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My name is Aja Tarron of House Tarron, and I want to tell you a story. It's a good story. It is very lively, with lots of humors and excitements: It begins someplace very, very, very far from here, on an entirely different planet called Akiridion-5... my brother and I were forced to leave our home. We are not like you, but we are like you... and you welcomed us, and your world became our world. We made many, many friends. And together, we embarked on adventures we'll never forget.
―Aja to the people of Arcadia Oaks[src]

Aja Tarron is one of the main stars in the Tales of Arcadia franchise, serving as the main protagonist of 3Below, a minor character in Part Three of Trollhunters, and an upcoming character of Wizards

She is the current warrior queen of Akiridion-5, a foreign exchange student of Arcadia Oaks High, best friends with Darci Scott and Mary Wang, the daughter of Fialkov and Coranda Tarron, the elder sister of Krel Tarron, and the current girlfriend of Steve Palchuk



Aja and her little brother, Krel, lived together with their parents on the planet of Akiridion-5 as the children of King Fialkov and Queen Coranda. 

Growing up, Aja felt like she didn't fit in with the royal family, so she frequently went into the kingdom in a dark cloak to discover her true potential. One particular hobby of hers was having Skelteg fights, which apparently makes easy money on her planet.

Trollhunters (Part Three)

Meeting the Trollhunters

Aja and Krel unknowingly help Jim, Toby, and Claire with their Trollhunting mission for Merlin (see below at "Losing Her Serrator").

3Below (Part One)

Morando's Attack

Aja chases after Luug who ran away from her Coronation Day. Her brother calls her then she explains that she has no intention of becoming Queen-in-Waiting. During the Coronation Day attack, Aja is on the streets when the invasion began, she saves a child from a falling piece of scrap. On her way back to the Palace, Vex finds her and she jumps into the vehicle. Vex and Aja meet up with Zadra and Krel in the sky, they shortly return to the Palace to meet up with their parents.

General Morando invades the palace and intentionally makes the King and Queen's physical bodies retreat into their cores. Vex, Aja, Luug, and Krel make it to the mothership, after the ship takes off, Aja goes into the stasis chamber room to restore her parents, but the mothership is unable to calculate how long their reformation will take. The trio successfully gets off Akiridion-5 then crash land on Earth in Arcadia Oaks.

First Day on Earth

Despite their safety, the Mothership is damaged and disguises itself to look like a 1950s house. Just then, Eli approaches the house, so the mothership changes Krel, Aja, and Varvatos into a Latino, a girl, and a senior citizen respectively. The mother ship also turns Luug into a dog. The mothership then tells Varvatos and the kids that the ship is low on power, due to the Daxial Array being lost. Aja suggests going outside to search for one, to which Varvatos and Krel reluctantly agree. 

The three go outside and explore all around Arcadia, enjoying all of its "wonders" such as popcorn, grass, music shops, and fire hydrants. As they prepare to eat some spicy food, the three then run into Toby, who shows them to the local music shop, where Krel inadvertently steals a vinyl record. Detective Scott then arrives and asks the kids why they are out of school on a weekday, since it is illegal to do that. He then takes them to the local school. 

When they arrive there, Señor Uhl questions where they are from. To cover up their tracks, Aja and Krel say they are from an island called, "Cantaloupia." During the school day, Aja and Krel begin to showboat to the faculty and the students (Aja's athletic abilities and Krel's brains, respectively). When they are caught playing in the science lab, Uhl decides to have a parent-teacher conference with their "parents." 

Since their real parents are being revived by the mothership, the kids decide to disguise some generic robots as a stereotypical 50s parents. The meeting goes horrible wrong and Uhl decides to call social services to report this incident, but Aja explains about how Morando and his henchmen took over their "country" and broke their parents. Feeling sympathetic, Uhl decides to give them a second chance. They make it back home as soon as their human forms wear off. Aja begins sobbing over their predicament and begins to feel hopeless. Krel comes over and comforts his sister, assuring her that as long as they have each other, they will never be alone. 

Varvatos then proclaims Aja as queen-in-waiting of Akiridion-5 as he draws a ridge on her head, identical to Krel's, while she sheds a tear. 

Adapting with Humans

The kids and Varvatos begin to have difficulty adapting to Earth and are attracting unwanted attention from everyone. When they find out that Eli is especially curious about them, Krel builds a pair of mind-reading glasses to find out what he knows. While Aja distracts Steve (who was talking to Eli), Krel reads Eli's mind and points out that he's been spying on them, terrifying the bespectacled boy. When Krel reads another thought, he covers up his alien form by saying that he cosplays in his spare time. When Krel reads someone thinking in an alien form, they conclude there might be a fellow alien on Earth.

That night, they sneak out of the house and hear someone say their names in an alien language. They follow the thoughts to the local food truck and assume that Steve is the alien, playing dumb. Krel then attacks Steve and tries to interrogate him, but only ends up getting attacked. When Aja finds out that the truck driver is really the alien, Krel accidentally insults Steve by calling him an idiot, which provokes Steve into punching him right into the face. When Steve is about to hit Krel again, Aja defends her brother by punching Steve, causing him to fall in love with her. The duo then chase begin to chase the driver on their hoverboard. Varvatos (who left the house during commercial breaks) manages to stop the truck, right as soon as Aja and Krel's human forms wear off and the alien reveals his true form to them.

They bring the alien back to their house to interrogate him. The alien reveals himself as Stuart, a Durian who crash landed on Earth as well, and that he follows all the great royal families of the galaxy, and is greatly ecstatic to find the great heirs of House Tarron. Just as Vex is about to torture Stuart, the electric appliances start to go crazy, thanks to some Skeltegs that Aja brought with them to Earth. Stuart takes the trio to his store, where he sells electronics and graphic t-shirts to find a way to get rid of their Skelteg infestation. Stuart uses a vacuum to get rid of the Skeltegs while Aja and Krel go to school, not knowing that one of the bugs has stowed away on Krel's new boombox. 

When they get to school, Mary and Darci inform Aja of her new popularity and decide to take her under their wings, much to Krel's jealousy. In class, the Skeltegs arrive and start devouring the electronics and multiplying one by one, causing school to get cancelled early. Aja, Krel, Steve, and Mary start working together to defeat the bugs, but they keep multiplying. When Mary's phone rings, the Skeltegs start to blow up and the kids realize that Earth music is their weakness. Using the boombox, Aja and Krel manage to blow up the Skeltegs in school and their house.

Encountering the Zerons

One night, Aja has a nightmare about her parents and goes to the Mothership's main computer for comfort. She is soothed by a sweet lullaby that the Mothership has found based on her research on Earth. 

The next day while sparing with Momblank, Krel tells Aja that most parts for a Daxial Array are contained inside of a car. The problem is, they need a driver's license to own a car. They go over to driver's education to get a license along with Eli and Shannon. 

While Coach Lawrence is lecturing them, the Zeron Brotherhood spots them. The bounty hunters activate a tractor beam to abduct them. As Aja speeds away from the ship, Lawrence tells everyone to get out, but only he and Shannon leave the car while Aja and Krel flee from the Zerons. They end up failing their driving test.

When they get home, Mother informs the kids and Varvatos about the Zerons and how they caused the Commerce Guild Bombing, which took out many innocent lives, including all of Varvatos's family members. Luug picks up the scent and orders the kids to stay home for their own safety. They secretly follow Varvatos to the Zerons who begin to attack him. Aja jumps in to save Varvatos and helps him get away from the Zerons, while Krel steals their navigation subspace manifold.

