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Intricately forged by Merlin, the Amulet is not only the harbor of a Trollhunter's sword and armor, but a source of great magic.
The Art of Trollhunters

The Amulet of Daylight (also called the Amulet of Merlin, Merlin's Amulet, and/or the Trollhunter Amulet) was a magical amulet created by Merlin, which acted as both the source of power and a symbol of office for the Trollhunter, capable of summoning the Trollhunter Armor and the Sword of Daylight.

After acquiring all three Triumbric Stones, the Trollhunter could unlock a new armor: the Eclipse Armor along with the only known weapon capable of permanently killing Gunmar: the Eclipse Blade.

The amulet was later destroyed by the Arcane Order so that they could release Morgana from the Shadow Realm.

Prior to the events of Rise of the Titans, the amulet was rebuilt and upgraded by Krel Tarron and Stuart, now allowing to summon the Magiktech Armor and, due to the connection it has with the legendary sword, Excalibur, it is able to summon the sword anytime the wearer wishes.



"Ad lucem gloria mea (Light my glory)!" -Merlin completing the Amulet in a flashback of "The Oath"

The Amulet was created by the wizard Merlin for his Trollhunters to use during the 12th century, right before the start of the Battle of Killahead. Merlin took Morgana's left hand to make the amulet. According to legend, he made it malleable so each Trollhunter could combat the darkness that even its creator could not foresee. The Amulet is roughly 900 years old but it is unknown how many Trollhunters have wielded it.

Known Trollhunters[]

Deya the Deliverer, the first Trollhunter, used the Amulet to seal Killahead Bridge, trapping Gunmar and his Gumm-Gumms in the Darklands before the bridge was torn to pieces.

Sometime after trolls settled in America, the amulet fell into the possession of Kanjigar the Courageous, who would become one of the best Trollhunters. To focus on his training and serving troll kind, Kanjigar chose to distance himself from his young son Draal, who began training to become worthy of the amulet.

Kanjigar was defeated and disarmed by Bular, the son of Gunmar, under a bridge in Arcadia Oaks. To prevent the amulet from falling into Bular's hands, Kanjigar sacrificed himself by falling into the sunlight, petrifying himself and keeping the amulet out of Bular's reach.

First Human Trollhunter[]

On his way to school, Jim Lake Jr. and his best friend, Toby Domzalski, discovered Kanjigar's remains in the canal, along with the amulet, which called Jim's name. After school, Jim managed to activate the amulet while also meeting his trainers, Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!!.

He later became the Amulet's first Half-Troll wielder and ultimately it's last wielder after the Amulet was destroyed by the Arcane Order to resurrect Morgana. However, after Krel and Stuart rebuilt the Amulet, he became the upgraded Amulet's new and only wielder.

After resetting the timeline, Jim allowed Toby to become the new timeline's Trollhunter.


It is a compact metal amulet with intricate metal parts inside the external framework and was fashioned from Morgana's left hand. The glowing blue stone in the center of the amulet is the source of all the amulet's power. When the three Triumbric Stones are inserted in it, the central stone glows a blood red.


