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This is the transcript for Airheads.


The abrupt beginning of the episode had started in the Hero's forge, Claire standing in the center as her frustration builds. As the Shadow staff continued to ignore her commands, she glared at the staff and let out a harsh grunt.
Claire Ugh! Why won't the shadow staff make a portal?
Claire asked, her tone showing clear signs that she was having a hard time. Draal steps over, placing his large hand on the staff to stop Claire from swinging it.
Draal Slow down young one. You must learn to empower the staff itself.
Draal presses a metal finger to his temple.
Draal Focus! Imbue it with your will.
Draal demands as Claire looked down at the staff in consideration.
Draal The stronger the emotions, the greater-
He is then cut off by grunts coming from another part of the room. Toby swung his fists into Aaarrrgghh's palm, ranting as he did so. Blinded by his jealousy, he hadn't noticed the tiny flinches Aaarrrgghh made.
Toby [grunts] I don't get it. Claire just joined the team, and she gets to handle the super-sweet, megamatic portal staff?
Toby said, venom dripping in his voice as he continued to throw punches. However, as he ranted, he had hit Aaarrrgghh with more force than necessary, causing Aaarrrgghh to wince and pull hi s hand back, resulting in Toby to swing another punch but missed and landed on his face. Aaarrrgghh attempts to comfort, sending a low growl in concern. Toby wasn't even dazed, he lifted his head from the floor and slammed his fist against it.
Toby Pfft! I've been on Jim's side since day one and what do I get?
Toby says dramatically, rolling his eyes in annoyance. The screen then switches to Claire and Draal, Claire swinging the staff as Draal continues to help her.
Draal Careful now.
He warns, watching her swing it frantically. The two paying no attention to Toby and Aaarrrgghh.
Aaarrrgghh Mmm...Got me, Wingman.
Aaarrrgghh states as he looks down at the boy, a hand to his chest. With a look of appreciation, Toby sits up but stays on the floor.
Toby Aw, buddy!
Toby replied, smiling. They both turn their attention to Claire, who swung it around, fighting the air in hopes she'll achieve.
Draal The Shadow Staff is a weapon of great-Whoa!... power.
Draal yelped when the Shadow Staff was swung near his head, his arm shielding his face. He spat the word out power as he glanced back at her.
Claire Ah!
On the sidelines, Toby imitates her with a broom swinging carelessly backward. The broom collided with the Troll's nose, not even flinching but instead letting out a small groan, Toby laughing nervously.
Toby Ee-yah!
There is then a montage of scenes with Claire training with staff and Toby with the broom. Aaarrrgghh simply used his pointer finger to counter every attack with the broom. As no progress was made, Claire grew annoyed, her fingers tightening around the staff as black covers the staff, reacting to her strong emotion.
Claire Why won't this thing work?
She cried out before she jumped back, a small black opening appeared from the staff.
Aaarrrgghh She did it!
Aaarrrgghh announced with a smile, causing Toby to turn with a gasp.
Toby No way! How did she do that?
However, Toby didn't seem excited. Claire starts jumping on her toes, running up to it.
Claire Whoa! I made a portal!
She goes to reach it but it fades.
Claire Did you see that? I made a portal!
She smiles in excitement, pointing the staff at Draal. Scared, he gently pushed it away as Toby stepped up to her, his jealousy and annoyance pouring out without his control.
Toby Yeah, if we need to teleport an olive or a baby mouse.
Toby says, swinging the broom and hitting Claire in the face.
Toby Oops! [chuckles]
Claire turns a glare on him.
Claire What did you just say?
Toby I said you have an awesome staff and you totally deserve it. Even though you lost the Killstone.
Toby states, obviously lying before taunting her in a drawled voice. Claire scoffs defensively.
Claire Excuse me, Mr. God King, you were the one in charge of getting the stone and you blew it!
She shouts and places her hands on her hips as Draal wanders off. Her finger prodded his large stomach. Draal stepped beside Aaargghh, glancing up at the larger troll.
Aaarrrgghh Uh, should we stop them?
Aaarrrgghh asks with a worried frown. Draal contemplates for a second before responding with.
Draal Uh...nah. This is the Forge. Let them spar.
The screen then focuses on Toby and Claire who already engaged in a small fight. The two swinging at one another and blocking each blow.
Claire And if Jim were here-
Claire added in before getting cut off by Toby's shout.
Toby But Jim's not here. You know where he is? Jim's getting chewed out right now by ghosts because of your butterfingers!
He shouts before Claire delivers a blow to his stomach, making him gasp and cough. In Void, the mentioned Trollhunter was seen, looking up, dressed in his armor.
Jim We'll get it back.
He said defensively. Above him, a flying orb circles him, speaking.
Male troll voice You said you friends would make you stronger!
Jim It's one setback!
Jim yells. His fist clenched.
Female troll voice Setback?
More voices continue, disagreeing.
Male troll voice 1 Angor Rot will carve him to pieces!
Male troll voice 2 Is he stupid?
Male troll voice Worse. Naive
Kanjigar They are right. You are too focused on your fight tomorrow, not the fight today.
Kanjigar states as he appears next to Jim.
Jim He's killed Troll hunters before. That means some of you can help me.
