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We all have grown up with a series or television show that tells the story of kids or characters that can be in any town; a town that resembles [our] own. It was important to bring those characteristics to Arcadia and the world of [Tales of Arcadia]. I think for any kid it's really appealing to imagine that there's a fantastical world underneath the town they live in. It was a concept we got from '80s movies like E.T. the Extra-Terrestial and The Goonies. It was important to give that notion that in any town, there could be this world such as Trollmarket right underneath [our] feet.
―Rodrigo Blaas, Executive Producer[src]

Arcadia Oaks, California (or simply Arcadia; established as Rancho Arcadia in 1875) is a suburban town which is actually, unbeknownst to most of the humans who reside in this seemingly ordinary community, a hot-spot for supernatural activities (such as trolls living underground, aliens taking refuge from other planets, and wizards hiding within plain sight), which turns out to be because it is located in the very center of the universe itself.

It is protected by a group of heroic teenage warriors called the Guardians of Arcadia.

It is the titular main setting in the Tales of Arcadia franchise.



Located northeast of downtown Los Angeles, Arcadia is bordered by six other communities: Pasadena, Sierra Madre, El Monte, San Marino, Monrovia, and Temple City.

It was established in 1875 with an initial population of 86 people that quickly went down to 84.


After the Battle of Killahead Bridge, the surviving trolls hid in a boat called the Mayflower and carried some gnomes along for companionship and nourishment. Once they landed at the shores of the New World (which would later be called North America), they arrived at what is now New Jersey and kept walking until they finally found a new heartstone underneath a site in what became the town of Rancho Arcadia, thus creating Heartstone Trollmarket

For centuries, Arcadia was (unknowingly to the humans) being protected by a Trollhunter named Kanjigar the Courageous. Hundreds of years ago, Kanjigar, along with Vendel, the elder of Trollmarket, met up with the rulers of the planet Akiridion-5, King Fialkov and Queen Coranda, the original monarchies of House Tarron. They brought with them Gaylen's Core, which holds the power to destroy the entire universe, and it has become too dangerous for it to be hidden on their planet. As it was also his sworn duty to protect the universe (magical, extraterrestrial, and mortal alike), Kanjigar had been given the charge to protect Gaylen's Core from the wrong hands.

In the present, a boy named Jim Lake Jr. has been chosen to be the first human Trollhunter, after Kanjigar sacrificed himself to protect the Amulet of Daylight. Thus, he becomes Arcadia's newest guardian and protector, along with his best friend, Toby Domzalski, his girlfriend, Claire Nuñez, and his mentors, Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!!. They also form themselves as Team Trollhunters, a de facto group of heroes who protect and fight for the human and troll worlds.

Once, before Claire joined their cause, they've dealt with Bular, Gunmar's ruthless son who plotted to release his father from the Darklands. Jim managed to defeat him in the canals (the same place where Bular killed Jim's predecessor, Kanjigar) and gathered the Killahead Bridge. However, Claire's brother, Enrique, has been kidnapped and taken to the Darklands while being replaced by a changeling nicknamed NotEnrique, who ultimately yet reluctantly joined the Trollhunters' cause.

Jim is then had to deal with Strickler, who planned on taking over his entire community with the aid of a deadly assassin named Angor Rot to rid the Trollhunter from his world domination. Jim managed to defeat Angor, but AAARRRGGHH!!! has sacrificed his life to protect Toby. After the death of his friend, Jim decides to enter the Darklands himself. While he found Enrique and returned him to the human world, Jim is sadly captured by the Gumm-Gumms and taken to Gunmar's captivity. Meanwhile, Blinky, Toby, and Claire steal Killahead from the hubristic Troll Tribunal (with a little help from Vendel) and infiltrate the Janus Order underneath Arcadia to find an antidote to resurrect AAARRRGGHH!!!. The Trollhunters made a trade with the Order, giving them Vendel's staff for the ingredients for the antidote.

With AAARRRGGHH!!! back from the dead, Kanjigar's spirit aids the Trollhunters in their quest to rescue Jim from Gunmar. While they did manage to bring Jim back, they have also unintentionally released Gunmar as well. Afterwards, Arcadia is then attacked by Blood Goblins and a Gruesome, which shows signs that Gunmar has indeed been released from the Darklands. The Troll Tribunal (against their common sense) decide to blame Jim for entering the Darklands and releasing Gunmar, but have failed to noticed that they've allowed the treacherous Queen Usurna to influence their judgement. Jim survives the Deep, but have lost Vendel, who has been assassinated by Usurna to prevent him from clearing Jim's name.

