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Angor Reborn is the sixth and final novel of the Trollhunters book series written by Richard Ashley Hamilton. It was released on December 4th, 2018 by Simon Spotlight.


Angor Rot is alive, angry, and looking to settle a score!

When presented with one more task from Merlin, Jim Lake, Jr., isn’t too worried. How bad could bathing in a magical elixir be? It almost sounds soothing. Hopefully he’ll be able to relax and get away from it all. Oddly enough, it does transport him, just not in the way he imagined. Suddenly Jim finds himself in the cold, dark woods and he’s not alone. The recently resurrected Angor Rot is there with a score to settle. To make matters more complicated, Jim has suddenly grown taller, stronger, and is sporting some very Troll-like hair, eyes, and teeth. All of this leaves him questioning Merlin’s magic, trying to get a handle on his new body, and wondering how he’ll get away from Angor Rot. Talk about an awkward stage!



  • The Meantime - Angor Rot travels the Mediterranean searching for Morgana’s prison. He sacrifices a dove he nursed back to health to summon her and then asks for power. She takes his soul in payment, thence making him her slave. With little choice and now no conscience, he begins gathering weapons to kill Trollhunters. Finally he seeks out Merlin who crushes him beneath a temple.


  1. Baptism by Liar - After immersing himself in Merlin’s elixir, Jim wakes up in Lake Arcadia Oaks, unchanged. He finds a trapped half-grown wolf pup and frees it. It starts to follow him, so he names it Sir Barks-a-Lot. When he looks up at the moon he is so overcome with sudden pain that he passes out. Two dark figures approach him.
  2. A Fistful of Beard - Barbara berates Merlin for making Jim vanish, but he tells her that unpredictability is an inseparable part of magic. Everyone scatters to search for him. Meanwhile in the Quagawump Swamps, Blinky and Aaarrrrgghh! flee Krubera soldiers and hide in a cave with a mysterious pool inside.
  3. Star-Crossed Shovers - Jim wakes up beside a fire with Sir Barks and two trolls (Ronagog and Junipra) who declare they love each other despite their feuding families. Groups of Garden trolls and River trolls arrive to separate them. When Jim steps between them and uses the amulet, he immediately collapses in pain. The trolls attack him but he suddenly throws them all off, growling savagely.
  4. The Weapon Who Walks - Morgana orders Gunmar to tie up all loose ends by killing Barbara and Strickler. He uses his Decimaar Blade on Stalklings to see through their eyes, then sends Angor Rot to bring them to the surface. Angor smells the Trollhunter somewhere upwind but is confused by the scent.
  5. Growing Pains - With fangs now sprouting from his mouth, Jim easily defeats the trolls and orders them to let the young lovers go free. His body has grown larger so that his armor has to reform to fit him, and he notices his skin changing color. Thinking more of himself than them, he suggests the two trolls return willingly to their families since they don’t have anywhere to belong as long as they’re together. Sir Barks still refuses to leave his side.
  6. N is for No, M is for Mercy - Chompsky and NotEnrique corner Fragwa, who begs for mercy using his Talk 'n' Type. Before he can tell them anything, Steve and Eli blow him up with a dwarkstone. Trying to gather everyone to help search for Jim, Claire and Toby are snatched by Stalklings. Strickler flies after them.
  7. The Ultimate Game - Angor Rot attacks Jim (who is nearly incapacitated by an agonizing headache), saying they were both remade by their masters in order to become champions. Jim grows horns during their fight, dispeling his headache, then suddenly gains the upper hand. During the bout, he frees the hive of pixies and sends Angor fleeing through the woods as it begins to rain.
  8. Local Lunatics - Barbara and Merlin go to the police station to file a missing person report on Jim. Nomura meets them. At the same time Strickler strikes the Stalklings, making them drop Claire and Toby.
  9. Rule Number Three - Jim and Sir Barks follow Angor’s trail to the dam. He changes to his Eclipse armor for better camouflage but is ambushed. Trapped inside a water golem, the amulet deactivates when Jim nearly passes out. Angor places a hex on it and steals the Triumbric gems inside. After being subjected to Rule #3, Jim falls off the dam and Sir Barks jumps after him.
  10. Wit's End - As they’re falling, Claire calls to her shadow staff and it flies to her along with Toby’s warhammer. They make it safely to the ground, reuniting with everyone, but see Angor’s unleashed pixies using grave sand. It enhances their abilities so that they’re able to conjure nightmares for Team Trollhunters without physically touching them.
  11. Thunder and Plunder - Jim floats down the flooded canal as Sir Barks drags him to safety. The wolf pup finds his amulet, which revives him when it's placed on his chest. Blinky and Aaarrrgghh! manage to speak with Jim through the magical pool in their cave, but the image is unclear. He doesn’t tell them about the changes he’s experiencing. As they thank him for teaching them as much as they taught him, the Krubera find them and the connection is broken.
  12. Nightmare Alley - Under the influence of the super-charged pixies Team Trollhunter undergoes assorted nightmares, leaving Barbara the only one unaffected.
  13. Repeat Offender - Jim and Sir Barks hurry to the museum, feeling more changes take place. He raids the mineral display, taking the ones that he feels drawn to and shaving them down with his claws. When he places them inside the amulet, the incantation changes to “For the pursuit of Angor, Moonlight is mine to command.”
  14. Fata Morgana - Barbara uses her medical knowledge to determine an antidote. She traps a pixie in the grave dust and it overgorges itself. Just before it explodes, she throws it into the whole group, causing a chain reaction that kills them. Everyone recovers, wondering how Barbara could have escaped the nightmares. She says she's already been living her worst nightmare ever since learning Jim was the Trollhunter. Just then the Stalklings reappear.
  15. Fearful Symmetry - Jim’s new armor gives him an edge against Angor Rot as he uses the Moonlight bow and arrows to easily destroy his golems. Sir Barks (also armored by the amulet) fights alongside him. But the two troll lovers turn out to be captured in a stasis trap. Angor declares Jim will have to sacrifice their lives in order to get to him.
  16. Pew - Team Trollhunters defeat the Stalklings with unexpected help from Detective Scott. Eli reveals a few pixies he captured, and without warning Merlin wipes all memories of the night from Eli, Steve and the detective’s minds.
  17. The Hunter's Moon - Jim fires his bow at the trap instead of his enemy, freeing the trolls as well as injuring Angor with the explosion. Jim encourages the two trolls to stick together after all. Beaten, Angor Rot asks if Jim will put him out of his misery, only to be met with refusal. Angor admits Jim is the better troll and hunter, then vanishes in a cloud of smoke, leaving the Triumbric gems behind.