Jim reasons but the voices continue to attack, denying anything Jim suggests.
Male troll voice When Angor kills his prey...
Female troll voice And he always does.
Male troll voice Their soul is devoured.
The spirits fly madly above Jim's head as they express their worry, almost as if they have given up hope for him already.
Kanjigar It is true. Those defeated by his hand are gone forever.
Kanjigar states.
Kanjigar We were once concerned your devotion would get your team killed. We now fear it is your team that will get you killed.
Kanjigar joined the circle of spirits. Speaking of his team, the two were still going at each other's throats while Jim appeared within the Forge, turning to the fight.
Claire And who are you calling Newbie?
Claire asks Toby, dodging his advances.
Toby I've been eaten by a troll. What have you done?
Claire I've been keeping your butt alive.
She shot back, kicking him in the back, the force shoving him to the floor. Quickly sitting up, Toby's furiousness grew.
Toby [grunts] Oh, yeah? Well, I've been there for Jim since the beginning.
He tossed the broom at Claire, causing her to duck. The staff turned black as he growled, her hands tightening once again around it. The pointed edges of the staff nearly closed together, building another portal. Catching on to what was going to happen, Jim let out a gasp, jumping into the fight.
Jim Get down!
'He tackled Toby to the floor, right as a portal appeared right where Toby stood a second before. Realizing right away, Claire dropped the staff.
Claire Oh, my gosh, Jim! I-I didn't mean too!
Toby didn't waste a second, standing and pointing a finger at Claire, calling out to his friend like a five-year-old to their mother.
Toby Jim, she tried to kill me!
Before they could argue, Jim swung his arms out, getting between them, aggravated.
Jim Stop! Enough! The council was right.
His voice dropped at the end, Draal stepping in to ask a question.
Draal What did my father say?
Jim He said that we need to step it up. And that's not just coming from him, that's coming from me, too. Our task ahead just got harder. If we want all the stones, the path now goes through Angor Rot. And we all know what that means. Even the council doesn't know how to stop him. We all need to pull our weight and that goes for me, too. That means more training, work harder-
Before Jim could finish, Claire twirled her staff, stepping up to him.
Claire I'll do whatever it takes.
Toby [scoffs] Brown noser. We'll do whatever it takes. But if Rookie here gets to rock a sweet weapon, I get to rock a sweet weapon, too!
Until they landed on an orange hammer. Letting out a gasp, he instantly reached for it.
Toby [humming] Oh.
He had run over to the weapon stand. his eyes drifting over each weapon.
Toby War hammer!
He pulled at the handle, the weapon not moving from its spot.
Toby [grunting] One second!...wait for it!...
His back cracked as he fell over, dropping the weapon but going again.
Toby See? [grunting] It's not that heavy.[grunting]
Before anyone could respond, Bagdwella came in, crying for Jim, the whole team turning towards her direction.
Bagdwella Troll-Troll-Trollhunter, It's urgent!
Jim What is it? Is everything okay?
Jim asked frantically.
Bagdwella I have a package I need delivered to my sister, Sagdwella!
She explained, shoving the small chest into Jim's hands.
Bagdwella She lives under a trailer park in Oo- tah.
Jim Wait a minute. You want me to mail something?
He pushed the mail back towards her, but she stopped it, the two shoving it back and forth, neither giving up.
Bagdwella Your post office is more efficient than our carrier mice trolls. I suppose they don't eat the parcels either. You're supposed to answer every call.
Jim I don't think mail is what the Trollhunters had in mind.
Bagdwella This is a call.
She said, Jim, gripping the package and sighing as she dug for something.
Jim Ah, fine. Jim the mailman. Why not?
He whined to his friends before Bagdwella gave him a piece of paper.
Bagdwella The address. Whatever you do, do not open it!
She got extremely close, moving her hair from her other eye and her tone became threatening.
Bagdwella I've got my eye on you. [iggling]
Jim turned, glancing at the box before Toby grunted, pulling all the attention to him as he struggled to stand but held the hammer straight up.
Toby Hey Jim, look at me! I got it! I got it!"
He lost his balance, nearly dropping it. As he tried to keep it steady, he nearly took off Jim and Claire's heads if they hadn't ducked.
Toby I don't got it! I don't got it! I don't got it, I don't got it, I-
He crashed into tons of items, Draal groaning off-screen.
Toby [groans] Ohh, everything hurts.
The next day, the trio stood in front of Jim's locker, Claire looking at Jim as he began to put the box in his locker.
Claire So, what's in the box?
She asked, Toby, watching curiously.
Jim It doesn't matter, we're not gonna open it
Jim responded simply as Toby put himself under Jim's arm, stopping Jim from closing the locker.
Toby Yea, Claire, It doesn't matter.
He moved out of the way, Jim going to shut his locker but Toby gasped Jim's arm, shaking it and rattling the locker door.
Toby But aren't you curious, though? There could be like a tiny creature in there that can't breathe, Jimbo! Or an Itty-bitty troll king whose little kingdom needs saving! [gasps]
Toby gasped, his eyes landing on something causing Jim and Claire to look, only to find the mole, waving at them before walking off.
Toby Oh! Or my soulmate!
Jim slammed the locker, Toby flinching as Jim quickly explained.