Jim suggests they try to find Gunmar in the Janus Order's base, only to find it completely in ruins and filled with skeletons of the changelings. Jim then faces "Gunmar", but it was actually Otto Scaarbach possessed by Gunmar. Jim then realizes that it was a trap: Gunmar has snuck into Heartstone Trollmarket. After Gunmar the Black takes over Trollmarket, Claire helps the surviving trolls escape by creating a massive portal and teleports them out of the now corrupted Trollmarket (unknowing corrupting herself in the process).

In the aftermath of Gunmar's takeover and Usurna's betrayal, many of the surviving trolls were forced to hide in the shadows of Arcadia. To protect Arcadia's homes from nightly Gumm-Gumm attacks, Jim, Toby, and Claire post Councilwoman Nuñez's signs as a Gumm-Gumm deterrent.

After Gunmar releases an evil witch named Morgana, she creates a fiendish, dark ritual called the Eternal Night to help Gunmar and his forces invade Arcadia without fear of the sun, beginning the Eternal Night War. The entire community becomes aware of the troll world, and are forced to take refuge as the Trollhunters and their closest allies battle against the Gumm-Gumms. After the defeats of Gunmar and Morgana, Merlin regains his magic and subsides the Eternal Night before it reached a global scale.

In the aftermath, the Heartstone within Trollmarket lost all of its power thanks to Morgana, thus the trolls (minus AAARRRGGHH!!! and Stricklander) are forced to leave Arcadia and search for a new heartstone in Hoboken, New Jersey. Before he leaves with them, Jim appoints Toby as the town's new protector while he and Claire are gone.


Hundreds of years ago before Arcadia even existed, King Fialkov and Queen Coranda arrive on Earth to find a new hiding place for Gaylen's Core, as it was too dangerous to be kept on their home planet, Akiridion-5, especially after the Zeron Brotherhood tried to steal it for an unknown benefactor. They meet up with Kanjigar the Courageous and Vendel, who take charge of protecting Gaylen's Core from the wrong hands within Heartstone Trollmarket. According to their ancient texts, there is a prophecy which foretold that their kinds would one day meet in time of need.

Many unknown aliens arrived on Earth through unconfirmed means, but some were captured by the United States military and sent to Area 49-B, where they are researched and dissected (regardless of why they landed on Earth to begin with). About 30 years ago, a Durian alien named Stuart crash landed and was captured by a military hazmat team. Later, he escaped and disguised himself as a human man.

In the present, after Akiridion-5 was taken over by General Morando, two royal Akiridion children, Aja and Krel Tarron, along with their bodyguard, Varvatos Vex, and their dog, Luug, fled for their lives and landed in Arcadia. They disguise themselves as a human family and try to fix their Mothership, as well as learn how to blend in with the humans and avoid alien bounty hunters.

During the events of the Eternal Night War, the aliens also participated into executing most of the Gumm-Gumms. However, after hearing a distress signal from the Mothership, the Tarrons and their allies race to confront Zeron Alpha and the first Omen, which reprograms the Mothership into leaving Earth with the royal life cores of King Fialkov and Queen Coranda. Varvatos manages to ground the Mothership, but was eventually captured by Alpha. Meanwhile, Aja and Krel confront Omen to save their parents' life cores, as well as inspiring Akiridion-5 to never surrender to Morando. After Omen is destroyed, the Mothership is damaged beyond repair.

Two weeks following the war, the residence of Arcadia are now aware of its supernatural activities (minus the aliens), and everyone agrees to keep their town's activities a secret from the rest of the world.

Unfortunately, the world is once again in danger when Aja and Krel learn that Morando is heading for Earth. Since the Akiridion resistance has lost most of their pilots, Krel creates an intergalactic game called "Dogfight", which is linked with the Parking Drones. The people of Arcadia play Dogfight while unknowingly attacking Morando's ship, until Go-Go Sushi 2: Wasabi Revenge becomes available and every ceases playing. Luckily, Eli uses the last Parking Drone to cause critical damage to Morando's ship, forcing him to dock back to Akiridion-5.

