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Arcadia-Con is a 3Below novel written by Richard Hamilton and was released on August 13th, 2019.


For siblings Aja and Krel being the new kids at school is hard. Honestly though, it’s high school. When isn’t there drama? But there may be a tad more drama than usual when you are teenage royals from another planet trying to blend in to the quiet little town of Arcadia Oaks, USA.

In this first adventure of the Tales of Arcadia: 3Below series, Aja and Krel grudgingly attend Arcadia’s annual sci-fi/pop culture convention (Arcadia Con) and discover it’s easy to hide in plain sight when everyone is wearing a costume! The aliens meet up with Eli, Steve, Toby, Jim, and Claire from the Trollhunters series, who come in handy when an alien bounty hunter arrives at the convention to collect the bounty on Aja and Krel. Suddenly, Arcadia Con isn’t just fun and games.




  • Cheating Death


  1. Invading Your Hometown
  2. Crazy Talk
  3. Other Assorted Geekery
  4. Don't Wait Up
  5. Incogneat-o
  6. Search Party Animal
  7. Sci-Fi-Yi-Yi
  8. Under Her Sleeve
  9. Starstruck
  10. Hashtag Murder
  11. Cosplayerz
  12. Wanted Dead or Alively
  13. Intercepted Communications
  14. The Amazing Chase
  15. Slaying with Swagger
  16. Roll Reversal
  17. Sector Black
  18. Unconventional Methods


  • 2 Above



  • The story takes place in between "Flying the Coop" and "Party Crashers", explaining sudden developments in that episode not covered by any of the previous episodes.
    • It should also be worth noting that it takes place before "So I'm Dating a Sorceress" because Claire is mentioned to still be sick, but getting a little better.
  • Arcadia-Con is the first 3Below novel, but its not the first to include an Akiridion character (The Felled).

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