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Angor Management is the twenty-fourth episode of Trollhunters.

Official Synopsis[]

A reluctant Jim joins forces with Strickler to keep Barbara alive. Gnome Chompsky returns from the Darklands with important news about Enrique.


Strickler is tied to a chair, sleeping. Jim wakes him up with a sock. He survived the night with no sign of Angor Rot. Strickler's not happy with being tied up. Jim says he promised to keep Strickler safe, not comfortable. Jim calls Toby to help. Strickler says that's a bad idea, so after a moment, Jim tells Toby to get everyone together and see what they can find about finding the last stone.

Draal wonders why Jim is trusting Strickler and he says he has to because of his mother. Draal wonders what stops Angor Rot from finding Strickler if they get him out of town. So Jim says maybe they can fight him, far far away. Jim admits he doesn't have all the answers. It's not a well-thought-out plan, but they have to leave. Jim gets a call from his mother. Barbara says her night shift is turning into a weekend shift. She tells Jim to hunker down in the house and stay safe. If they bring the fight to Jim's house, they have the advantage. But they need supplies.

Blinky takes Toby and Claire to see Killahead Bridge again because Usurna suggested there might be a depiction of the last stone on the bridge. They search through the rubble and find a picture of the missing eye of Gunmar. His eye is the third stone. The third stone relates to his vulnerability. Before Gunmar took power, Gumm-Gumms were just tribes of savages, taking orders from Orlagk, their warlord. Gunmar betrayed him for the right to lead his armies. The ensuing battle lasted weeks. By its end, Gunmar lost an eye and Orlagk lost his head. Blinky concludes that this might be the most difficult stone to find, given the lengths Gunmar's servants made to steal it from the Krubera.

Suddenly, the Fetch starts to make noise and they realize something's escaping from the Darklands. After a moment, Gnome Chompsky climbs out. A relieved Toby happily embraces his gnome friend. When asked if he found Enrique, Chompsky produces Enrique's pacifier and confirms that he's doing fine with a thumbs up. Blinky asks if he saw Gunmar. He takes off his hat to reveal that his point has been cut off. Through the use of charades, Gnome Chompsky explains that the only reason he survived is because Gunmar wanted to pass on a message for Jim.

Strickler and Jim prepare the house for a battle. Draal has retrieved the Lodestone. Jim blocks windows and sets up lights while Strickler lays trips. Once the last trap is in place, they just have to wait. Strickler tries to make a deal to save his own life. Draal notices an eye on the staircase Strickler knows it's Angor Rot's eye. He's been watching them. Draal tries to grab it, but it rolls away. Jim finally traps it in a glass. The doorknob rattles, so they get into position. Jim's surprised to see his mother come in. He saves her from being hit by an axe. Barbara starts asking questions. Draal then bursts out of the closet and she screams and passes out.

Barbara is awake and processes what Jim has just told her. Strickler leaves Jim and Barbara to talk. She wonders why he's the Trollhunter and why he can't just ask someone else to do it. Jim says they need him. He's their protector. Barbara wonders who will protect him.

Angor Rot finds a rope trigger outside.

Inside, Strickler tells Barbara to leave. Just then, some cans rattle, alerting them to Angor Rot's presence. Jim realizes he's in the basement. Draal was supposed to be guarding it. Just then, a ball rolls out of the basement, leaving them in complete darkness. Jim uses a flashlight to try to track Angor Rot. Jim activates his amulet and a fight ensues. Jim tells Strickler to get Barbara out. With them gone, the fight continues. The refrigerator flies over to Angor Rot, but he survives it.

Strickler leads Barbara into the tunnel in the basement. She's worried about Jim, but Strickler says their lives are bound magically. She is angry with him and slaps him then is surprised to feel the sting on her own cheek. He tells her he can help her son, but not until he knows she's safe. He goes upstairs to help Jim and Barbara stays downstairs.

Jim and Strickler go upstairs. Angor Rot pulls Strickler back down, but Jim taunts him and gets him to leave Strickler behind. Upstairs, Angor Rot runs into a booby trap. He then goes to chase Jim and finds himself trapped in the same way Angor Rot previously trapped him. They then turn on UV lightbulbs, which are just like the sun.

Barbara makes her way upstairs as Draal wakes up. Barbara comes into the room with a shovel and knocks Angor Rot over. Angor Rot then gets up, breaks the UV bulbs, and goes after Barbara. Strickler gets between her and Angor Rot as Jim gets Barbara out of the room. When Strickler gets sliced, Barbara feels it. Draal then comes in and shoves Angor Rot into the wall.

Jim leads the injured Barbara down the stairs.

Draal sends Strickler to help Jim and Barbara.

Strickler tells Jim that their wounds can't be healed by modern medicine. They need to go to Trollmarket. He starts to drive them there.

Draal has Angor Rot in a tight grasp. Angor Rot gets free and traps Draal in the stasis trap. Angor Rot then bursts through the roof and chases the car.

Barbara apologizes for messing things up while Jim apologizes for not telling her sooner. They realize they're being chased and drive into the woods. When Angor Rot finds them, they go back to the road and Jim calls Toby.

Toby doesn't answer because Gnome Chompsky is pantomiming again. Toby finally answers and Jim says to open the door to Trollmarket. Toby runs to do that.

Angor Rot pulls Jim out of the car, but Jim is able to climb back in. Angor Rot is flung off the back.

Toby races to open the doorway. Strickler drives them to the bridge, straight at the wall. They drive in just as Toby gets the doorway open. It closes behind them. Jim carries Barbara out and yells for help.



  • Barbara learns that Jim is the Trollhunter and that Strickler is a changeling in this episode.
    • Strickler, along with Barbara (due to the binding spell), are both critically injured during the fight against Angor Rot.
  • Gnome Chompsky returns from the Darklands with a message from Gunmar.
  • Aaron Waltke really loved writing the Home Alone meets Lost Boys sequence in this episode.[1]
  • Title: Obviously refers to the term "anger management".


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