Toby Guys, it doesn't matter because, at lunch, I'm taking it straight to the post office. Easy win, for once.
As Jim spoke, Steve had overheard, not letting Jim have any type of win.
Steve What?
Steve called out, Jim slyly rolling his eyes as the three turned to faced Steve, watching the blonde walk up.
Steve You think you're gonna win today, Lame Junior? The Touch-A-Truck-athon is mine. Its the ultimate test of endurance, and no one can touch like me. Am I right, Claire?
He had shoved the two boys out of his way, holding Claire's hand.
Claire Ugh, in your dreams.
She scoffed, pulling her hand away. Steve looked at Jim, making an explosion noise and a gesture with his hands. With a cackle, Steve walked off.
Toby Aww, poor Steve. I think he's becoming unhinged.
Toby added, Steve already out of earshot.
Jim Oh, man, the Truck-athon's today? That's gonna take all day!
Jim exclaimed, stressed.
Claire Then let me deliver the package. How hard could it be?
Toby lifted his hand, shoving Claire gently.
Toby Uh, you mean, we can deliver it.
Jim Bagdwella wanted me to deliver it.
Toby Focus, Jim. We're trying to win Spring King, remember? We can be cool?
Toby said, a smile on his face as he spoke.
Jim You mean, You want to be cool.
Jim said with a grin.
Toby Semantics! You already won the first challenge, If you ace this, You'll be a lock to be king. Then I'll be duke.
Jim furrowed his eyebrows.
Toby Win this and you won't have to worry about any more of these stupid things. It's a win-win.
Claire You said we need to step-up.
Claire added in, Jim heading to his locker and pulling it open.
Jim Guys, troll mail... Not what I meant.
Claire This is our chance to show you.
Jim [sighs] Just remember, don't open the box.
Jim said before Toby ripped it from his hands. Jim fished for the address as Toby spoke, his words making Claire roll her eyes.
Toby Don't worry, Dude. Postmaster Toby and his assistant, Claire, will handle with care. [yelps, clears throat]
As Toby spoke, he had dropped the boxs.
Toby [yelps, clears throat] Huh...Oops...haha.
Toby said nervously before stepping off, Claire waved to Jim before following.
Toby Whoo! Oh, no.
With a slam of his locker, the scene changed. Senor Uhl's truck parked outside the school, the nominees approaching it as the Spanish teacher spoke.
Senor Uhl King and Queen nominees approach the truck. Place your hands on the vehicle, Should you cease contact with it at any time, you will be eliminated.
Everyone placed one hand on the hood, Steve and Jim glaring as they stood across from the other. Eli smiled, placing his hand on it as well as someone cheered in the background for him.
Girl You got this, Eli!
Steve Hoo-hoo!
Steve suddenly exclaimed.
Steve I just downed ten energy drinks and I can go all night.
Jim Aren't you worried you'll have to use the bathroom?
Steve Let's just say, I've got it covered.
Sharron caught on, bringing a hand to her mouth in disgust.
Sharron Ooh! Are you wearing a diaper?
Steve [cackles] Who's the loser now, loser?
Steve said, Jim just looked confused while Mary seemed disgusted at the thought of sitting in your own urine and feces. However, it got worse when Steve stretched out, grunting, Jim, and Mary cringing.
Steve Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!
Senor Uhl The Touch-A-Truck-athon begins!
Senor Uhl said dramatically, but the event itself was boring when everyone looked awkwardly at their opponents, unsure what to do.
Logan What's up, dude?
Claire and Toby were leaning against the lockers, Toby was talking.
Toby Okay, so right after fourth period, we go straight to the post office. Got the package?
He asked, shutting the locker.
Claire In my backpack. Check
Claire said, her backpack wide open with the package sitting on top.
Toby And I have the address. Che-Uh-Oh, no.
When he went to grab it, he had felt nothing in his pocket and his face dropped. Claire glared, watching him feel all around.
Claire You lost the address?
Toby What? No! Of course not!
Toby lied.
Toby You don't happen to remember it, do ya?
Claire Mm.
Claire grunted angrily as he searched himself, the backpack, and the ground nearby.
Toby It's gotta be here somewhere.
Claire Look everywhere. I promised Jim. He gave us the easiest missing and we already screwed it up?
Toby went for the box, opening it. Only a gust of wind escaped, blowing his hair back and making his eyes go wide.
Claire Wait, you opened it?
Toby No. No. Haha Nope. No way.
Toby lied once again.
Toby Define 'opened,' though. You told me to look everywhere!
He pointed his finger straight up at Claire's nose. Grunting, she pushed it away. Curiosity got the best of Claire and she couldn't help but ask.
Claire Well, what was in it?
Toby Nothing, just a whoosh.
Claire What do you mean, "Whoosh"?
Toby The box was totally empty, but before I could close it, it was like... [In Slow motion] whoooosssshhh.
Toby reenacted, Claire pushing the box inside her bag, holding onto it tightly.
Claire That sounds really bad-
Suddenly Toby started grunting, holding his back as it cracked at his movements.
Claire Toby? Are you okay?
Suddenly Toby started grunting, holding his back as it cracked at his movements. His hand shot up with the address.
