Staff - ACP - IP/VP
  • When creating a page, please talk to an administrator before creating it.
    • This is needed because sometimes we can add pages to a list. Such as creating a page called Unnamed Goblin, ask an administrator pre-creating the page to see if it is the same goblin appearing in all episodes. Pages are also created for main subjects only. That means if it only appears in one episode but is a main part in the episode, it can get a page.
  • When creating a gallery, only add images that are related to The Tales of Arcadia franchise, (merchandise should be added in a subpage for the gallery, for example, for Jim it would be, Jim Lake Jr./Gallery/Merchandise) and that the images should follow the image policies. Also, please follow the format of galleries, which can be found here (templates), here (for characters) and here (for episodes).
    • Galleries are always separate from the articles themselves.
  • Please do not create pages including fanon material. Instead, create a legends subpage, and add the template Fanon and the template Non-canon. Legends pages are meant for theories and expanded universe content in the ToA continuum. 
  • You know the "All There in the Manual" trope? That also applies to adding additional information on this wiki. If you find any unknown information about any of the characters or events of the sagas outside of the series, such as in tie-in books or graphic novels, please cite your source.
  • If you vandalize any of the pages, it will result in instant banishment from the wiki, so please do not do it.