The trio go back home and realize that they must prepare for their next encounter, which encourages Varvatos to train Aja for battle.

Time Loop and Meeting Jim

Waking up one morning, Aja is excited to start her training and wants to learn some new moves, but is disappointed that Vex's first lesson was to learn patience. Aja doesn't want to be patient, but she reluctantly agrees. Varvatos tells the kids go to the science fair.Naturally, Aja acts impatiently so Vex tells her to assist Krel with his ribbon quest.

The queen-in-waiting assisted her brother in carrying his science project to the planetarium, accidentally breaking Shannon's volcano in the process. Once inside, Aja expressed outrage at Krel for bringing the subsapce manifold, but her brother was certain it would win his first place. Aja doesn't want to partake in the fair and decides to go home. Jim bumps into Aja and remarks that he never done that before, much to Aja's confusion. Just then, a troll, Porgon arrives and starts attacking the fair. Assuming the troll to be another bounty hunter, Aja intervened with her serrator shield before Jim could be hit. Jim then stopped her, inquiring what her weapon was. As Claire and Toby attempt to attack Porgon, the troll generates a blue light, prompting Aja to raise her shield as the world went white.

Waking up back in her bed, Aja gets a sense of deja vu and anticipates what was going to happen next. Upon returning to the science fair, she is ambushed by Jim, who stated that everyone was in danger and asked for her help. Aja proudly boasted of her aspirations of becoming a warrior, when Porgon attacked again, much to her surprise. Aja then spotted Porgon brandishing a cylinder she recognized as Akiridion technology, which he then infused with his magic as Claire and Toby attack. Aja raised her shield against as time reset.

Reliving the same day again, a frustrated Aja attempted to stop Krel from going to the science fair to no avail. Returning to the fair again, she anticipates Jim approaching her and nearly attacks him, causing him to flinch. When inquired why the day kept repeating, Jim explained that Porgon was apparently using the Akridion stick and the troll magic to cause a time loop. Aja then concluded that her shield protected her memories and learns that Jim received similar protection from his amulet and that he had been reliving the same day thirty times. As Porgon attacks again, Jim asks Aja what Akiridion tech was if they were to have any hope of breaking the loop. She explained that the cylinder originated from her homeworld of Akiridion-5 as she revealed her true form to Jim.

In the next loop, Aja heads to Jim's house in her true form, startling him out of bed before stating he was impressed. Aja wants to stop Porgon right away, but Jim stops her and calls the other Trollhunters for assistance.

Both teams meet in the woods, where both of their mentors begin to have a bit of a tiff. As Porgon begins his attack again and restarts the loop, Aja quickly pulled up her serrator shield, thus allowing both the Akiridions and Trollhunters to retain their memories. They go back through the time loop and have a meeting at Aja and Krel's house to discuss how they are going to plan their attack on Porgon. The teams conclude that combining the Dekyon Charger and his Troll magic, he is able to control time and space itself, but if he combines it with the subspace manifold as well, time could be destroyed. Jim tries to formulate a plan, but being impatient, Aja goes off on her own. Naturally, she fails again and is sent back through the time loop.

When she goes back to the house, the others call Aja out on her recklessness. Aja snaps about how determined she is to become a warrior and to defeat the bounty hunters who are out to kill her to avoid losing her loved ones again. Krel and Varvatos explains to Aja that all the training in the world cannot prevent accidents or mistakes, there will be consequences no matter what she does, and that Jim is correct in his analysis that Porgon cannot be defeated alone. Aja ponders this and reluctantly agrees.

The gang decides to put magic stones on the students' volcanoes to distract Porgon while stealing the charger. When they cause the volcanoes to spew out real lava, they manage to defeat Porgon and retrieve the charger. Unfortunately, that also means that they have been exposed to the public. Krel decides to destroy the charger, but that also means the events, their newfound friendship, and their memories will be erased. Blinky assures them that fate will find a way to reunite them in due course, saying that truest of friendships can transcend both time and space. After some reluctance, Krel destroys the charger and everything is reversed.

Illegal Aliens

One night while Krel visits Stuart to pick up a part of the Daxial Array from him, Varvatos trains Aja in the art of combat on the mothership. Later on, they learn that Krel has been attacked by a bounty hunter (which they believe is the Zerons after they changed their style). Fearing for their safety, Vex declares that Aja and Krel must stay on the mothership for their own safety and no more school. Aja, however, convinces him to let them go by using his own words back at him, to his frustration. 

The next day, the kids are called to the principal's office, where the head of the school board, Bertha Flanagan, confronts them on their background history. She orders them to see some valid identification and some background checks, believing that they are illegal aliens (much to Uhl and the Tarron sibling's dismay). When they get home, they inform Vex that Birdie might be another bounty hunter, while Stuart forges the background checks. 

Aja and Krel go back home and work on repairing the Blanks, whom they name, "Ricky" and "Lucy" respectively. Ricky projects everything he recorded the other night to the kids. Krel pauses the video and sees that a bounty hunter, who is not involved with the Zerons, is after them. Varvatos then arrives with Birdie, who seems to want to make amends for what happened in the principal's office. Krel then notices the badge on Birdie's shirt looks exactly like the hunter who attacked him and realizes that she is the bounty hunter. Birdie reveals her true form and proceeds to attack the kids. After holding off Birdie, Varvatos regains consciousness and blasts Birdie before she can escape.

The next day, Señor Uhl informs the kids that Birdie has gone missing and presents them with student IDs to show that they are Arcadia citizens.

Dating Steve and Missing Serrator

Sometime later at school, Steve asks Aja to come with him to a bonfire that the other kids, which Aja realizes is a date. Aja is nervous about her date and does not know how to act. That night, Steve arrives and takes her to the bonfire where they meet Darci, Mary, Shannon, Logan, and some other kid. When Aja is nervous about her date, Mary and Darci tell Aja to just be herself and not to worry so much. 

Steve takes Aja to a tree in the woods and they climb up. Aja tells Steve about her life back in the "old country", which makes Steve more intrigued than ever. Just as they are about to kiss, Aja finds out that her human form is wearing off and flees while she changes back to normal, accidentally dropping her serrator in the process. She runs into Krel, who has also changed back into his alien form. Krel informs her that the Zerons have come for them and prepare for battle. The siblings manage to defeat them (with Beta obliterated). 

The next day, Señor Uhl takes the siblings to a classroom and then brings Jim to them so he could show them around the school if he wants to make up for his many absent days. Jim takes Aja and Krel to Claire and Toby, who reluctantly agree to include them in their Trollhunting mission for Merlin. Just then, Aja sees Jim's amulet and assume it to be her serrator.

They take them to the wrecked Janus Order, which they pass off as a "teen hangout." While they search for Changeling remains, Krel goes into the control room and starts to use the system to play music and show off his dancing skills. When Jim turns the music off, some footage of AAARRRGGHH!!! and Jim fighting Gunmar starts playing on the monitors, which he instantly turns off. The Trollhunters claim it to be a movie and decide to take the siblings to see Claire's house, while Krel takes something he brought out of the control panel.

Jim and Toby go to the roof to collect some lightning in a jar, so Aja and Krel decide to use their vast intergalactic knowledge to help them do it. Krel makes a capacitor from some parts of the microwave to hold the lightning in, and Aja hacks into Arcadia's power grid to make lightning appear in fifteen minutes. Using Jim's sword, they manage to capture the lightning and put it in the jar. The siblings then bid their friends goodbye and go home. When they get home, Aja sees her serrator and assumes that Steve returned it.