Toby Oh look! The address was in my back pocket the whole time. Cripes.
Claire rolled her eyes and took it from him, putting it with the chest.
Claire Ugh, you are so weird. I'm holding onto this from now on. I'll meet you here after class.
Claire walked off before he could argue, slipping his backpack over his shoulders.
Toby [blows raspberry] Pfft! Fine!
As he walked off, a pencil from his open pocket floated out, going completely unnoticed.
Back to the truck, Mary was squeezing her legs together.
Mary Ugh! When do we get a pee break?
Senor Uhl That's the point, Miss Wang. There are none.
Senor Uhl replied, clearly enjoying it.
Mary Doesn't anyone else have to go?
Mary asked, her attention drifting towards Steve who was chuckling as he shivered.
Steve Depends.
Steve replied, Shannon, looking disgusted, especially since she stood next to him.
Shannon Ew! Gross.
Steve let out another laugh.
Steve Giving up yet, Lame Junior?
Steve Hand on truck. Not that difficult.
Jim said before turning to Mary who had given up.
Mary This isn't worth it!
Mary yelled, walking off. Senor Uhl smiled and waved her off.
Senor Uhl Adiós. You have been eliminated.
Mary [scoffs] Whatever.
As she passed, Strickler watched with a smirk, stepping up to the truck, a plan clear in his mind. Strickler started, all heads turned to him, Jim not happy at the sight of him.
Strickler Mr. Lake, I've been meaning to speak with you. I received word for a mutual acquaintance, Mr. Rot. He said you had lost something rather valuable the other day.
Jim I'll get it back,
The Trollhunter replied with determination.
Strickler Sure, you will. Oh, and I'm on my way to another lunch date with your mother.
Strickler placed a hand on Jim's shoulder, Darci was gaping at the news.
Darci [gaping] ooooh!
Strickler It's a shame you won't join us. You don't happen to have a breath mint on you, do you? [laughing]
Strickler let out a laugh, the sound angering Jim. His fist balled off the truck and instantly collided with Strickler's jaw, the spectators gasping in surprise.However, when Shannon called out.
Steve yeah.
students [gasping]
Jim [panting]
Shannon I have a breath mint!
It was clear that Jim had imagined it, his hand never left the hood of the truck. Shannon's did when she had pointed to the container of mints.
Senor Uhl Adiós, Shannon. Darci wins for the girls.
Senor Uhl announced, dread filling Shannon as she suddenly dropped to the truck, her head banging on it. Steve just laughed, pointing his thumb at her.
Steve chuckes]
Shannon [growls]
Darci What? That's right! Go, Darci! I'm fabulous! Of course, I am, 'cause I'm Darci!
She celebrated, dancing around as Strickler reached for the mints. He snickered, shaking the mints and walking off.
Senor Uhl For the boys, the game is still on.
Darci Go, Darci!
She continued, laughing in the background.
Senor Uhl Congratulations. Now get back to class!
Senor Uhl said while Jim glared, Steve cutting in.
Steve Ha! He's dating your mom? Whoa! Why didn't I think of that?
Steve mumbled to himself before the scene changed. Miss. Janet scribbled on the board while Toby closed his eyes, his feet lifting off the ground. His whole body began to float but he noticed and scrambled to sit back down.
Miss. Janet So, If A is 30 degrees and B is 40 degrees, what is solved for C?
Toby No! Oh no! No, no, no!
AT his little outburst, Miss. Janet turned around, her glare as sharp as a knife.
Miss. Janet Mr. Domzalski, is there a problem?
Toby No! Just loving triangles.
The chubby boy said, struggling to stay at his desk.
Miss. Janet Then perhaps you can come up to the board and solve this one.
She pointed at it and Toby smiled.
Toby I respectfully decline.
students [all laughing]
Everyone laughs and Toby turns to see Mary and another giggling..
Toby The whoosh.
He mumbled to himself.
Miss. Janet Mr. Domzalski, it is not a request. Come to the board right now!
Toby sucked in a breath, hopping up to the front while holding onto his desk, everyone giggling and snickering at the sight. He grabbed the marker from the teacher and looked at the board hopelessly, everyone still laughing while he tried to reach the board. Toby grunted and gave up, grabbing the large stack of books from her desk and holding onto them. He then grabbed his backpack and walked to the door.
Miss. Janet Where do you think you're going, Mr. Domzalski?
Toby Uhh...bathroom?
He said before disappearing from the room. Soon, he was found in his locker, grabbing more things to weigh him down, mocking what had gotten him into this mess.
Toby Oh yes, we'll deliver the package. We'll deliver the package. What a dumb idea!
Toby hopped, seeing if it had worked and thankfully it kept both his feet on the ground.
Toby Ah.
Until some snotty kid had shoved him to his knees, dropping the books. The kid continued to walk, not looking back.
Seamus Move it Dumb-zalski! Haha.
Toby let out a gasp as he began to float, his hands flailing to reach for his backpack but he couldn't reach it.
Toby [gasps] No, no, no, no, no!
He whimpered as he rolled from beneath the platform, trying to hold on to no avail, he whimpered when he lost his grip.
Toby [screaming, whimpering] No, no, no, no, no!