A electrothermal bounty-hunter by the name of Tronos Madu then attacks Arcadia, searching for the royal children. Before he could leave with them, he was suddenly cornered by Colonel Kubritz and her men. Taking Tronos captive, he tells her the identity of the Tarrons, the very same aliens who infiltrated her base for an osmic circuit. Believing that they share a common enemy, they make themselves a deal.

Staging a phony quarantine on Arcadia Oaks High during summer school, Kubritz (along with Tronos) blocks off the exits and capture the Tarron siblings, with an attempt at dissecting them and using their weapons for herself. After escaping Kubritz's captivity with help from Toby and Steve, Aja and Krel make a run from Tronos, who corners them. However, before he could cease them, Kubritz double-crosses him and knocks him out so she could capture the Tarrons herself. Luckily, Coach Lawrence and the students confront Kubritz and threaten to expose her xenophobic nature on a viral video.

Several days later, Arcadia is then alerted by the authorities that an asteroid is about to make impact with the town, while destroying the entire country's sea boards in the process. Luckily, after convincing Tronos to see the error of his ways, Kubritz and the Akiridions use a laser cannon to destroy the asteroid. However, it is later discovered to be a ruse to distract the Tarrons from knowing about Morando's arrival on Earth with an army of Omens, with the former allied with Kubritz and intends on finding Gaylen's Core on Earth to make himself a god and reshape the universe as his own image.

When Aja goes on a wild goose chase with Luug (who swallowed a wormhole generator and is now teleporting all over Arcadia), she discovers that Morando is on Earth. Just then, Morando and Kubritz ambush the Mothership in an attempt to find the location of Gaylen's Core, as well as kidnapping Aja and Krel's allies. While Varvatos (along with Toby, Steve, Eli, AAARRRGGHH!!!, Momblank, and Dadblank) escape Kubritz's captivity and venture back to Arcadia, Aja and Krel enter their parent's memories in the Totality and discover that they've hidden Gaylen's Core in Heartstone Trollmarket. Unfortunately, Morando also learns the location and escapes with the information.

Kubritz informs Morando of certain events involving strange creatures that lived underneath the town, dubbing it "The Underneath". While Toby and AAARRRGGHH!!! lead the trio to Trollmarket to retrieve the core, Morando races for the core, narrowly escaping with it before the Tarrons. While the Tarrons prepare for the fight of their lives, a reformed Costas comes and warns them that Kubritz is planning on attacking the entire town to draw them out (at least to keep them from attacking Morando while he's going through an integration process, which would take several hours).

Kubritz then attacks with her new armor and Omen Blanks, placing Arcadia under her own martial law and threatening the lives of the innocent civilians. While Aja and Krel race to Area 49-B, Varvatos and the others stay behind to help aid Arcadia in the midst of Kubritz's takeover. Kubritz rounds up people who know Aja and Krel and demands to know where they were. They stand up for the Tarrons, saying that they are more human than Kubritz will ever be, but Kubritz's insanity has reach a boiling point. Luckily, Varvatos arrives in time to help everyone get to safety.

Unfortunately, Morando has completed his integration with Gaylen's Core, becoming a giant, monstrous god-like alien and makes his way to Arcadia to finish House Tarron once and for all. Even with some help from the Akiridion fleet, Morando has become far too powerful. Aja and Krel then lead Morando to the planetarium, where Varvatos, Stuart, and Zadra were waiting for them with Seklos' Cannon. The regenerated Fialkov and Coranda sacrifice themselves to power the cannon to stop Morando's reign of terror, all while saying goodbye to their children. Aja and Krel use the cannon and kill Morando once and for all.

In the aftermath of Morando's reign, Aja reveals to the people of Arcadia the world of aliens. While the Akiridions say their goodbyes, Krel decides to stay in Arcadia for a while longer, declaring it as his new home and that all of his friends are there. Momblank and Dadblank then decide to stay with Krel and watch over him. Using the wormhole, the Akiridions (along with Eli, who volunteers to be the first Earth ambassador) return to Akiridion-5 while Aja and Varvatos say goodbye to Krel and hope to see him again soon.


