Antramonstrums are vaporous creatures that act essentially like guard dogs.


Antramonstrums are shockingly fierce and excellent at "erasing sneaky snakes". Lying dormant in a cluster of purple crystal until disturbed, it viciously attacks intruders and apparently leaves no trace of any unfortunate enough to be enveloped in its foggy form.

Stricklander utilized one to guard his office, and later to make Principal Levit "disappear" so he could take Levit's job. You cannot see the scene, but you can hear the screams of Principal Levit and the laughter of Stricklander.

Physical Description

In its dormant crystal, it's within a purple crystal.

When released it's a large, foggy creature with mini lightnings all over it.

Powers & Abilities

Antramonstrums are able to completely disintegrate anything in their path.


As unstoppable as they are, Antramonstrums are not exactly intelligent as they lack a brain.


Appearances in the Trilogy


Part One

Part Three


  • Antromonstrums are very similar to the Mutradi storm monster from Cartoon Network's Sym-Bionic Titian.
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