In another classroom, Coach was reading out loud, his face buried in the book, clearly not knowing what he was teaching.
Coach Lawrence "The human skeleton completely regenerates every seven years." Woah, is that true? That's crazy!
Claire sighed, about to scribble down what she had in mind before she caught Toby floating upside down in the window.
Coach Lawrence I'll tell you what, my spine does not regenerate...
Toby whispering] Claire!
Toby whispered through the window, floating out of sight.
Claire Coach Lawrence
Claire suddenly said, scaring the kid awake beside her.
Claire Uh, I need the hall pass. Girl problems.
She said with a shy smile before she was found outside, tracking Toby, his backpack in her hand. As she stepped out to the front of the school, Toby's voice echoed quietly around her, her eyes darting in search of him.
Toby Claire! Help! Help!
Finally, she had spotted him, gripping onto the flag pole for dear life.
Claire Toby! What are you doing up there?
Toby I've never loved my school so much!
Toby looked down, finding the white truck with Steve on the hood, beatboxing uncomfortably close to Jim, luckily Jim was facing the other way.
Toby Quick, Quick! Get me down, get me down!
Claire Ugh!
Claire groaned and ran. Jim, on the other hand, was very annoyed, Steve's face uncomfortably close to his, the beatboxing continuing and was quite terrible.
Jim Still not giving up, and your breath smells worse than your diaper.
Jim added while his friend was being pulled down, back onto the roof, it all went unnoticed. Once Toby was close enough to be handed the backpacks, Claire talked.
Claire It was the whoosh, wasn't it?
Toby grabbed Claire's backpack, plopping down on his butt.
Toby Oh! This is all your fault! You were the one who wanted to deliver it!
Toby complained.
Claire But you volunteered with me.
Toby Because you're gonna take all the glory! We can't tell Jim. Promise me, you won't tell Jim. He already thinks I'm useless.
The boy said, clutching the backpacks.
Claire Toby, look at us. We are useless. Ugh!
Claire said, frustrated. She crossed her arms and looked to the side.
Toby Let me think, let me think, let me think. [gasps] Maybe Blinky will know how to fix this!
Claire Blinky? He's at Jim's house.
Claire grabbed Toby, the boy floating again and Claire lost her grip.
Toby Well, then let's go! No, no, no, no, no! Grab me!
She grabbed ahold of him and pulled him along like a balloon, Toby panting as she ran off.
At the coffee shop, Strickler and Barbara sat at a table outside, Barbara playing with her drink as Strickler listened.
Barbara Yeah, he's been talking to the new guidance counselor about his father-
Strickler Guidance counselor?
Barbara Yes, the one you recently brought in. Mr. Blinky?
At the name, Strickler retches, his drink coming out from his nose, choking.
Strickler [retches, coughs]
Barbara Are you okay?
Barbara asked, holding out a hand to him.
Strickler [coughimg] Mr. Blinky? [clears throat]
Strickler said, his voice hoarse. In the reflection of the window, Toby floated by, Claire chasing after him.
Barbara stated, not noticing her son's friends.
Barbara I'm sorry, "Here I am on a date, going on about Jim's father. I really don't know how to do these things.
Strickler smiled and covered her hand with his own, Barbara shocked at the touch.
Strickler You're doing just fine.
They stared at one another as Toby screamed in the distance, Claire chasing after him and running out of breath.
In the neighborhood, Toby continued to float, calling out to Claire.
Toby Uh! Hey, grab me! Grab me! Don't lose me like you lost the stone!
Claire I'm trying! And shut up![grunts]
Claire scolded, jumping up and trying to reach for him.
Toby Aw, come on, Claire!
Toby began to float higher, his panic rising.
Toby No, no, no, no!
Suddenly, he began to lower.
Toby Whoa! Wait a sec! Hey I think— I think it's wearing off!
His feet touched the ground.
Toby Nice! It just wore off!
As soon as he tried to take a step, he slowed, falling to the ground and not able to move.
Toby Uh-oh! [In Slow motion] Oh, no! What's happening to me?
Claire Toby, what's wrong?
Claire asked, kneeling beside him. Beneath him, the concrete had cracked.
Toby [sobbing] Can't move.
Toby sobbed. Claire grabbed his arm and tried to pull with all her strength. The two grunting.
Claire The whoosh! It's making you switch between super light and super heavy without warning!
Toby That seems accurate.
Claire looked around, finding a wagon in someone's yard. When the scene switched, Claire was pulling the wagon with her might, Toby and the backpacks lying helplessly in it.
Claire Uhhh! Toby, no offense, but you have a real weight problem.
Toby Not funny
Toby scolded before sirens beeped.
Toby Oh no! It's the po-po!
Claire Huh?
Claire stopped as the policeman stepped up to them.
Officer Brennan Hey, cool kids, what are you doing there? Skipping school?
Claire Oh, hello, officer. I'm just taking my brother, Um, to his appointment at the hospital. He uh, has a rare condition.
Toby Yes.
Claire jumped when Toby spoke, the boy lifting his head to the best ability.
Toby I have no bones.
Officer Brennan What? Seriously?
Claire Extremely rare. Someone stole his wheelchair.
Claire added in, the cop completely buying it.