In the aftermath of Morando's invasion on Arcadia, Douxie and Archie hunt down a shadow mephit that's been eating local resident's pets. After nine hundreds of protecting the mortal realm, Douxie finally makes contact with his master, Merlin, who appears as a projection and warning him that a danger was coming and asks him to bring the Guardians of Arcadia. Douxie sends Archie to fetch Steve, Toby, and AAARRRGGHH!!! since most of the aliens were back on their home planet. Archie takes them to his book shop, where he introduces Steve and Toby to Douxie, who reveals himself as a wizard and Merlin's apprentice.

They meet up with Merlin, who tries to explain the situation, until they are suddenly ambushed by a horde a shadow mephits. They escape through Merlin's magical airship, where they flee into the sky. Douxie looks back and notices a man completely clad in green armor who absorbs the mephits into his body. The mysterious man stares up at the young wizard-in-training before he disappears. Merlin takes the boys to Camelot, where they meet the immortal knight, Galahad, and a defected Arcane Order member, Nari. Toby and AAARRRGGHH!!! are also reunited with Claire and Blinky inside the castle. However, Jim is nowhere present; the Trollhunter is placed in stasis, courtesy of Merlin, after he was struck down by the Green Knight with an onyx shard crawling its way towards his heart to corrupt him. Merlin explains that the Green Knight seems to be in search of Morgana, the same evil witch who brought forth the Eternal Night and Team Trollhunters trapped in the Shadow Realm. The wizard even explained that this "Green Knight" bore the emblem of Camelot itself.

While Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!! look after Jim's stasis chamber, Merlin proceeds to take the rest of the Guardians into his workshop to explain the history of the War for the Surface Lands, when humans and trolls fought in endless bloodshed for control of the surface. In his war against Gunmar, King Arthur sought to exterminate magics to protect his kingdom. Merlin gathered what spell casters he could to spare them from Arthur's sword, Excalibur (including Hisirdoux and Arthur's sister, Morgana). To bring the war to a stand still, Merlin crafted the Trollhunter Amulet and imprisoned his traitorous apprentice, Morgana, in the Battle of Killahead Bridge and peace was brought upon both worlds. While Galahad notices something dark coming towards the castle, Merlin expresses his curiosity as to the connection between the Green Knight and Morgana, but only that he's a being of such dark anti-magic, that he's deemed a dire omen of things to come.

Galahad quickly alerts the Guardians that the castle is under attack by another floating fortress. The wizards realize that it was the Arcane Order ambushing them and boarding Camelot with ice paths. everyone tries to fight off as much as they could, but the Order's powers were too much. Merlin asks Nari to charge up the Heart of Avalon so they can travel to the past and get to safety. Galahad sacrifices himself and uses his torrent to break the ice paths off of Camelot. Merlin orders Douxie to start up the machine, which (thanks to Nari's magic) creates a time rift to the 12th century of Camelot. However, the Green Knight himself appears and combines his anti-magic with the Arcane Order's magic to blast a couple blows on the castle, causing Douxie, Claire, Steve, and Jim's stasis chamber to fall through the rift. With their last blast, the Arcane Order destroys the Heart of Avalon, causing the portal to close on the time-traveling heroes. Merlin regains his staff and blasts the fortress away from Camelot.

Technically only after a minute of being in the past, Douxie, Claire, Steve, and Jim return to the present in an airship after fixing history from their meddling. As Camelot falls out of the sky, Douxie quickly picks up the others, just before the castle crashes into Arcadia Oaks High. While everyone tries to recover from the attack, Jim's corruption begins to worsen as the Green Knight returns to take both Nari and the Trollhunter. While the Guardians try to fight off the dark knight, their weapons and skills are no match for his skills. Needing to give his friends an edge over the knight, Jim sacrifices himself by forcing the shard completely into his heart and turning himself into a full troll. He urges his friends to run while he buys them time, but the Green Knight's corruption overtakes him as he captures him. Without their Trollhunter, the Guardians are forced to seek refuge at Hex Tech, a secret repairing shop run by hedgewizards where they meet up with Krel.