Breaking Into Area 49-B

When Eli gives out an oral report on an alleged alien sighting at Area 49-B, Aja and Krel believe that this may be the key to repairing the ship. Stuart informs them that he once broke out of the area and does not plan on going back, but the siblings convince him to help them break in to get the parts for their Daxial Array. 

Steve Finds Out

Just as the ship is about ready and repaired, Aja decides to break the truth to Steve about her true self, but Krel will not allow it, so he decides to spy on them during their date.

Krel sneaks over to a restaurant that the couple are eating at. Just when Aja is about tell Steve that she is an alien, Krel intervenes and tries to subtly convince her to not to spill the beans. All of a sudden, the remaining members of the Zeron Brotherhood arrive and abduct them, including Steve. Steve begins to make stereotypical comments about aliens, which makes Aja reconsider telling him the truth. Just then, Alpha and Omega grab Steve and take him away, but not before Steve hands the siblings his aluminum foil hat. Just as Aja is expressing to Krel why she wants Steve to know the truth, she unintentionally drops the aluminium hat to her handcuffs, causing it to loosen, and they realise Steve was right about the hat saving their lives.

Later when she found Steve via their phones, they were soon met with Zeron Omega. With Aja and Steve working together, Aja was able to kick Omega out of the ship, but Omega took Steve with it. Just as when Aja rushes out to save Steve, her Akiridion form begins to emerge, heavily scaring and surprising Steve in the process. When both of them crashed to the ground together alive, Steve calmed down and sees the true glowing beauty of Aja, accepting her for who she really is. Aja is so much delighted that she and Steve attempt kissing each other, only to be interrupted by Zeron Omega and the incoming crash-landing ship, though they hug each other tightly when they thought they are gonna get crushed by the ship. Steve promises to keep the truth as a secret (even to his best friend Eli).

Confronting Omen

During the last day of the school year (and their last day on Earth in general), Aja and Krel decide to have some fun at school with their friends. While Aja is receiving many goodbyes from Darci and Mary, Krel is trying to get the respect and admiration he believes that he deserves.  

When they get back to the ship, they find Zadra confronting Vex. When the two royals ask what it going on, Zadra tells them it is because she recently found out that Vex is the one who let Morando into the kingdom. Krel and Aja at first doubt Zadra, but Vex confesses that it is true. Furious at realizing that it was actually Vex's fault their kingdom got taken over, Krel prepares to kill Vex, but Aja prevents her brother from doing so. She then remembers that Vex actually wants to die, so she decides to spare him and leave him behind on Earth as punishment for his betrayal.  

Later on, Aja finds Krel in his room, and she decides that they should leave Earth now and forget everything about Vex. Krel, however, still wishes to participate in the Battle of the Bands and make his permanent mark in Arcadia, so Aja agrees to accompany him.  

During the Battle of the Bands, Aja and Krel start to play some of their planet music (dolphin music), which nobody finds amusing, so they decide to play some "easy listening" music (hip-hop). After their performance, Claire comes up onstage to warn everyone of the Eternal Night, but nobody listens and thinks this is a song. Only Aja and Krel realize that something is wrong and decide to go investigate.

Saving the Mothership

Stuart and the siblings then witness the Gumm-Gumms pop out of the ground, quickly realizing that Morando didn't send them, nor are they from Akiridion-5. Using their serrators, Aja and Krel manage to beat some of the Gumm-Gumms. They even briefly see Jim in his troll form. Zadra then arrives and alerts the kids that the Mothership has been infiltrated by one of the Gumm-Gumms. 

While Zadra holds off the Gumm-Gumms, Aja and Krel run into the Creepslayerz to help them fight off the goblins that are attacking them. After he defeats them, Aja begins to say her possible final goodbyes to Steve and the two share their first kiss (in Aja's human form, that is). 

Stuart, Zadra and the Tarrons head back to the house and see that Alpha is seeking vengeance for them killing his brothers. Alpha battles Aja and mocks her for being weak like her parents. Just then, Alpha's robot, Omen has taken over the ship and begin flying it off of Earth. Just as Alpha prepares to take Aja down, Stuart summons Buster and he begins attacking the bounty hunter. Zadra explains to Stuart and the siblings that Omen has been programmed to kill the resistance. Vex then calls them and informs the Tarrons that is going to risk his life trying to get the Mothership back from Omen to make up for his sins. Zadra, Stuart, and the siblings watch as the two ships collide together and the house starts to fall back down to the ground, but now more tilted.

The Tarrons get into the house and both Lucy and Ricky have gone mad from Omen's power. Just as their human forms wear off, the siblings manage to fight back. Aja and Krel realize that they have to get to the control center to get their house and the Blanks back to normal as well as save their parents' life cores. Zadra holds off the Blanks as the siblings go to save the cores, only to find that Omen moved them. While Aja goes to get the cores back from Omen, Krel tries to override Mother's system. 

Aja confronts Omen, who is revealed to be carrying the life cores in his body. Omen grabs Aja by the neck and finds out that the house is about to blow up in five minutes. He decides to get rid of her and her family in front of the whole kingdom, as the battle is being broadcast live to Akiridion-5. Meanwhile, Krel is busy trying to repair Mother, but she keeps "mothering" him. Eventually, Krel manages to hack into Mother and uses a phone to shut Omen down. Aja opens up Omen's stomach and retrieves Coranda and Fialkov's life cores. 

Aja and Krel then broadcast to the rest of Akiridion-5 and give a heartfelt speech about determination, standing your ground, and not giving up hope, promising to find a way back home someday and take back what rightfully belongs to them. However, the self-destruction sequence is reactivated by Omen. Aja realizes that if they destroy Omen, they can save the house from blowing up. Unfortunately, Aja's plan to deflect Omen's death ray backfires and a beam begins to fall off. Aja hands Krel the life cores and kicks Omen, but almost falls down. Luckily, Krel manages to save her and Zadra embraces them. The siblings then put the cores back into the chambers, relieved that their parents are safe. 

As the Eternal Night ends, Aja and Krel sit on the roof of their house. Aja wonders if they will ever be able to go home, but Krel tearfully tells his sister that he doesn't think he can repair the ship and they might be stuck on Earth forever. Aja comforts her little brother and assures her that home is wherever their hearts may be and that one day, they may return to their home planet.

3Below (Part Two)

Toby and Eli Learn

After a whole day of trying to reboot Mother, Aja tries to convince Krel and Zadra to help her find out where Varvatos might be, but to no avail.

That night, Aja sneaks out of the house and meets Steve on his Vespa to help her find where Varvatos might be. They ride into town and run into Krel, who wants her to stop trying to find Varvatos and try to contact the resistance. Just then, Aja and Krel's human forms wear off and their alien forms are revealed. Eli and Toby (who have been eavesdropping) try to attack them, but Steve convinces them that Aja and Krel are not bad guys.

Just then, a bounty hunter called Magmatron arrives on Earth and tries to capture the siblings for their cores. Aja, Krel, Steve, Eli, and Toby try to run away and arrive at the Mothership. Krel takes everyone into the lab and accidentally opens up some data logs from Varvatos, despite saying "unlock." Krel tries to get Varvatos offscreen, but he keeps failing. Aja then asks Mother on the bounty hunter, but still doesn't work. Krel looks up Magmatron himself and finds out that he is from an almost indestructible race made from magma and rock. Eli then gets a message saying that an alien has triggered one of the traps, speculating it must be Magmatron.