Officer Brennan Ugh, poor kid. No bones? I can't let you go like this. Let me call a squad car.
He grabbed his walkie-talkie as Claire politely shut down the idea.
Claire That's very kind of you, sir, but, uh, he likes the fresh air.
Officer Brennan No, I insist.
He turned his back on them, speaking into his two-way communicator.
Officer Brennan Hey, uh? I got a kid here, real hero. Needs a lift.
Behind him, Claire covered her mouth and looked around before taking off.
Officer Brennan Probably one of the larger cars. Over.
When he turned to find just the abandoned wagon, he grew confused.
Officer Brennan Wait, what?
Woman voice ETA, seven minutes. How big of the car?
Officer Brennan Something real funny goin' on around here.
When his back was turned to the wagon, it had floated up from behind him, disappearing as well.
Back at the school, Senor Uhl was sitting, reading a magazine before trying to take a sip of coffee, only to find the cup empty. Glancing at his watch, the teacher spoke.
Senor Uhl Mm.. Hour four is complete. I need more coffee. Eli is in charge.
Eli Hooray!
Eli celebrated, but Steve laughed, throwing a punch which Eli had dodged, the blow colliding with Jim's shoulder.
Steve [laughs]
Eli Oh!
Jim Ow! Seriously?
Steve My hand hasn't left the truck.
Steve mocked Eli in between but cowering. Steve shoved Jim again before Eli popped his head up.
Eli Guys, please stop! I don't want to get in trouble!
Eli cried out as Jim dodged the blow this time, running around the truck, Steve in tow. The two did keep their hands connected with the truck, the metal squealing beneath their touch.
Jim Quit it! Don't make me-
Steve didn't listen, throwing another punch but Jim grabbed it, throwing Steve over Eli. Angry, Steve threw another punch, Jim dodging it again and pressing Steve's head against the hood.
Steve Let go, dweeb![grunts]
Steve threatened. Jim let go of Steve, the blonde instantly pushing Jim to the truck.
Jim Get off of me!
Jim yelled and pushed the brute away before he could pummel him. Eli, who was still hiding in the front, cried out to them, catching their attention.
Eli Stop! Please!
While Jim handled that situation, Toby was still floating upwards, his hold on a branch, breaking as he whimpered, flying higher.
Toby whimpering] This isn't happening!
Toby said to himself as his phone vibrated, Claire who was chasing on the street, got stopped by cars. He gasped, quickly answering it.
Toby Claire, it's you!
Claire beyond the phone Toby, you drifted away! Where the heck are you?
Claire's voice echoed through the phone.
Toby I'm right above the-
He got in before the phone slipped from his hands and disappeared down below.
Toby No, no, no, no, no! Come on!
He hung his head low as the faint sound of his phone shattering was heard. He soon caught sight of a familiar house, gasping when he spotted it.
Toby Is that Claire's house?
Toby flailed his arms, grunting as he saw through the sky and close enough to the house
Toby NotEnrique! NotEnrique!
He called, the Changeling popping out of the window and spotting him.
NotEnrique! What the-? Hey, Tons-Of-Fun! What you doin' all the way up there?
Toby struggled as NotEnrique called out to him.
Toby Quick! Do something!
NotEnrique! Hold on a sec!
He said, hopping inside, only to come out with a phone, Toby floating over his head and calling down to him.
Toby NotEnrique!
NotEnrique! This is priceless!
NotEnrique smiles, the camera clicking.
NotEnrique! Whoa! [laughs]
He exclaimed the picture was shown. NotEnrique smiled while Toby had a look of worry.
Toby That's what you did? You took a selfie?
Toby scolded him, floating higher as the Troll laughed.
NotEnrique! Send you a copy!
He tapped his phone right as Toby was shown, floating higher and higher till the clouds crowded around him.
Toby This is it.
Toby started.
Toby This is how I go out. I had so much left to do. So many taco trucks I never ate at. [sobbing]
He sobbed at the thought until a kite whacked him, taking him from his thoughts and made him panic.
Toby [grunting]
Claire Grab it already!
Down below, Claire was controlling it. At the sight, Toby quickly got a hold of the kite, letting out a gasp.
Toby [gasps] You found me! What the heck? Reel me in, reel me in!
He said panicky.
Claire Say it!
Claire simply demanded.
Toby Say what?
Claire I'm not bringing you down until you admit you've been a butt to me all day. You're jealous of me being close to Jim!
She admitted.
Toby Claire! I'm sorry, okay? Come on!
He begged, just wanting to get down.
Claire Admit it! You've been a total butt!
She demanded, her hold on the string never faltering. Toby let out a grunt.
Toby [grunts] Okay, you're right, I am a butt.
He sighed, as he admitted, Claire began to pull him down listening intently.
Toby [sighs] It's just- for so long, it was just Jim and Toby show, you know? And you're this cool, smart girl, who's great at everything and is really pretty, and now you have t his super rad shadow staff, and what do I have? I've got weight problems.
Once Toby was close enough, Claire grabbed his hand and guided him to hold onto the light post.
Claire Toby, you and Jim are the dynamic duo. I can never change that.
Toby Hoo! I was afraid you were gonna be mad at me, and we were never gonna be friends again, and it was just all these bad things I didn't want to think about.