Once they were safe, Nari and Merlin explain the full situation to the others about the Arcane Order and their search for the Genesis Seals to wipe out all of humanity and destroy the entire world. Luckily, the Arcane Order needs Nari to break the seals (which is why she fled before they began their search). Claire and Merlin argue about saving Jim and protecting Nari (and the Seals) from the Order, until Douxie comes up with a plan that could save Jim and keep Nari away from her former colleagues. While Nari remains at Hex Tech with Toby, Blinky, AAARRRGGHH!!!, and Krel, Douxie, Merlin, and Archie (disguised as Nari) enter the Order's fortress for a "trade". Meanwhile, Claire tries to get the corrupted Jim to come with her into the portal to keep him safe, but he is too feral and is brainwashed by Arthur's control, so he attacks her, along with the resurrected Morgana. The Arcane Order sees through Douxie's charade and proceed to attack them for their deception, demanding where the real Nari was. The Green Knight then reveals himself to be King Arthur himself, resurrected by the Arcane Order as their new enforcer. He then stabs Merlin with the corrupted Excalibur and throws him out the window. Enraged, Douxie unleashes his magic state and flies after his fatally wounded master.

In the ruins of Camelot, Douxie tries to heal Merlin, but he cannot; Arthur's anti-magic was too powerful. Merlin dies in his apprentice's arms and leaves behind a book written in Ancient Draconic. Needing to find a dragon named Charlemagne, Douxie and Archie take off in the airship while Claire and Steve return to Hex Tech to find a way to save Jim from Arthur's corruption.

At Hex Tech, Claire asks Nari to see if she can find Jim's soul in the human world, but she could not. Claire believes it it because Jim's soul was trapped in the Shadow Realm, so she travels there in search of her boyfriend. After several minutes, Claire returns with a reformed Morgana, but the Order has followed them. The Guardians are ambushed by the Arcane Order and Arthur who capture them (minus Krel) and took them to their fortress. Douxie returns to Arcadia with the Genesis Seals, only to find Hex Tech in ruins and Krel trapped in an ice prison. He breaks Krel free, who uses Dadblank's memory to show him what happened. Needing to act fast, Douxie and Krel create an Eternal Time Trap consisting of a piece of the Heart and Akiridion tech. Douxie uses his projection to send the Arcane Order a message about the Genesis Seals. At the café, Douxie traps the Order in an eternal time loop to give himself enough time to infiltrate the fortress and save his friends. While Douxie calls Krel on the airship, he returns inside to fetch Nari before the Order returned.

While trying to fly back to Arcadia, Beast Jim wakes up and proceeds to attack everyone, causing the airship to crash land. Morgana battles her undead brother, Douxie confronts the Arcane Order, and Claire tries to reach into Jim and bring him back with her shadow magic. A fatally wounded Morgana uses the last of her magic to strip Arthur's right to wield Excalibur after realizing that his worth of possessing it was long gone, and then brings down a piece of Camelot to squash her fallen brother, sacrificing herself in the process. Jim comes back to his senses, but is immediately turned to stone. Luckily, Claire's tears cause Jim's stone body to crumble, and Jim emerges out, back in his human self. Inside the fortress, Douxie and the Order's magic cause a large explosion which sends Douxie falling to his death.

After having a heartfelt conversation with Merlin in the afterlife, Douxie wakes up and finds his friends, relieved that he was still alive. Douxie is surprised and glad to find the Jim was alright and back in his human form (which he and Merlin thought was impossible since the spell was supposed to be permanent). With Arthur gone, Excalibur is now awaiting a new master. Everyone urges Jim to give it a try, but he stops and wonders if he's still the Trollhunter without the amulet. Douxie explains that their strengths never really come from magical artifacts, but from their love for each other. With the Arcane Order still at large as they have the Genesis Seals in their possession, Douxie must take Nari somewhere far away from Arcadia to protect her, but promises to the Guardians of Arcadia that he'll return soon. Once Douxie leaves, Jim hugs Claire, ready to resume his normal life in Arcadia, but then glances thoughtfully back at Excalibur...

Rise of the Titans[]

After the Arcane Order break the Genesis Seals to unleash the Titans and restart the world, the Guardians of Arcadia learn that the titans are heading to Arcadia Oaks because it houses the last surviving primordial Heartstone in existence, dubbing the town itself "the center of the universe". When the titans unite with the Heartstone, they'll restart the world to the time of first creation. Once Nari and Skrael kill each other and their titans, the heroes are baffled that Bellroc (the last surviving member) is still marching their Fire Titan towards Arcadia; this is when they realize that Bellroc never wanted to begin the world anew with the other titans. If their Fire Titan alone unites with the Heartstone, they'll turn the entire world of life into a desolate universe devoid of life, filled with nothing but fire and lava.