  • Fare Thee Well - From the afterlife, Draal and Kanjigar watch the troll lovers marry and Jim wander into the woods. They see Gunmar in Trollmarket as Claire uses a shadow portal to release pixies, which torment him and other Gumm-Gumms with their worst fears. Kanjigar watches fondly as Blinky uses his words to plant seeds of doubt in the Krubera warriors. Nomura confronts Angor, asking which of his victims haunts him most. He hears a dove coo and covers his ears. Finally they see Jim reunite Sir Barks with his family and return the Triumbric stones to the amulet. He feels a new wave of changes looming as his Eclipse armor reappears, then heads toward home.


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Angor Reborn


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  • The story is set just after the events of "A House Divided", and before the events of the episode "Jimhunters".
  • In the beginning of Chapter 8, a deranged man exclaims in the police station that he saw creatures with glowing skin, multiple arms, the fact that they fell from the sky, and can disguise themselves as humans. This could be a reference of Akiridions in Arcadia (Aja, Krel, and Varvatos).
  • This story explains the plot hole in "Jimhunters": how Jim came out of the netherworld wearing the Eclipse Armor, when he went into the elixir wearing the Trollhunter Armor.
    • Jim also briefly unlocks a new armor called the Moonlight Armor in this book, which he uses to fight Angor Rot and reclaim the Triumbric Stones.