As Toby shared his feelings, Claire appeared on the screen, upside down and holding onto her backpack.
Claire Toby, I think the curse is spreading.
She said simply, not amused.
Toby Oh no! What do we do? What do we do?
Claire Let's just get to Jim's house. Blinky will know what to do.
The two swam through the air, heading back to the neighborhood. They grunt at the force but never give up.
Claire & Toby [both grubting]
Jim on the other hand, had Steve pinned, however, the blonde had to state.
Steve Hands still on the truck![laughs]
Steve laughed, Eli, popping up in the back, still not being listened to.
Eli Guys, please stop!
Steve pushed Jim to the side, sliding off on one end while Jim on the other. Eli simply dropped into the bed of the truck, hiding.
Steve Eli's gone.
Steve said, beginning to gibe at Jim.
Steve Looks like it's just you and me now, buttsnack!
Jim Whoa!
He raised his fist with a laugh, chasing after Jim who let out a yelp, unprepared. The two managed to get inside the truck, bumping into the horn as they kicked and punched one another, Steve whooping at the thrill.
Inside the school, the horn was still heard but Senor Uhl was busy talking.
Senor Uhl I really do not like the decaf
He commented before a student yelled in the hall, alerting them.
student Guys, guys! There's a fight outside! Come on!
Senor Uhl What in the heck is going on?
Senor Uhl said, marching out.
Coach Lawrance Kids today.
Coach Lawrance simply said, still sipping his coffee. Steve and Jim still danced around the truck before Jim decided to stop and try to end it.
Jim Steve, stop this!
Steve Why couldn't you let me win this?
Steve blurted out, catching Jim's full attention.
Steve But then you never do, do you?
Jim What are you talking about?
Steve People respected me. And you broke my face in front of everyone. I got benched from the team and the play.
By the look in Jim's eyes, that boy was too easily trusting and just too kind-hearted that he believed the story.
Steve And now you got Claire. I like my life. You've threatened everything I know, turned my world upside down. And you know what the worst part is? I... I'm intimidated by you, Jim.
Jim What? Steve, I don't know what to say, man. I didn't know. I do care.
Jim said, trying to fix it.
Steve Yeah, right.
Jim sighed and removed his hand from the truck.
Jim [sighs] You know what. Here. Look. You win.
Suddenly, Steve perked up, laughing.
Steve Hahahahaha! I can't believe you fell for it! Hahaha! Whoo! Haha haha!
Steve removed his hand, dancing and yelling in celebration.
Jim Steve, are you nuts?
Jim exclaimed but he didn't look defeated. Did he remember Eli in the back of the truck?
Steve Who's the loser now, loser? Ka-boom! Hahaha!
Senor Uhl What happened here? I heard there was a fight! Are you okay?
Senor Uhl said, walking up.
Jim Yeah.
Jim responded but it was clear who Senor Uhl was asking. His truck.
Senor Uhl Oh thank god. My sweet Susanna is unharmed.
He kissed the trunk, massaging it gently.
Senor Uhl Du bist mein Schnuckiputzi.
When he saw Steve stare at him in shock, he quickly cleared his throat and stood straight up.
Senor Uhl [clears throat] It seems we have a winner.
Steve couldn't contain himself and slid around, dancing.
Steve Whoo! That's right! Who wins? I do! Look at me! I-
A cough cut him off from his dance, everyone turned to find Eli poking his head out from the bed of the truck.
Eli [coughs, grunts]
Senor Uhl Ha! Eli is the champion of the Touch-A-Truck-athon.
Senor Uhl announced.
Eli What?
Steve No!
Eli said a small crowd building as Steve lost his cool.
Eli Yay!
Steve No, no, no, no, no!
Steve cried. The camera falling towards his mouth and the screen going black for a few seconds. When the camera panned out, someone let out a grunt, the Shadow staff laying in Draal's hand as he spoke.
At Jim's house in the basement.
Draal [grunting] She nearly took my head off with the shadow staff. The chubby one's just as bad.
Blinky They're just human whelps after all. Hopefully, they'll get their acts together soon enough.
Blinky replied, checking things off on a small board before they were interrupted by a shout from Toby.
Toby Blinky, you gotta help us!
Blinky gasped and ran upstairs, only to be met with the sight of the two floating aimlessly around the house.
Toby [gasps & whimpering]
Claire [whimpering & grunting]
Blinky What in blue blazes?
Claire Toby opened Bagdwella's box. Now we're floating and sinking. And it's getting worse! What's happening?
Claire explained quickly. Blinky watched her, trying to comprehend what she was saying before the furniture began to float.
Blinky Whoa! Oh, dear.
Toby [screaming]
Blinky said in shock as they screamed. Toby was crushed to the floor before Blinky was lifted into the air.
Blinky [screaming] My, my, my!
Toby [whimpering grunting]
Toby is rotating in the air and the box fell from his bag. The source of the issue floating past Blinky. His eyes caught it quickly.
Blinky A curse box! Why would you be in possession of such a dangerous gift?
He had caught up to the box, grabbing ahold of it.
Toby [grunts] We were trying to help Jim, but, please, can you turn it off?
Toby spotted a Nougat Nummy and let go, trying to catch it.
