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Darci's dad's a cop, and he was tracking down Glug, who's been stealing jewelry and pets. She's the one who's behind the crimes. But now, he thinks I did it!
―Toby to Jim and Claire after narrowly escaping Detective Scott in the latter's own vehicle

Arcadia's Most Wanted is the forty-first episode of Trollhunters and the second episode of Part Three.

Official Synopsis[]

Toby gets caught in the crosshairs when a troll goes missing and the city cracks down on crime. An ancient voice refuses to be silenced.


A troll digs through the garbage and finds something she likes. A human appears and scares her off, so she runs to a dumpster to hide, but finds no room there or the next few places she tries. Finally, Jim and Blinky help hide her. Jim says all trolls are accounted for except one: Glug. Blinky says they'll find her.

Claire's mother gives a speech outside the police station about the recent crime wave. She promises to step up police presence across the board to curb the crime wave, not knowing it's due to the trolls.

Dictatious tells Usurna that the Pale Lady spoke to him and reached out, but Usurna doesn't believe it. She says the Pale Lady's name: Morgana. The pale lady's name then comes out of the phonograph, saying, "Call to me and it is yours." Usurna is startled.

Usurna wants to throw out the phonograph. She tosses it into the Deep, despite Dictatious trying to stop her. Gunmar calls for Dictatious and Usurna reminds him to keep Gunmar on their path to victory. From the Deep, Morgana's voice reaches out and says, "Call to me."

Toby is texting Darci from AAARRRGGHH!!!'s back. They have a laser tag date tonight and he's prepared for their first kiss. He and AAARRRGGHH!!! are looking for Glug and find her tub empty. They ask Rot and Gut about Glug and are reminded that she's been acting strange. She was a troublemaker. Toby realizes she's behind the crime spree in Arcadia. They need to tell Blinky, but then the cops come and catch Toby there. Toby tries to flee, but doesn't make it far.

Toby is panicking as he waits for the cop. Detective Scott comes in and starts questioning him. Toby denies everything and says this is a mistake. The detective knows that, and says that dating his daughter is the mistake. He reveals himself as Darci's father. Toby stood her up, but that's because he got arrested. Detective Scott says he doesn't like Toby, especially after seeing his rap sheet, even though everyone else seems to, including Darci. Toby tries to defend himself by saying he's an orphan. Scott sees the cat collar and knows it belongs to a missing cat. Scott questions Toby until he's called away for a break-in. He takes Toby with him.

Scott tells Toby he'll let him off easy if he agrees never to see Darci again. They arrive at the break-in. Six new Vespas were taken. Toby overhears from inside the car and knows it's Glug. He calls Jim. The shop owner recognises Toby. Scott notices that the tracks go into the sewer. Toby tells Jim what Glug is doing and then steals the cop car to go help find her when Detective Scott overhears him. Toby abandons the car, leaving it to crash into a light post and leaves on foot.

Claire is getting sicker, but still wants to go with Jim to find Toby. Toby then appears outside the window and they pull him inside and he catches them up on what's been happening with Glug. Jim calls Blinky, who's mediating an argument between two trolls. Then they go to leave. Claire tries to grab her Staff, but just finds a bunch of campaign signs instead. She flashes back to a memory of pulling them up. She grabs the staff and follows Toby and Jim.

They find Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!! and start the search for Glug. Claire is weak and very sick as she walks around. Jim offers to let her go home, but she says she's fine. Toby tries to get Glug to turn herself in. He finds where she's stashed the stolen goods. Suddenly, he's grabbed from behind.

NotEnrique is enjoying a bath when Glug comes and tosses some things in the tub. She says she wasn't on a rampage. She was gathering ingredients for more glug and isn't responsible for the crimes. They have to tell the trollhunters... after a batch of glug.

Toby has been tied up by two people in masks. He's surprised the burglaries were done by actual burglars. Except the cats. They hear cops approaching and the burglars hide after one gags Toby. Scott finds Toby tied up. He gets the two burglars to come out, but another appears from behind and he finds himself captured and tied up with Toby, who is trying to escape.

The three burglars argue.

Scott tells Toby he may have overreacted before, but Darci means everything to him. Toby agrees. They find Toby's warhammer and are bewildered by it. Scott gets knocked out by it. They hear over the radio that more cops are coming, so take the warhammer and leave with Toby as collateral. Jim and Claire arrive just in time to see him get hauled away. They find Scott and Jim wants to go find Toby while Claire gets him to safety. Jim takes one of the stolen Vespas to give chase.

Jim follows the burglars through the tunnels. He knocks one off his bike and keeps chasing the others.

Claire has gotten Scott out to safety and flags down another cop to help before leaving.

Jim grabs onto the next burglar's vespa and takes his place. On the back of the third, Toby frees himself and uses his Warhammer to get free of the burglar. The burglar holds Toby and says she can't go back to San Quinten. AAARRRGGHH!!! and Blinky arrive and scare off the burglars.

Scott gives his recount of the events. Just then, the three burglars come out of the sewer. They climb in the cop car, saying there's monsters in the sewer. Toby climbs out of the sewer after them.

Claire's mother credits Scott and Toby with catching the burglars. Scott says maybe Toby can date his daughter with a chaperone. He pins a medal on Toby's chest. Darci comes out of the crowd and kisses Toby. In the crowd, Jim tells Claire it was refreshing to take down some human baddies.

Gunmar searches through Blinky's library, but can't find what he's looking for. Suddenly, a book opens up and the Pale Lady's voice tells him to call to her and the key to Eternal Night will be his. He says her name.


Trivia []

  • Darci kisses Toby for the first time. 
  • Darci's father is revealed to be a police detective. 
  • This is the last episode in which Anton Yelchin provides the entirety of Jim's dialogue, after which he provides portions of dialogue for the remaining episodes of the season. 
  • This episode was referenced in the 3Below episode "Mind Over Matter" when Toby is heard wondering whether he should take Darci to play laser tag and he can be heard in the police car driving across the road. 
  • Continuity:
    • When Toby is caught by Officer Brennan for trespassing, he recalls that he remembers him as the "kid with no bones" back when he caught Claire and Toby ditching school in "Airheads" due to the gravity curse affecting Toby.
    • Later on, while interrogating Toby, Detective Scott recalls a couple of offenses Toby has committed (indirect or not): breaking into the museum and joyriding on a stolen truck. He even shows the rap sheet with pictures of when Toby was arrested for the museum incident, which occurred in "Win Lose or Draal". 
    • While Scott questions the Vespa dealer, he recognizes Toby as the one who trashed one of his scooters long ago, which he was indirectly responsible for after convincing him to allow Jim to run a test run for his sixteenth birthday.


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