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The Anamnesis Stone is a magical artifact that allows its user to "record" a specific moment.


While trying to clear Jim's name, Vendel has a word with Queen Usurna and confides that the Trollhunter's team has found evidence that Jim is innocent, that there's a changeling spy infiltrating Trollmarket. However, Usurna then reveals herself to be the changeling's master and that she had been working for Gunmar all along. She then stabs him with a Creeper's Sun-laced knife to prevent him from clearing Jim's name.

Luckily, unbeknownst to Usurna, Vendel had been suspicious of her intentions all along as well. He had an Anamnesis Stone in his possession while Usurna murdered him. Vendel used his last moments to warn Team Trollhunters of Usurna's true loyalties to Gunmar.


The Anamnesis Stone is a large yellow gemstone.


The Anamnesis Stone is able to record moments of the user if he/she holds it in their grasp. The moments are holographic yellow images which move and the actual words of the speaker(s) can be heard.


Appearances in the Trilogy


Part Two


  • In Latin, "anamnesis" means "commemoration".