  • Armor/Sword Summoning: When the amulet is activated, it grants the user the Trollhunter Armor and the Sword of Daylight. The amulet can be ripped off its wearer or knocked off by excessive force.
    • Adjusting: The amulet, as well as its armor and sword, will alter themselves to their user's proportions. When Jim first activated the armor and sword, they were set to the size of Kanjigar, its previous owner, before shrinking to fit Jim. Furthermore, if the wearer's size has been unnaturally altered, such as through a Furgolator, the amulet can change itself to match this size, which Jim used to fight Chompsky after the gnome had disarmed him.
    • Light Emission: The amulet has the ability to generate a surge of light that can blind or even petrify trolls, except for those that are immune to sunlight. This light will not damage the Trollhunter, even if they are a troll. However, the amulet will not protect a troll from natural sunlight. In "Win Lose or Draal", Jim used the amulet's light to protect himself from and briefly knock out Nomura during their fight. It can also blast a narrow localized laser beam as demonstrated by Merlin in "A House Divided".
  • Emotional Trigger: The amulet responds to its wearer's emotions, as seen by it activating when the user is stressed and deactivating when the user returns to a normal emotional state. Blinky notes that the amulet's effects will differ for Jim, due to his human physiology. With time, the amulet will respond to its wearer's desires as well, allowing the Trollhunter to manipulate the armor anyway it desires. After Jim's transformation into a half-troll, he was unable to remove the amulet from his armor, as shown is "Jimhunters". However, according to one of the show's writers, this is because Jim is going through such massive emotional turmoil, and the amulet has locked him in his armor and is trying to protect him. Until he ever calms down, the amulet would behave normally again.
  • Magiportation (limited): The amulet will return to its user if discarded, as Jim attempted to do in "Wherefore Art Thou, Trollhunter?" since it is now permanently bonded to him.However, if the amulet is stolen, as Gnome Chompsky managed to do in the following episode, it will not return. This caveat can be circumvented in times of mortal danger like when Jim, besieged in the woods and defending Claire, managed to call to the amulet, which escaped Stricklander's clutches in the museum and flew to its master's aid.
  • Gemstone Storage/Upgrading: Additionally, the amulet can be opened and upgraded with special stones. The specific abilities of each stone are different, but certain combinations of stones will result in upgrades to the armor's functionalities, including different weapons, self-duplication or the capability to walk on walls.
    • Glaive Conjuring: With the Birthstone, Jim gains the ability to summon two glaives, which act a lot like boomerangs and respond to his command.
    • Shield Conjuring: With the Killstone, Jim gains the ability to summon a warrior's shield on his left forearm, which protects him from most attacks.
    • Helmet Conjuring: With the Eye of Gunmar, Jim gains the ability to summon a large helmet, which protects him from lethal damage and Gunmar's Decimaar Blade. He can also open and close it with his thoughts.
    • Eclipse Armor/Blade Summoning: When all three Triumbric Stones (the Birthstone, killstone, and Gunmar's Eye) are placed in the amulet, the armor changes to a black/red color scheme, and the Eclipse Armor and the Sword of Eclipse become available. This sword is the only known weapon capable of permanently killing Gunmar.
  • Translator: The amulet is capable of translating Trollspeak to English and vice versa.
  • Supernatural Detection: The amulet is able to help the Trollhunter detect potential danger in their area. However, for Jim (most likely due to his human status), this ability is usually unpredictable and/or not as reliable. As revealed in "Hero with a Thousand Faces", the amulet was once used by Hunter Jim to literally scan certain areas which would alert him of any potential foes.
  • Opening/Rebuilding the Killahead Bridge: The amulet's faceplate can be removed and used to activate (even rebuild) the Killahead Bridge. Also, only a Trollhunter that the amulet chose can open the bridge (but not just the current Trollhunter, but also a spirit of a fallen champion as well, like Kanjigar's spirit).
  • Temporal Protection: Most uniquely, when Porgon the Trickster combined his magic with Akiridion technology to reset time, the amulet protected Jim's memories, enabling to him to retain awareness within the time loop.
  • Calling for a New Successor: Should the Trollhunter ever fall in battle, the amulet will speak in the voice of the fallen Trollhunter, calling out to its new master should they be nearby.


For the glory of Merlin, Daylight is mine to command!
―Incantation for the Daylight Armor
For the doom of Gunmar, Eclipse is mine to command!
―Incantation for the Eclipse Armor
For the pursuit of Angor, Moonlight is mine to command!
―Incantation for the Moonlight Armor[src]
For the good of all, Daylight is mine to command!
―Incantation for the Magiktech Armor[src]


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  • In the 2015 book, the amulet didn't have magical powers; it only gave Jim the ability to understand what the trolls were saying.
  • According to Aaron Waltke on Twitter, Merlin created the amulet to have its own "life". While he set it in motion by magical means and gave it instructions, the amulet itself takes actions to serve fate on its own.
  • Although Merlin built the amulet, it still returns to the Trollhunter it chose, as shown in "A House Divided". However, it is also revealed that Merlin is the only one, besides the Trollhunter himself, who can remove the amulet from the armor. Others who try to take the amulet off end up getting blasted away, as shown in "Wherefore Art Thou, Trollhunter?" when Draal tried to remove the amulet from Jim, only to get blasted back.
  • In "The Oath", Jim once questioned if Merlin was the one who was making the Amulet of Daylight by himself. As revealed in the beginning during a flashback, Merlin apparently had an unknown apprentice who created the map/power source for the amulet.
    • In Wizards, this is revealed to be Douxie.
  • In "D'aja Vu", Aja mistakenly refers to the amulet as an "omelette".
  • It seems Merlin forged it in a way that every Trollhunter, no matter what language he spokes in, can use the incantation.
    • In "Becoming: Part 1" the inscription on the amulet can change a few times till Jim can read it, from Trollish to Chinese, to Spanish, to English.
  • According to Aaron Waltke on Twitter, Merlin has tried several times to forge the Amulet with different materials, but nothing was strong enough to contain the Daylight stone’s power until he used Morgana’s hand.
  • It is unclear if Jim still possesses the rebuilt amulet after traveling back in time with the Time Stone and allowing Toby to find the amulet in the alternate timeline, but it's debatable.