They go into the sewer and find it is Zadra, who is looking for any possible danger. Magmatron then arrives and reveals that Varvatos was captured by Zeron Alpha and is now on the moon. They continue battling the bounty hunter and manage to defeat him using water from the sewer pipes. Aja and Krel apologize to Zadra for sneaking out and Zadra apologizes for not believing them about good humans.

The following morning, Stuart manages to help the gang move the Mothership back to where the house originally was. Krel continues to fix Mother, until she is finally back to normal. Mother then asks Krel if he wants to see Varvatos' logs and Krel replies that he does. As he watches them, Krel realizes how much Varvatos really cared for him and Aja, despite his mistake, which causes Krel to forgive the commander. Krel begins crying and Aja comforts him. Krel confirms that they will go to the moon and save Varvatos.

Rescuing Varvatos 

Stuart manages to retrieve his spaceship from Area-49 B to help Aja and Krel go to the moon and save Vex. After twenty-to-thirty hours of space travel, they finally arrive on the moon. Using Darci's mole costume, Krel and Stuart sneak into the local bar and find Alpha having a drinking and Skelteg fighting contest with some other alien thugs. At that same time, Aja sneaks into Varvatos' cell to break him out.

Alpha informs everyone that he and the rest of the Zeron Brotherhood were involved in the murder of Vex's relatives and plots to finish the job by getting rid of Vex. Alpha then takes the mole costume off of Krel and it causes a riot in the bar. Aja, Krel, Varvatos and Stuart manage to run away, but Alpha catches up to him. During that brawl, Alpha reveals that Morando planned the deaths of Vex's relatives, knowing it would make him furious and vulnerable enough to cause the invasion. This infuriates Vex even more and using his determination, he manages to kill Alpha. Vex goes over to the kids, apologizes to them for his mistakes and promises them he will not fail the royal family again. They arrive back on Earth and although Zadra doesn't forgive Vex, she informs them that Loth Saborian, Morando's former advisor, has built an entire army to invade Earth and get rid of the royals.


The very next day, Aja, Krel, Varvatos, and Zadra learn from Loth that there is no time left and Morando's army is already on their way to Earth. Realizing they need all the help they can get, so they decide to recruit "new warriors."

Aja and Krel call Toby and Eli over to their house to train them for the invasion. Krel sees Toby's video game and is inspired to create an intergalactic defense system to stop the drones cleverly disguised as a video game called, "Dogfight." Since they are not enough to stop all of the drones, they decide to find a way to get everyone else to play it. They go over to Mary and convince her to make the "game" go viral, which works. When everyone stops playing, it is up to Eli to stop the drones. With his friends' encouragement and advice, Eli manages to defeat the army. They receive a transmission from the Resistance of Akiridion-5 and they are praised for stopping the army.

Aja and Krel go outside to meet their friends and decide to relax, until it begins raining, which turns out to be from Tronos, one of the aliens Krel and Stuart encountered on the moon.

Summer School Trap

Krel upgrades the serrators, so he and Aja can change to and from their forms at will, and upgrades Aja's into a more powerful one with more blaster settings. He also tries to perfect a wormhole machine that can transport them back to Akiridion-5, but it keeps failing. Aja and Krel decide that maybe they could use the Zeron's retrieval ray to help them perfect the machine. They try to go over to the ship, but Varvatos stops them and informs the two that they have been summoned to summer school, which as they point out, doesn't make sense since they have passed their classes. They decide to go to the school and have Zadra and Varvatos retrieve the ray for them. They arrive in the school where they see AAARRRGGHH!!! attending as well (apparently, he wants to "expand his educational horizons").

All of a sudden, Kubritz arrives with her crew claiming that there is a deadly disease in the school (it is just a trick to capture Aja and Krel), so they end up putting the school on lockdown. Krel realizes that this is a trap and that they must find a way to escape before it's too late. Krel tells AAARRRGGHH!!! and Toby to get back to the Mothership while they distract the guards. Unfortunately, Aja accidentally reveals and her and Krel's true forms and the guards chase after them. They lose them, but Kubritz and Tronos manage to track them down and take them back to their lab in the gymnasium.

In the gym, Kubritz tries to torture and dissect them, hoping to find out more about their space alien technology. Tronos tells Aja that he is trying to kill them to avenge his people after her parents caused the downfall of his planet. Aja dismisses them as lies and that her parents are honorable, but Tronos assures them that it is all true and that they're not as honorable as she and her brother think. Just as Kubritz is about to kill Krel, Steve and Toby arrive and start to attack the soldiers. Aja then shares a moment with Steve, almost forgetting about Krel's existence right beside, only to be interrupted by a disgusted Krel, whom was tied up to stare at them.

Aja and Krel manage to escape their restraints and get on their hoverboard. Unfortunately, Tronos manages to catch up to them, ready avenge his people after what Fialkov and Coranda did to his planet. Aja tries to warn Tronos, but he still won't believe her. Just as he is about to kill them, Kurbritz captures him for "betrayal" and is about to get rid of Aja and Krel (who change back into their human forms), when Lawrence and the students arrive to stick up for them. Seeing how prejudiced Kubritz truly is, they record Kubritz's words on video and she retreats. Aja hugs Steve as a means of gratitude that was previously interrupted by Krel; and then both Aja and Krel thank everybody for supporting them.

Aja and Krel go back to the house, where Varvatos and Zadra arrive with the retrieval ray and Buster. Meanwhile, Aja tells Mother to help her figure out what Tronos meant when he said that her parents caused Voltar to be destroyed. This is when Aja realizes that Tronos was right after all.

Monstrous Triple Date

Aja and Steve go on a date to the planetarium, which Aja claims that it is really a heist to find some stuff to finish the wormhole. 

They arrive back home with their item; an anti-vortex siphon. Stuart informs them that his ex-girlfriend, Gwendolyn of the Gorbons has come to Earth to eat him after he left her, because in her culture, members of her species devour their exes to forget any happiness they had together. Stuart doesn't want to go alone, so Varvatos and Aja decide to come along and bring Steve and Nancy with them. 

However, during the dance lesson, Aja is shown to be too selfless in taking care of the relationship between Stuart and Gwendolyn that she totally forgot about taking care of Steve. As a result, Steve and Aja have their first argument against each other. Fortunately, the conflict is cut short by Stuart's yelling, and Gwendolyn's threat reunited them together to fight against Gwendolyn. By the time Stuart confronts with Gwendolyn with a speech, Aja is having strong feelings with Steve and goes on a human date afterwards, making them as the only ship that survived the dance lesson event. 

Asteroid Catastrophe

While filming one night, a meteorite crash lands on Earth. Krel takes it back to the Mothership, who informs them that the meteorite was the first in a meteor shower, which will lead to an asteroid crashing onto Earth and destroying the planet. Just then, Kubritz calls and informs Aja and Krel that she wants to team up to save Earth. The siblings are understandably skeptical, but decide to go along with it anyway. 

They arrive at the rendezvous point, where they come prepared with weapons to defend themselves in case it is a trick. Aja promises to help them stop the asteroid if they promise to leave them alone after saving the world. They go back to the Area 49-B lab and Krel builds a device that can stop the asteroid from coming. 