Now realizing how much danger the world is in, the Guardians sought help from the soldiers of Area 49-B to issue a full evacuation to protect them from the Fire Titan. Once Bellroc arrives to Arcadia, their titan destroys the town as they pave way to the emerged Heartstone to unite with it. As Jim faces against Bellroc in his new armor and Excalibur in his possession, Bellroc was still inches away to destroying the universe. Luckily, Toby sacrifices himself to use Krel's Trifurcate Radiation Blaster and render Bellroc powerless, enough to give Jim the killing blow.

The entire town of Arcadia was shambled and melted into ruins, due to Bellroc's titan. Luckily, Jim uses the Time Stone to go back in time before all of the chaos happened, restoring Arcadia Oaks to its former glory.


In designing Arcadia, we wanted to recreate the classically sweet and innocent Americana feel, drawing from photos of small towns in the '50s and Norman Rockwell. We wanted the audience to feel safe and comfortable in the town so that seeing a bloodthirsty troll in the middle of the street would be that much more unnerving.
―Rustam Hasanov, Art Director[src]
Our original idea was to evoke the vibe of the classic '80s American movies: a city stylized by utilizing stark contrasts of light to control the character and mood of the show.
―Alfonso Blaas, Art Director[src]

Arcadia Oaks appears to be a classic American community. Although a standard town, it was shown many times that it also has a neighboring city that has a few skyscrapers (likely Los Angeles), though no character has ever been seen visiting this city. The town is also surrounded by large hills in the background.

Arcadia also has a canal surrounding the city and a forest (where most supernatural creatures reside during the night).

Points of Interest[]

It's as if Rodrigo sat down and built a town that he himself would want to live in, from the town square in the middle with the little park, to the movie theater right next door. I feel like one of the things that grounds the show and helps keep it relatable to kids is the fact that most of it takes place in Arcadia. We always have to come back to reality in order to help ground the mythology in what Jim [and our other heroes] are actually going through.
―Elaine Bogan, Director[src]
Arcadia is meant to be 'Any Town, USA.' A good amount of the design concepts actually come from real-life neighboring cities.
―Chad Hammes, Executive Producer[src]
Known Locations

Arcadia National Park[]

To be added

Arcadia Oaks Academy[]

Although never seen, Arcadia Oaks Academy is another school in which is the rival school of Arcadia Oaks High. This is where Douxie is mentioned to be attending.

Arcadia Oaks Canals[]

The canals are located underneath Arcadia's bridges and surrounds the entire town. Underneath a bridge in the canals is a secret entrance to Heartstone Trollmarket.

Arcadia Oaks High[]

Arcadia Oaks High is a public high school which teens in the district attend.

Arcadia Oaks Memorial Hospital[]

The hospital where Barbara Lake works as a full-time doctor.

Arcadia Police Department[]

A police station were the law enforcement arrest those who disrespect or break the law. This is where Louis Scott works as a detective.

Arcadia Square[]

The Square is located at the center of town, where it's circled by malls, restaurants, and has a park at the center. There is also a pagoda where senior citizens often visit to play chess. Arcadia often holds its yearly "Battle of the Bands" event around this area.

Delancey Street[]

An area where minor shopping centers, such as Stuart Electronics, Bella's, Alex, Elvira, Xang, and Sergio are located. Jim and Toby used this route once to try and escape from Bular.

Dentist Office[]

Dr. Muelas's dental/orthodonic clinic, with Toby as his number one patient. Gladysgro also worked there as a dental hygienist, until she was killed by Jim.

The Forest[]

The forest is located at the side of town, where most teens campout and throw bonfire parties. Mostly during the night, it is also where most of the conflicting supernatural events often occur. It has a cliffside that shows a great view of Arcadia Oaks and a beautiful sunset. The forest also has a number of sub-locations such as:

  • Bluff: A cliffside which shows a beautiful view of the town and the sunset.
  • Dam: It is a dam connected to the canals and the lake.
  • Lake Arcadia Oaks: A lake within the forest. It is where River Trolls reside.

