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Image Policies
  • All images must relate to the Tales of Arcadia franchise. The only exceptions are emotes used in chat which are only to be uploaded by admins, staff avatars which are only to be uploaded by admins., and posters and cast photos which are also only uploaded by staff.
  • All images must come from a licensed source such as Netflix, iTunes, or a paid resource which has rights and access to images and videos belonging to the ToA company (including webistes for channels that might air the show). If there is a logo on the image, you must leave it as it is to give credit to the source.  
    • also is a reliable source, since it is a part of DreamWorks' Asian website. If you find a better quality image, or if there is a clipart for someone who hasn't had any before, please run it by with staff.
  • Images should be full size. That means you must utilize the entire screen in which the episode is playing.
  • There shall be no GIFs allowed. 
  • Concept art, promotional images, clip art, and posters are only to be uploaded by admins.
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