Krel uses the machine to blast the asteroid, but it only splits it into two big pieces. Aja decides to try and convince Tronos to use his power to help them blast the asteroid again, but he refuses due to his grudge against the royal family. Aja tells Tronos that they need to put their feud aside to save the Earth, but Tronos doesn't care because of what happened. Aja informs Tronos that she saw what the king and queen did to Voltar and apologizes for their actions, and tells him that he can either use his power for good or become no better than her parents. Tronos is convinced and decides to help. Tronos uses his power to charge the laser and uses Varvatos' serrator, they disintegrate the asteroids and save the world. However, Tronos is worn out from the wreckage, but Kubritz tries to zap the alien regardless, but Tronos manages to escape. 

That night, Kubritz tries to break her promise and zap the aliens, but luckily, as predictable as he is, Krel saw it coming as he self-destructs the weapon. Tronos then comes to defend the royals and hold off the alien hunters as long as he can. Just as everyone escapes, Morando lands on Earth, forming an alliance with Kubritz. 

Dog Chase

Krel informs the resistance back on Akiridion-5 that they cannot repair their ship, so he has built a wormhole device that can help them get back home. He decides to test it with a candy bar, but Aja decides to use Krel's boombox instead. Krel informs Aja and Varvatos that since the wormhole machine was just a prototype, he will have to magnify the technology, but Luug eats it up and he teleports into town. Aja goes after him while Krel guides his sister. 

Aja runs all over town, but only ends up missing Luug along the way, because he keeps teleporting. She briefly runs into Douxie, who tries to tell her the future, until she sees Luug on top of a statue in the park. Aja calls Krel for some help. He tells her that maybe if Luug's stomach acids haven't digested the machine, he could hack into it and control his every move. He manages to hack into the machine and finally catches up with Luug, who ends up teleporting to the moon. Krel informs Aja that maybe he can access the wormhole and send him back to Earth. After a lot of effort, Luug is transported back to Aja, but they end in Area-49-B, where Kubritz is planning to do away with the kids. Aja tries to escape, but they end up encountering Morando and Aja fights him. Morando reveals his evil plan and what he intends to do with her core. Just when Morando is about to kill Aja, Luug transports them back to the house just in time for Aja to inform Krel about Morando's prescene. 

Morando's Ambush

Aja and Krel inform Zadra and Varvatos of Morando's presence, only to be alerted that Morando and his Omen Blanks have found their location. Realizing that Morando's weapons are more powerful than their serrators, they call for Buster, only for Morando to instantly blow him up. They retreat into the house (which is being protected by a force field). Mother informs the kids that the king and queen are in their final regeneration stages and if they got the cores back now, it would cause permanent damage. Krel decides to send their parents back through the wormhole before Morando enters the house and run into the lab. Morando and Kubritz barge into the house and send their robots to destroy the royals, but Mother holds them off for as long as she can.

In the lab, the siblings try to expand the portal to send Fialkov and Coranda back home, but Zadra insists that she test the portal out first and it works. Loth informs Krel that Morando is after something called, "Gaylen's Core", which is located on Earth and can make him into a deity, but before they can send their parents back home, Morando disables Mother's security system and causes the wormhole to collapse. Aja and Vex return to the battlefield and resume their fight with Morando and Kubritz. When the robots become too much to handle, Varvatos sends Aja back into the lab while he holds off Morando.

The Omens try to attack Aja and Krel, but the second Omen is revealed to be Mother, who has downloaded herself into the robot body. The trio walk into the lab to protect the king and queen. Mother informs the kids that he is trying to access their parents' memories so he can find out the location of Gaylen's core. Mother warns the kids that infiltrating the memories could mean serious damage, so they will have to be careful if they want to beat Morando and find out where Gaylen's core might be. While Aja and Krel disguise the Blanks as themselves, they enter their parents' memories just as Morando enters as well.

The kids enter the memory bank, where they begin to reflect on their past with their parents. In anger, Krel accidentally destroys a bad memory he had with his father and Aja learns that Coranda was once a powerful warrior, just like her. They find a memory about Gaylen's core and find out that it was hidden on Earth in Arcadia, so they erased Mother's memory to keep Gaylen's core a secret. They then see Fialkov and Coranda meeting with Vendel and Kanjigar about the core. Apparently, some sort of prophecy foretold of the king and queen's arrival to Earth and how they would have the trolls protect the core in Trollmarket. Just then, Morando arrives, ready to destroy the memories and the kids. All of a sudden, Fialkov and Coranda start taking over their subconscious and begin attacking Morando with their memory orbs, sending him back into the real world. Morando begins attacking the royal cores and the subconscious starts falling apart, but luckily, the siblings manage to escape from the cores. They inform Varvatos about their predicament, but there's nothing can do to power the stasis chamber. Mother tells the kids that there is no other choice, but for her to use the rest of her energy to save their parents. Aja, Krel, and Varvatos tearfully say goodbye to Mother as she reinitializes the stasis chambers, restoring Fialkov and Coranda's revivals.

Finding Gaylen's Core

Aja and Krel put their parents' chambers into Stuart's electronics store and try to think of a plan to possibly stop Morando from destroying the Earth. Aja, Krel, and Varvatos take Stuart's truck back to the electronics store, where they meet up with Toby. Toby calls Jim and Blinky, who are currently battling someone in Jersey. Blinky informs them they should consult the Soothscryer, which is located within Trollmarket.

Toby and AAARRRGGHH!!! take the trio to Heartstone Trollmarket, only to be found by Morando and his Omens. They run inside in the nick of time. They find the Soothscryer and it opens up a location to the Deep. Krel jumps into the Deep, while the others fight off some zombie Gumm-Gumms.

Krel meanwhile, finds himself in an alternate version of Arcadia, where he is the most popular guy in town and his parents are alive and well. This is a wonderful place, he thinks, until Morando comes and starts destroying everything in plain sight. He then starts gloating about him killing everyone he cared about and how Krel couldn't stop him. After crying for a bit, Krel claims that Earth is his home and decides to fight off Morando himself, refusing to allow him to destroy anything ever again. As soon as Krel defeats him, he's taken out of the illusion and finds a giant amulet-like door.

Aja, Varvatos, Toby, and AAARRRGGHH!!! meet Krel down at the Deep. They see that the door is written in both Akiridion and Trollish. When they read the inscription, they manage to get the door opened up and find the origin of Seklos and Gaylen, the former of whom went mad with power and the latter, whom sacrificed herself to pierce his core. Kanjigar's spirit appears before the heroes and shows them Gaylen's core, which rightfully belongs to them. But before they can get the core, Morando and his Omens arrive, ready to attack, but in spite of their efforts, Morando steals the core and takes it back to Area 49-B.

The Reign of Morando

Once they return to Stuart Electronics, Toby suggests that they could try building a duplicate of Seklos' laser cannon and use the picture Toby took as a blueprint. Just then, the now-reformed Sergeant Costas arrives and informs them that Morando is currently in stasis to turn into a god, which will take several hours. He then tells them that Kubrtiz knows how to draw them out and Krel realizes she's talking about attacking the movie premiere at the drive-in.

At the drive-in, Kubrtiz and the Omens arrive and begin attacking everything and everyone in sight, demanding Aja and Krel. They then arrive with Toby, Varvatos, and AAARRRGGHH!!! ready to stop Kubrtiz from doing this. When the colonel won't listen to reason, she begins attacking everyone. The Tarrons manage to trap Kubrtiz in some sort of force field ball and start to make their way to Area 49-B on their hoverboards.  

