least read the bolded contents.

General Rules

User Conduct

  • In accordance with the bylaws of Fandom, all users must be 13 or older to make an account. If your underage situation is revealed, there will be no merci for you, you'll be blocked and in some cases (such as harsh behavior) you'll be reported to the Fandom Staff.
    • Do not attempt to prove your age. In general, your stated age will be trusted, unless a younger age is revealed. Be wary that any websites linked on your profile may be used to help determine your age.
    • Note: It is possible to let the underage users contribute in case of behaving perfect; this will be judged by admins.
  • Show your respect to others. Swearing and using bad or crude language is a big no-no on this wiki, anywhere. If you are seen using bad language, you will be blocked.
  • Trolling, Vandalism, spamming, discrimination, NTFW (not safe for work) and harassment content are strictly prohibited.
    • NSFW content includes: sexual or explicit content; generally anything that would not be allowed in a school or workplace.
    • In case of facing these contents, it is expected to let the admins know.
  • Staff would not warn users indiscriminately; if you are warned, you must pay attention to the warning otherwise it is possible to see the blockage of your account.
  • Do Not Add Personal Information; although you are allowed but it is not suggested, you must not add any images of yourself in articles & User pages, nor in discussions. Also, we advise against adding your names, too.
    • Admins are allowed to delete images or names, if it becomes necessary.
  • Arcadia Oaks-pedia is not a free host for your images, information or advertisements.
  • Please do not discuss politics; No exceptions.
  • Multi-account abuse will cause reporting globally
    • Multi-accounts are allowed for roleplaying.

Blog Policy

  • No Topics but Tales of Arcadia for blogs!
  • No blank blogs!
  • No blogs for advertising products!
  • No blogs with offensive behavior!, including accusing other users, insulting other users, profanity, etc.
  • No spamming blogs!
  • Adding blogs for earning badges will block your account, eventually, as a result.
  • Adding Blog posts which are discussion-form will be deleted

Discussion Policy

  • Sexually explicit linking. Violation of this rule, in an inappropriate way, will result in you getting kicked from the chat and blocked from the wiki.
  • Offensive behavior towards others, including: racism, religious intolerance and xenophobia.
  • Spamming: writing nonsense in a repetitive manner to fill the chat box and block users from seeing what others type.
  • Advertising.
  • Off-Topic discussions must be categorized in "off-topic"; otherwise the discussion will be deleted or locked.
  • Do not ask other users personal questions, such as their real name. What information they reveal online is their own choice.
  • No fighting. If you find yourself getting angry, just leave the argument. Anyone found fighting will be warned; of course roleplaying or things alike is an exception for this rule.
  • Be nice. Bullying is not tolerated at all. If you are being bullied, please report to an admin right away.

Editing rules

  • Add Useful information: When you create a new article, be sure to put some information on it. No nonsense either. It has to be actual information relating to the page.
  • No plagiarizing. This means no copying stuff from other wikis or websites. Write it in your own words.
  • Do not put fanon information on articles at all. Fanfiction should stay on blogs and user pages only.
  • Do not add inappropriate images. Any of these will be deleted and you will be blocked.
  • The main language and the only allowed language is English, unless in some situations, for instance when James spoke Spanish.
  • Don't write fake info or gibberish on pages.
  • Add useful categories: Do not add random, weird categories to an article, or categories that apply only to that one article. Any categories like this will be deleted.
  • Do not undo an edit made by an admin. If you do, you will receive a warning. If you think an edit an admin made is wrong, please talk it over with them.
  • Please do not change the name of an article, without talking about it first, either with other users or an admin; unless it's the article contains .
  • Don't make useless edits just to earn badges, this is cheating. You will be warned.
  • Don't assume anything that is not canonically confirmed. For example, if it is not confirmed that a character is dead, you may put "(assumed)" after "dead".
  • Do not engage in edit wars. Always follow Wikipedia's three-revert rule.
  • Do not edit other users' user pages. The only instance in which this is acceptable are to remove red links to pages that should not exist, add a header indicating that a user is inactive, or fix formatting issues or helping for creation owners' user pages.
    • If the owner disagrees, you must not edit his/her page.
    • This applies to staff as well.
    • Additionally, do not create pages for other users.
    • User pages may be deleted if the user they belong to has been permanently blocked and they have not made any edits to their user page
  • Also check our manual of style and article policies

Image and Video Policy

  • Only upload videos that are related to Tales of Arcadia. Anything off-topic will be deleted.
  • Images you upload must not be changed, cropped or filtered; the exception for cropped or transparent-background images is for Character profiles.
  • The number of images you upload for your user page or personal use must be less than 5.; for any more, you first must ask the permission from an administrator.
  • Also check our file policies

Admins have the right to change these rules as needed. Sometimes without announcement!