Toby Ooh, a Nougat Nummy!
Blinky A curse cannot be broken. It can only be passed on, or it will grow stronger by the minute.
Blinky described before he was hit by Toby who had got a hold of the candy. Blinky shoved Toby aside and continued as his back hit a shelf.
Blinky Vendel. Vendel- [grunts] Vendel can contain the curse. We must get to Vendel.
Toby But how? We'll never get to Trollmarket.
Toby said, hanging onto the T.V. Suddenly, a loud rumbling was heard, the house shaking.
Claire Oh no! The curse is spreading to the house!
Blinky We must get to Vendel!
Blinky yelled out, right as Draal entered the room, calling out to them but was lifted into the air.
Draal What foolishness is this- [grunts]
He lets out a grunt, and the Shadow Staff was freed from his hand. Toby spotted it and tossed it as best as he could to Claire, the Staff barely dodging the pictures.
Toby [gasps] Claire, use your shadow staff! You can get us to Vendel!
She caught it and looked at it hopelessly.
Claire But I can't! I can only open a portal that's big enough for a baby mouse or an olive, remember?
Blinky responded.
Blinky You must think of Vendel. Clear your mind. Think of nothing but him!
The staff opened as she tried her best, but received no reaction from the staff.
Claire I can't!
Toby Okay, I hate to do this. Umm...vHey Claire! Don't let us down, like you did with the Killstone, remember? You lost it!
Claire What?
She said, shock and confusion written clear on her face.
Toby You know, I don't think you're ready to be a Trollhunter. I really don't.
The house rumbled, finally lifting off the ground.
Toby You see that shadow staff? You're not worthy to wield its powers. Am I right, Blinky?
Blinky Um...indeed! Yes!
Blinky said, catching on to Toby's plan.
Claire I saved you! I thought we were friends now.
Toby Friends don't let friends down like you did with the Killstone!
Claire Why are you being such a butt again?
The staff finally began to work, the black spreading as her anger grew.
Toby Oh, are you angry, Claire? Are you mad? Are you mad enough?
Claire Yeah! I'm angry!
She replied harshly.
Toby Then look at the staff and think of Vendel and make a portal!
Her eyes landed on the staff, noticing what Toby was doing.
Claire Thank you! [grunting]
She grunted, putting her full force into the staff and pointing it to the floor, opening a large portal. On the other side, Vendel was reading, a drink in his hand as he looked relaxed.
Vendel Mmm...
He hummed before the portal opened up, scaring him into throwing his drink.
Vendel What in the Deya's Grace?
Claire appeared from out of it, holding her hand out to him.
Claire Vendel! Pull us through!
He grabbed it, using his might to pull the team through and letting the portal close. They screamed at the force but left Jim's house. The structure landing back down and the furniture crashing to the ground. Yet the problem continued as they landed on Vendel, things beginning to float in Trollmarket.
Claire Watch out!
Claire yelled. The three floated away as Draal nearly headbutted the floor where they just were. They all grunted while Claire held onto the table, celebrating.
Claire I did it? I did it!
She said happily, Vendel, who floated to the lamp and held onto it, looked down at Blinky who was holding onto Toby's legs.
Vendel What did you do now, Blinkous?
Blinky Don't look down at me. It's Tobias who is cursed.
Toby I'll apologize a million times later, but can you stop this?
Vendel Of course, but I need a vessel to trap the curse.
Claire Quick! Get something! Anything!
Claire said frantically but Toby had something else in mind.
Toby Wait, not anything! I know just the thing.
With Toby grinning, the scene changed. Everyone was now on the ground safely, this time, Toby holding the Warhammer without an issue, flipping it around.
Toby Awesome sauce!
Accidently letting go, Toby jumped to grab it. Once he got a hold on it, he pointed it to Claire.
Toby Now we both have sweet weapons. I was born to wield the Warhammer.
He began to swing it, Claire jumping back as the two, luckily this time, playfully fought. Claire managed to disarm Toby, the hammer flying past Aaarrrgghh, Blinky, and Vendel, each watching them with amusement.
Blinky The curse appears to be stable.
Blinky commented.
Aaarrrgghh Sort of.
Aaarrrgghh said as Jim stepped up beside them, watching.
Jim They look pretty good. Any problems mailing the package?
The Trollhunter wondered, Blinky ready to admit the truth.
Blinky Actually Master Jim-
Vendel quickly placed a hand on Blinky's shoulder, interrupting him.
Vendel Your team did an excellent job. Your allies are getting stronger. In time, a lot of time, they may actually be... useful.
Claire blocked every blow and managed to spin Toby. The poor boy fell over, grunting.
Toby [screaming] Whoa!
Jim Useful.' It's a start.
Jim said before donning his sword and joining them.
Jim You got room for one more?
They eagerly invited him in, Jim blocking all the blows they swung at him.
Jim Since when could you do that with a hammer, Tobes?
Orange and blue smoke clashing together.
Toby Yah! Hello? It's a Warhammer. Respect it, please.
Claire Be quick on your feet! Hi-yah!
Claire said, swiping at Toby's feet, causing him to fall over.
Toby Whoo!
Toby yelped, the screen turned black, making that a happy ending to the episode.
Credits roll.