On the way, Krel asks Aja how they are going to stop Morando, since the building is surrounded by robots and Morando, only to realize that they've come too late and Morando has already become a god. Krel calls Stuart and asks if he has finished the cannon. Stuart replies that he has, but it needs to be powered by royal life cores. Of course, Aja and Krel don't want to sacrifice theirs or their parents' lives, so Krel tries to think of a way to power the machine without the cores and concludes that he can make a wormhole to send a whole bunch of Akiridions to Earth to fight Morando.

Aja, along with Toby and Steve, try to fight off Morando and give Krel time to make a wormhole generator big enough for an Akiridion fleet. At a bridge, the Akiridion Resistance and Foo-Foos fighters successfully manage to arrive on Earth and begin overwhelming Morando with everything they've got. When the kids start to think they won't need the cannon after all, Morando manages to use his godly powers to defeat the army and realize that they will need the cannon. Not wanting their parents to die trying to protect them, they decide to sacrifice themselves instead.  

Varvatos and Stuart arrive with the cannon and the kids are ready to give up their lives, when all of a sudden, the king and queen are revived at last. Varvatos uses his and Aja's serrators to create a giant force field to protect the royal family. Fialkov and Coranda decide to sacrifice themselves instead, believing their children to be ready to lead their kingdom. Krel and Aja tearfully beg their parents not to do this and hold them in their arms. As they fade away, the king and queen look into Aja and Krel's eyes and tell them to not be sad and no matter what, they'll always be a family, regardless of alive or dead, and they'll always love them. Morando then manages to destroy the force field and wound Varvatos. Aja and Krel lift up the cannon and blast it right at Morando, finally destroying him and ending his reign of evil for good. They then go over to Varvatos and take him to the Akiridion medics for recovery.

Returning Home

Eventually, during the presentation of the Eli and Toby’s movie, Aja gives a heartfelt speech about her and Krel’s time here and how she’s grateful for everyone helping the duo assimilate. Aja asks Steve to come with her to space, but Steve declines because he has to reconcile with his family, for now, so Eli decides to join her instead.

Sometime later, the Akiridions are about to go back to space, but Krel decides to stay on Earth a little longer, since he now considers it to be his other home. He says goodbye to Aja and promises to stay in touch and eventually return to Akiridion-5 soon. Aja then joins her fellow Akirdions, ready to take her rightful place as queen.

Wizards (Part One)


Physical Appearance

In her alien form, Aja has blue skin, long electric-blue hair, blue eyes, black sclera, and has four arms. She also has a ridge on her forehead which marks her as queen-in-waiting, which she received at the end of "Terra Incognita Part Two".

She wears a black and blue jumpsuit with neon blue linings.

In her human form, Aja has long, platinum blonde hair (which she usually wears in a low bun with side braids) and pasty white skin with freckles over her nose.

Her outfit consists of a red checkered button-up shirt, jeans, and red sneakers.


Tired of growing up and being a mere princess, Aja felt like she didn't belong in the royal palace, so she snuck out of the house frequently to experience the lives of commoners. Even when it was her own (and Krel's) coronation day, she decided to run away again with Luug, not wanting to be queen-in-waiting either.

However, when General Morando led a coup to overthrow her and family, Aja immediately feels guilty and blames herself for putting her parents in stasis and her own planet in danger. Desperate to set things right, she decides to follow the path of a warrior so she can protect her family and take back Akiridion-5 from the evil, tyrannical hands of Morando, ignoring the fact that princesses aren't born to be warriors.

Aja seems to be more extroverted than her introverted younger brother, Krel, and has been described by her family as a "free-spirit", meaning she's very independent and uninhibited. She's amazed by Earth's customs and technology, and even longs for adventure and fighting on the battlefield as a warrior princess. She appears to be very skilled in terms of hacking into computer systems and seems to be a great dancer and singer as well, most notably shown when she and Krel participate in the Battle of the Bands.

In spite of her bubbly, adventurous, and competent persona in battle, Aja has shown overconfidence and recklessness in her abilities and even fears of getting herself hurt. She is also easily impatient and frustrated when things don't exactly go her way (she later openly admits that she's like this because she doesn't want to lose anyone close to her ever again, after what happened with her parents). She later comes in terms with the fact that, despite all the training in the world she could receive, she cannot prevent every tragedy, so she becomes more serious and responsible about her training, knowing that making mistakes and getting injured is inevitable, even for a warrior. She can be easily distressed and provoked into fighting when someone very close to her gets in harm's way.

In Part Two, Aja becomes more responsible and determined to protect Earth as she's come to accept it as hers and Krel's new home. After learning about her parents' dishonorable actions in the past, like what happened in Voltar, Aja decides to fix her parents' mistakes and be a better ruler. She (along with Krel) were even willing to sacrifice their royal life cores to prevent their parents from dying again. In the end, after the sacrifice of her parents, Aja finally accepts her status as a royal and decides to rule Akiridion-5.

Powers & Abilities


  • Royal Akiridion Physiology: As a Royal Akiridion, Aja is much more stronger, faster, durable, agile, intelligent, and has better reflexes than an average human.
    • Enhanced Strength: Aja is shown strong enough to hold a heavy moon rock with no strain (while Steve, a jock, showed visible strain). She was able to kick Steve several feet away with one kick, as well as climb a tree trunk and rope with incredible ease.
    • Enhanced Endurance: Aja can endure more than an average teenager.
      • Enhanced Durability: Aja is able to withstand many blows which would mortally wound an average human, as she has taken hits and blows from many alien bounty hunters.
      • Enhanced Stamina: Aja can physically exert herself for long periods of time without tiring before fatigue begins to wear her down.
    • Enhanced Agility: Aja is much more agile than most Akiridions. She was able to flip and leap over cars and walls without slowing down. In "Party Crashers", she hopped down off a tree while landing perfectly on her feet. She was also able to climb onto a god-induced Morando with little to no problem.
      • Enhanced Leaping: Like Zadra, Aja is able to leap higher and further than an average human or Akiridion.
    • Enhanced Speed: Aja is faster than an average human.
      • Enhanced Reflexes: Aja is able to evade many attacks with ease, but often struggles due to her impatience.
    • Hypermetabolism: As an energy-based being who doesn't require organic consumption, Aja was able to digest an entire Diablo Maximus burrito with no digestive problems (while Toby stated that it took him three years to build a tolerance for a single bite), as shown in "Terra Incognita Part Two".
    • Extra Arms: As a Royal, Aja has four arms, which prove to be useful for multitasking and providing additional strength.
    • Vacuum Adaption: As an Akiridion, Aja can adapt and survive in any atmospheric environment without any aid, but a planet's gravity does still affect her, as shown in "Moonlight Run".
      • Oxygen Independence: Aja does not require oxygen to live.
    • Longevity: As an Akiridion, Aja can most likely live for hundreds of years, but she is still vulnerable to death and can fall in battle.
  • Hacking Intuition (limited): As shown in the episode "In Good Hands", Aja is able to hack into Arcadia's local power grid in mere moments. She appears to share this trait with her little brother, but hers is clearly more limited than his.


