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Araknak the Agile was a Trollhunter and one of Blinky's relatives.


Araknak spent most of his time Trollhunting, but his parents did not like it after they watched him fight a pair of Gruesomes while they were stalking him during one of his missions, so they tried to take the Amulet of Daylight away, but Araknak ran and never came back. He chose to pursue the path of a warrior, as opposed to an academic path like his parents. He then decided to live with Blinky and his parents. Then he asked Kanjigar for some advice, but the only advice was to "train harder".

Eventually, Araknak went on one of his Trollhunting missions, but then a pair of Gumm-Gumms attacked after a five minute battle Araknak won. A few minutes later, some trolls started to make fun of him, so he told everyone he was going to fight Gunmar to prove that he was good enough. He found Gunmar and then he attacked. Araknak didn't stand a chance; Gunmar ripped two of his arms off and then he cut of his head. Before he died, he said "Mother, father, I love you." Later, Blinky found his dead body and the amulet and brought them both to Vendel. He was the Trollhunter for 1500 years.

Physical Appearance

Araknak looks just like Blinky, but has green skin, hair, and a set of short horns on the back of his head. He had three eyes on either side of his long orange nose, and patterns on his chin, arms, and chest. He wore the Daylight Armor and never been seen in his civilian clothes.

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