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The Airship is an enchanted vehicle created by Merlin used to travel on both land and air.



The Airship is a giant craft made of metal and various other magical materials. It consists of a giant sail positioned at the back of the craft used for navigation. The front of the craft is elongated and terminates in a sharp point. A smaller prototype of The Heart of Avalon is positioned on the lower end of the craft and provides the fuel for it to run on. There is a deck for the passengers with navigation controls.



Appearances in the Trilogy


Limited Series


  • According to Aaron Waltke on Discord page, it is always called it "The Airship" and it's powered by a much smaller prototype of the Heart of Avalon, which kept Camelot aloft.
    • Also, while Douxie and Nari hide in the city at the end of Wizards, they just parked it on a rooftop and called it an art piece.