  • Swordsmanship: Under the training of Varvatos and her own terms, Aja is a remarkable swordswoman and possesses great skills with a blade, possibly rivaling that of Jim Lake. She is shown to have great dexterity on her serrator and is able to hold her own against more experienced alien bounty hunters, even better than Krel.
  • Marksmanship: Aja was also shown to have great aim with her serrator when in blaster mode, as she was able to destroy to Zeron Brotherhood ship's stabilizer with a single blast.
  • Martial Artist: In comparison with her serrator skills, Aja is a highly skilled warrior and is fairly knowledgable with hand-to-hand combat. Even before training with Varvatos, she was able to stand her ground against Zeron Omega with little to no struggle. She even fought against and evaded Omen, despite the latter being an advanced robot. She is shown to even be able to hold off the god-induced Morando and blind one of his eyes with solely the use of her hoverboard and serrator.
  • Adaptor: Like Krel and Varvatos, Aja was able to easily adapt with humans, but is constantly still confused by earth metaphors and culture.
  • Leadership: Aja is shown to be a natural leader, much like her parents. However, she's not exactly a master tactician and mostly prefers to improvise throughout her battles.
  • Vocalist: As shown in "Last Night on Earth", Aja is a decent singer while she participated in the Battle of the Bands with Krel.


  • Physical Damage: Despite her enhanced durability, Aja could be forced to retreat into her royal core if she ever suffered too much physical damage.
  • Impatience: Despite her excellent combat abilities, her impatience can let her enter combats without thorough tactical preparation, giving her opponent an upper hand, as seen in her solo attacks on Porgon and Tronos that almost ended up losing her own life in "D'aja Vu" and "Mother's Day", respectively.


  • Serrator: One of Aja's most common weapons is an Akiridion serrator, an ionic energy-type weapon. It's able to form into a nearly impenetrable shield, a blaster or bazooka, a sword-like blade, and a two-pronged spear for combat. She received her serrator on her 10th birthday. In Part Two, Krel modifies and enhances her serrator so it can allow Aja to change between her Akiridion and human form at will, strengthen its blasters, etc.
  • Hoverboard: Aja uses a hoverboard as her mode of transportation. It can form into a portable chip and can fit only two people, with Krel being her most common passenger.



Love Interests

Steve Palchuk


Staja kiss

"My ninja-kicking angel..." -Steve to Aja before their first kiss in "Last Night on Earth"

Steve is Aja's boyfriend. At first, she believed Steve to be an alien imposter sent to kill her and her brother. However, she learns the truth and begins to develop feelings for him. They share a moment in a tree as Steve tells her what the stars are called but it was shortly ruined when Aja's true form starts to appear.

Aja was reluctant to tell Steve the truth about herself, especially when they were captured by the Zeron Brotherhood together with Krel and how much he trash-talked how disgusting aliens are. However, when he discovers that Aja is an alien, he is taken away by her beauty and accepts her for who she was, much to her delight, and he promises to never tell anyone about her and her brother.

They later share their first kiss (in Aja's human form) during the Eternal Night battle in "Last Night on Earth", but they have been officially dating since "Party Crashers". Later she kissed Steve (for the first time in her Akiridion form) briefly after Steve saved her and Krel from dissection in "Ill Gotten Gains". Eventually they had an intense kiss in "A Glorious End, Part One" during the fight against Kubritz, Morando, and their Omens.

In multiple occasions during "Moving Day", Steve and Aja can be seen holding their hands together, patting on each other's shoulders and/or smiling at each other for comfort. She looked very much impressed when she saw Steve stopping Eli's attack to tell him Aja and Krel are good Akiridions, and knowing that he kept his previous promise of not letting anybody know about the true identity of Aja and Krel.

In "There's Something About Gwen (of Gorbon)", Steve thought their sneak trip to the Planetarium was of a romantic date, and got very disappointed to hear it was for a stealth mission. This led him getting pretty angry when his last attempt of asking her to date (On the K-I-S-S-I-N-G tree) failed, and ultimately had a quarrel with Aja. Fortunately, Gwendolyn's threat of eating Stuart came just in time to resolve the situation as they quickly team up to retrieve Stuart from her mouth. Later, Stuart's confrontation to Gwendolyn made her feel like having some alone time with Steve, so they end up spending quality time at Benoit's for a human date, to which Aja ends up liking as well. They exchanged confessions to each other and got too nervous to a point where the both of them laugh for being too shy to speak, with Steve blushing over his entire body and eventually mistaking his answering of Aja's request for a dinner together the next day. Luckily, Aja seemed to understand Steve was too nervous to answer and didn't take it seriously.

At the end of the series, Aja returns to her home planet to take her rightful place as the new queen of Akiridion-5. She offers to have Steve come with her as the first Earth ambassador, but Steve politely declines since he wants to reconnect with his family on Earth, which Aja understood. They decide to have a long-distance relationship and promise to visit and contact each other soon. 



King Fialkov and Queen Coranda

"Royal or not, you are extraordinary, Aja. That is what you are constantly running away from. You could leave this palace, fly far away from here...and your destiny would follow you." -Coranda to Aja during a flashback in "Terra Incognita Part One"

Fialkov and Coranda are Aja's parents. When Coranda catches her daughter running away, she gives her motherly advice about her role as a royal. She becomes deeply hurt when they had to be put in stasis. She awaits their regenerations and blames herself for losing her parents (until she learns that Varvatos was the one to blame).

In Part Two, Aja began to question her parents' honor after she learns that they have refused to interfere with the civil war on Voltar, and after Vex told her that they refused to pursue the Zerons when they killed hundreds of Akiridions and his family amongst them. She then decides that if she ever took the throne one day, she would fix the mistakes her parents have unintentionally made worse. In "The Big Sleep", Aja discovers that her mother was a noble warrior just like her, much to her amazement.

By the end of the series, Fialkov and Coranda were revived at last, but they end up sacrificing their lives to defeat Morando and save the world. Aja and Krel tearfully begged them to let them sacrifice themselves instead, but their parents encourage them to be brave and that they are better than they think. As the king and queen begin to disappear, Aja and Krel bid a tearful goodbye to their parents.

Krel Tarron

"Hey, before the ceremony, Papa told me that we are all each other has. That's why I'm not afraid. Because I have you." -Krel to Aja in "Terra Incognita Part Two"

Krel is her younger brother who, despite constantly arguing with on rare occasions, she cares deeply for. After they had to flee from Akiridion-5, Krel comforts Aja when she blames herself for the invasion and they stick by each other's sides no matter what. Krel tells her that he doesn't feel afraid as long as he's always with his older sister.

In Part Two, Aja and Krel remain inseparable and come to accept Earth as their second home. They were both willing to sacrifice their cores to protect their parents. After the death of their parents, when Krel decides to stay on Earth to be with the friends he's made, Aja proudly understands his reason and they both promise to visit each other often.


Luug is Aja's royal pet. Although annoyed whenever he runs from her, she loves her dog dearly.



Varvatos Vex

As her entrusted guardian and mentor, Aja looked up to Vex not just as her family's commander, but as a friend, despite his zealous and somewhat obsessive nature.

However, when she discovers that Vex was the one who helped Morando invade her planet, she was instantly hurt and betrayed. Although she was against the idea of executing him, she exiles him into staying on Earth forever instead.

In the end, her negative views of Vex immediately fade away when he sacrifices himself to stop their mothership from leaving Earth, but not before apologizing to Aja and Krel for his misdeeds and telling them that they were unstoppable together. She becomes worried for her guardian/mentor's disappearance and tries to search for him.

In Part Two, the two remain close as they continue to train and combat each other in a more friendly approach. However, when Varvatos tries use Fialkov and Coranda's life cores to defeat Morando for good, Aja was incredibly distraught and lashes out at him in denial of the bigger picture, even threatening to kill him and decide what to do with him again once their battle was over. Luckily, after defeating Morando, Varvatos decides to join Aja back on Akiridion-5 as he is still her guardian and mentor.


