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Angor Reborn is the sixth and final novel of the Trollhunters book series written by Richard Ashley Hamilton. It was released on December 4th, 2018 by Simon Spotlight.


Angor Rot is alive, angry, and looking to settle a score!

When presented with one more task from Merlin, Jim Lake, Jr., isn’t too worried. How bad could bathing in a magical elixir be? It almost sounds soothing. Hopefully he’ll be able to relax and get away from it all. Oddly enough, it does transport him, just not in the way he imagined. Suddenly Jim finds himself in the cold, dark woods and he’s not alone. The recently resurrected Angor Rot is there with a score to settle. To make matters more complicated, Jim has suddenly grown taller, stronger, and is sporting some very Troll-like hair, eyes, and teeth. All of this leaves him questioning Merlin’s magic, trying to get a handle on his new body, and wondering how he’ll get away from Angor Rot. Talk about an awkward stage!




  • The Meantime


  1. Baptism by Liar
  2. A Fistful of Beard
  3. Star-Crossed Shovers
  4. The Weapon Who Walks
  5. Growing Pains
  6. N is for No, M is for Mercy
  7. The Ultimate Game
  8. Local Lunatics
  9. Rule Number Three
  10. Wit's End
  11. Thunder and Plunder
  12. Nightmare Alley
  13. Repeat Offender
  14. Fata Morgana
  15. Fearful Symmetry
  16. Pew
  17. The Hunter's Moon


  • Fare Thee Well


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Angor Reborn


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  • The story is set just after the events of "A House Divided", and before the events of the episode "Jimhunters".
  • In the beginning of Chapter 8, a deranged man exclaims in the police station that he saw creatures with glowing skin, multiple arms, the fact that they fell from the sky, and can disguise themselves as humans. This could be a reference of Akiridions in Arcadia (Aja, Krel, and Varvatos).
  • This story explains the plot hole in "Jimhunters": how Jim came out of the netherworld wearing the Eclipse Armor, when he went into the elixir wearing the Trollhunter Armor.
    • Jim also briefly unlocks a new armor called the Moonlight Armor in this book, which he uses to fight Angor Rot and reclaim the Triumbric Stones.