GDT Arcane Books[]

GDT Arcane Books is a book shop, located right next to Zimoc Records at Arcadia Square. This is where Douxie also works as an employee.

Granada Drive - In[]

It's a cinema car park, where the Zeron Brotherhood's ship is hidden away and Toby's film premiere (Kleb or Alive). Until Colonel Kubritz and thw Omens are arrived.

Hex Tech[]

Hex Tech is a technology repairing shop where it is run by hedgewizards and lead by Zoe.


The Lucia is a cinema in Arcadia Oaks.

Museum of Arcadia[]

The museum is where they put Renaissance Era exhibits on display. This area was used by Bular to hide the Killahead Bridge and use it to free Gunmar, until the Trollhunters foiled their plan and took the Bridge to Trollmarket. This is one of the places where the students of Arcadia Oaks High visit during a field trip. Nomura originally worked here as the curator.

Mr. Benoit's French Bistro[]

The French Bistro is one of Arcadia Oaks's finest restaurants/coffee shop. This is where Douxie works as a part-time waiter.

Omni-Reach Travel/The Janus Order[]

The Janus Order had a secretive base that is located underneath an ordinary abandoned travel agency called Omni-Reach Travels. It is where Changelings often meet, led by Otto Scaarbach, and serve Gunmar after his return. However, Gunmar later kills all of the members of the base, including Otto (who he used to lure the Trollhunters out of Trollmarket). The Trollhunters later returned to the base in Part Three to retrieve a femur of a Changeling for Merlin's elixir potion.

The Planetarium[]

A planetary exhibit museum where Arcadia Oaks High students visit during a field trip and where they hold their annual science fairs. It's located on a hill at the edge of Arcadia and has a clear view of town.


Sam's is a local diner where the residence usually hangout for a quick meal.

Stuart Electronics[]

It is an electronics shop, owned by Durian alien, Stuart. It is located on Delancey Street.

Suburban Neighborhood[]

Despite being a small town, Arcadia has numerous homes for the people who live there. This is a list of known residences in Arcadia:

Tremiti's Pizza[]

It is a pizza shop located somewhere in Arcadia. It is where Mary and Darci once ordered a triple meatza pizza for their hangout with Claire.

Zimoc Records[]

It is a music store located next to GDT Arcane Books at Arcadia Square.

Extra Locations[]

  • Alex: Presumably an arcade or video store, located on Delancey Street.
  • Bella's: Presumably a shopping center near the movie theater, located near Delancey Street.
  • Elvira: Presumably an unknown themed restaurant, located on Delancey Street near Alex and Xang.
  • Magellans Antique Mall: An antique shop located next to GDT Arcane Books.
  • Presto Cleaners: Presumably a laundry/toiletry shop, located on Delancey Street near Omni-Reach Travel.
  • Sergio: Presumably a workout space, located on Delancey Street.
  • Xang: Presumably a Chinese or Japanese restaurant, located on Delancey Street.


Appearances in the Trilogy





  • In the 2015 book, the town where Jim Sturges Jr. lived in is called San Bernardino, which, like Arcadia, is in California.
  • As revealed in Rise of the Titans, Arcadia Oaks is "the center of the universe", because it houses the last surviving primordial Heartstone in existence.
    • According to Krel in "Mind Over Matter", he stats that Arcadia is far from the center of the universe. He could've been talking in astronomical sense, not primordially.
  • Arcadia Oaks is located in Southern California.
    • In Trollhunters, when Blinky tells the history of trolls in "Gnome Your Enemy", the flashback shows the trolls settling down in south California. In "Where Is My Mind?", Blinky tells AAARRRGGHH!!! that they aren't far from the world's largest thermometer, which is located in Baker, California.
    • In 3Below, during the beginning of "Flying the Coop" with Halcon on the moon, she aims her targeting system towards the southern point of California to overhear the Zeron Brotherhood's conversation about Aja and Krel's whereabouts.
    • In Wizards, Jim tells Callista (who is actually Deya the Deliverer) that if the trolls were to go find a new Heartstone, he tells her to avoid New Jersey and journey onward to California because it has better weather.
    • Also, there is an actual town in Southern California called Arcadia.
  • According to Eli in "The Arcadian Job", Area 49-B is located 300 miles away from Arcadia.


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