As her parents' lieutenant, Aja sees Zadra as a close caretaker, as close as Vex's. Aja mentions in "Party Crashers", that Zadra has told her stories about the stars and other planets filled with life forms when she was a child. When Zadra arrives on Earth, she was greatly relieved that she was still alive. Zadra later becomes hers and Krel's new guardian after Vex's disappearance.


At first, Aja thought Stuart was a bounty hunter disguised as a human. However, he later reveals himself to be just a harmless, friendly Durian who has been living on Earth for 30 years after escaping a military base. They later become good friends and she usually goes to him for advice on how to be human. She's shown annoyance towards Stuart's incompetence, but appreciates his good intentions and high knowledge of Earth and its cultures.

Eli Pepperjack

Aja and Eli have little interactions throughout Part One of 3Below, but it's presumed that they are mutual friends. Aja is mildly annoyed with Eli when he stalks them almost 24/7.

During Part Two, Eli thought that Aja and Krel are dangerous space invaders, but Steve convinces Eli that Aja and Krel are not evil. He then becomes one of their useful Earth allies. Eli then volunteers to visit Akiridion-5 with Aja as its first Earth ambassador after Steve declines the offer.

Mary Wang and Darci Scott

When Aja arrived in town, Darci and Mary became friends with her because they saw her stand up to Steve by punching him and she accidentally got school cancelled early when the Skeltegs invaded the building. They also gave Aja advice on how to act during her first date with Steve. Mary and Darci were upset when they heard Aja was leaving, but are not anymore, since she and Krel are stuck on Earth for a little longer. 

In Part Two, they (along with the rest of the Arcadia citizens) help defend Aja and Krel from Kubritz after she threatens everyone to tell them where the siblings are. Strangely enough, Mary and Darci are not seen watching Aja go back to Akiridion-5.

Toby Domzalski

Aja and Toby first met each other during "In Good Hands/Lightning in a Bottle". Aja was fascinated by his braces and saw him as a good friend.

In Part Two of 3Below, when Toby learns that she and Krel were aliens, he was completely shocked, but then quickly got over it. The two become close friends and helps her find Gaylen's Core in Trollmarket.


At first, Aja first mistaken him as a monster, but Toby explains that AAARRRGGHH!!! is his partner and a Trollhunter as well. The troll and the Akiridion then form a bond of sorts as Aja saw him as a "magnificent creature". He was even willing to help protect her from Tronos when he attacks.

Jim Lake Jr.

Originally, Aja first met Jim when they bumped into each other during a science fair in "D'aja Vu". When a trickster troll, Porgon, steals Akiridion tech and uses it to restart time, Aja and Jim are the only ones who remember the time loop (due to Jim's amulet and Aja's serrator protecting their memories) and they team up to solve this problem. Jim was at first surprised to learn that Aja is an alien (a word that offends her greatly), but explains that it wasn't that strange to him, considering his experiences with magic and trolls. Despite knowing each other for a short time, Aja and Jim form a bond with each other about their importances of being a warrior. When Aja recklessly rushed into battle without a plan, Jim explains that his overconfidence has almost gotten himself and his friends killed once and understands what Aja is feeling: unable to protect the people they care about and trying to prevent more tragedies.

After they manage to take the battery away from the troll and are caught in public with their friends, they decide to use the battery to make sure nobody remembers (costing their own memories of each other in the process). Jim and Aja were both visibly saddened that they wouldn't remember each other after everything they've gone through together, but promised that fate would unite them once again someday.

During "Lightning in a Bottle", while Aja tries to find her lost serrator, she mistakes Jim's amulet as her serrator. However, she later realizes that his amulet wasn't her serrator and helps him and his friends capture lightning in a bottle. When the Eternal Night begins, she immediately recognizes Jim, despite his new troll form, but they don't interact (merely glancing at each other).

In Part Two of 3Below, Aja and Jim briefly greet each other when Toby calls him to ask about Kanjigar protecting Gaylen's Core (though he was too busy fighting off a mysterious armored foe in New Jersey).

Claire Nuñez

Despite have little-to-no interactions, Aja and Claire are at least mutual friends.



General Morando

Although Morando and Aja have barely seen each other in person, even as he usurped the throne, it's clear that Aja despises Morando, especially after he destroys her parents' physical bodies. She finally has a one-way confrontation with the evil general in "Bad Omen", where he openly mocks Aja for rushing into battle unprepared. However, she later reveals to Morando that she has been training as a warrior princess, but Morando most likely didn't appear fazed by this fact.

After Aja and Krel destroy Omen and gives out a heartwarming speech to Akiridion-5 to never surrender to Morando, Morando decides to launch an invasion on Earth so he could kill the children himself.

Aja finally confronts Morando face-to-face in "Luug's Day Out", though she was instantly frightened by his presence. When he becomes a god, she tries to slow him down with everything she's got. Then she and Krel use Seklos' Cannon to destroy Morando and end his reign of terror and tyranny once and for all.

Colonel Kubritz

Aja finds Kubritz to be a deplorable human being, especially after learning she has been kidnapping alien refugees (usually just to experiment and dissect them afterwards), despite not knowing why they would come to Earth.

In Part Two, Aja begins to realize just how power-hungry and insane Kubritz truly was, especially after she threatens to end her friends' lives (and they were human). She even calls the colonel out for her hypocrisy and allying herself with the worst aliens in the galaxy while wanting to kill good aliens. And Aja despised how she kept blaming her for endangering innocent lives, when it was really her fault in the first place.

Despite that, she tried to reason with the twisted colonel that Morando was only using her and would kill her once he got what he wanted, but she doesn't listen and initially thought they were all lies. Once Kubritz learns too late that Aja was telling the truth all along, she sacrifices herself to weaken Morando.


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Episode Appearances


Trollhunters Part 3
"Night Patroll"
"Arcadia's Most Wanted"
"Bad Coffee"
"So I'm Dating a Sorceress"
"The Exorcism of Claire Nunez"
"Parental Guidance"
"The Oath"
"For the Glory of Merlin"
"In Good Hands"
"A House Divided"
"The Eternal Knight: Part 1"
"The Eternal Knight: Part 2"


3Below Part 1
"Terra Incognita Part One"
"Terra Incognita Part Two"
"Mind Over Matter"
"Beetle Mania"
"Collision Course"
"D'aja Vu"
"Flying the Coop"
"Party Crashers"
"Lightning in a Bottle"
"The Arcadian Job"
"Truth Be Told"
"Last Night on Earth"
"Bad Omen"
3Below Part 2
"Moving Day"
"Moonlight Run"
"Dogfight Days of Summer"
"Mother's Day"
"Ill Gotten Gains"
"There's Something About Gwen (of Gorbon)"
"Asteroid Rage"
"Luug's Day Out"
"The Fall of House Tarron"
"The Big Sleep"
"Race to Trollmarket"
"A Glorious End, Part One"
"A Glorious End, Part Two"


  • Aja is the first (and only) female protagonist in one of the Tales of Arcadia installments (in this case, 3Below).
    • Although Krel is almost just as important, Aja is (technically speaking) the true main protagonist of the second installment. 
  • Aja's voice actor, Tatiana Maslany, also voices Aja's mother, Queen Coranda.
    • Also, like her mother, she speaks with a kind of Russian accent. 
  • She first appeared in the Trollhunters episode "In Good Hands", alongside her brother, Krel. 
  • As revealed in "Collision Course", Aja's bounty is higher than Krel's, most likely due to her status as a warrior princess and being the eldest. 


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