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Animus Totems are small statues used to create Golems and bind two individual's fates together.



Angor Rot created Animus Totems in order to create Golems and subdue legions of Trollhunters.


Angor was first seen with a totem when Stricklander brought him to the Janus Order headquarters and introduced him to Otto Scaarbach.

The totems were next seen when Angor decided to test Jim's capabilities and planted a totem in the ground, creating a mud Golem.

Angor then created two special totems to allow Strickler to bind his life with Barbara as when any harms befalls him, it'll affect her. He uses this to protect himself from Jim.

When Blinky turned human, Jim and the others brought him to the surface and let him enjoy. Unfortunately, they were accosted by Angor in the park. He then created several glass Golems using his totems and attacked Jim and his friends with them.

Angor then created several totems in preparation for his invasion of Trollmarket. After he entered Trollmarket, he threw the totems in random directions. This created several crystal Golems which started to attack the inhabitants of Trollmarket.


They are little statues dolls the color of Angor's skin. They are cracked and damaged and have a trollish symbol on their chests.

Abilities []

The Animus Totems are carved from Angor's own body and, as such, possess magical properties.

Their primary ability is the creation of Golems, large creatures endowed with immense strength and regeneration. A sufficient number of such totems can create an entire army.

Two of these totems can bind two victim's fates together if consumed. If any harm were to befall on one, the other will feel the same pain.


The totems are very brittle and break easily on hard contact.

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