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Airheads is the nineteenth episode of Trollhunters.

Official Synopsis[]

Toby and Claire take on a Trollhunter task so Jim can win a Spring King challenge. In the process, they learn to master new weapons.


Claire tries to use the Shadow Staff and is upset that it's not working. Draal tells her she has to focus.

Toby works out with AAARRRGGHH!!!. He's jealous of Claire for having the staff.

Draal coaches Claire as she works. Claire finally gets it to make a small portal. Toby and Claire start fighting.

Jim is defending himself to the elders. They tell him that those killed by Angor Rot lose their souls, so they're gone forever. They were worried that he would get his team killed, but now they're worried they'll get him killed.

Jim finds Claire and Toby fighting. Claire opens another portal. Jim pushes Toby out of the way and tells them the council told him they need to step it up. To get all the stones, they now have to go through Angor Rot. Even the council doesn't know how to stop him. They all have to step it up and train harder. Toby wants a weapon of his own and chooses the War Hammer. However, it's too heavy for him to pick up. Bagdwella suddenly approaches and tells Jim she has a package that needs to be delivers to her sister. She wants Jim to mail it because their post office is more efficient than the carrier mice trolls and they don't eat the parcels. Jim agrees reluctantly to mail it. She warns him not to open it. Toby finally picks up the Hammer, but gets hurt.

Claire is curious what's in the box. So is Toby, but Jim says they're not opening it. Toby spots the mole and is enraptured again. Jim says he's going to take the package right to the post office at lunch. Easy win. Steve overhears and thinks he's talking about the Touch-a-Truck-athon. Steve thinks he's going to win. Jim forgot the Truck-athon was today. It's going to take all day. Claire says she can deliver the package, but Toby wants to go with her. Toby wants Jim to win. He finally agrees to let them deliver it, but reminds them not to open it.

The Truck-athon starts. All candidates must remain touching the truck or they're eliminated. Steve says he downed a bunch of energy drinks, so he can go all night. Jim asks if he's not worried he'll have to go to the bathroom, but Steve has that covered. He's wearing a diaper, which he uses.

Toby and Claire have a plan. Claire has the package. Toby, however, has lost the address. Toby looks for the address and accidentally opens the package for a second. A whoosh comes out. Claire's upset that he opened it. He finds the address in his back pocket. She takes it to hold it and they agree to meet after class. As he walks away, a pencil floats out of Toby's bag.

Mary is dancing and asks when they get a pee break. She's told there are none. She asks if anyone else has to go. Steve shudders and then says, "Depends!" Shannon is grossed out. Mary decides it's not worth it and leaves. Strickler approaches Jim and taunts Jim about the stone and his lunch date with Jim's mother. Jim balls up his fist and punches Strickler, knocking him down. Shannon saying she has a breath mint draws Jim out of that daydream and also eliminates her, making Darci the girls' winner. For the boys, the game is still on.

Toby is falling asleep in math class. He starts floating out of his chair. Miss Janeth tries to call him up to the board, but he declines. She insists and he hops his desk up to the front. He tries to solve the triangle, then grabs a stack of books and walks out the door, saying he's going to the bathroom.

Toby weighs down his backpack to keep him on the ground. A bully comes by and knocks it out of his hands, causing him to float up to the ceiling, then out beyond.

Lawrence is teaching health class and Claire sees Toby float past the window. Claire asks for a hall pass.

Claire finds Toby clinging to the flagpole. He begs her to get him down.

Steve is beatboxing in Jim's ear as Toby slides down the flagpole in the background.

Claire realizes the whoosh did this. Toby begs Claire not to tell Jim. Toby things Blinky might be able to help fix it.

Barbara tells Strickler about Jim talking to Mr. Blinky, the guidance counselor. Strickler chokes on his drink. Barbara is uncertain about how she should act on this date. Strickler tells her she's doing just fine.

Toby floats along and tells Claire to grab him. He doesn't want her to lose him like she lost the stone. She jumps, but can't reach him. Toby sinks as it wears off, but then finds he can't stand up. Claire can't drag him either. She spots a nearby wagon.

Claire slowly pulls Toby along slowly. Officer Brennan stops them and Claire lies and says Toby has no bones and someone stole his wheelchair, so she's taking him to an appointment at the hospital. He goes to call a squad car to help them, but Claire declines. While he's calling, Claire and Toby disappear, confusing him.

The truck-athon continues. Señor Uhl leaves to get coffee and says Eli's in charge. Eli celebrates. Steve reaches over and punches Jim, chasing him around the truck. Jim finally ends up fighting back and pins Steve to the truck.

Toby is floating away again. Claire calls him on the phone, but he drops his while trying to talk to her and it shatters. He thinks he can spot Claire's house and tries to swim through the air to get to it. He calls out to NotEnrique for help. NotEnrique stops to snap a photo instead of helping. Toby is about to give up when a kite hits him. Claire tells him to grab it. Then she makes him admit he's been a butt to her all day before she reels him in. He admits it and says for so long, it was just the two of them and she's funny and smart and has the Shadow Staff. And he has ... weight problems. Claire says she can never change what he and Jim have. Toby is relieved. But then Claire starts floating as well. They need to get to Jim's house, to Blinky. They start to swim through the air in that direction.

Eli begs Steve and Jim to stop fighting and then falls off the truck. Steve and Jim climb inside the truck and continue fighting.

Uhl and Lawrence are having coffee when someone calls them, saying there's a fight outside.

Steve asks why Jim couldn't just let him win this. Then again, Jim never does. Jim asks him what he's talking about. Steve says people respected him and then Jim broke his face in front of everyone. He got benched from the team and the play. And now Jim has Claire. He liked his life and then Jim turned it upside down. He's intimated by Jim. Jim says he didn't know. Then he lets go of the truck so Steve can win. Steve celebrates and Jim asks if he's nuts. Uhl comes out and is relieved that his truck is in one piece. Steve is dancing around, thinking he's the winner, when Eli pops out of the truck bed. Eli's the champion. Steve is upset.

Draal and Blinky talk about Toby and Claire. They hear Toby and Claire come inside.

Toby and Claire are floating near the ceiling when Blinky comes upstairs. Claire admits to them opening the box. The furniture in the room starts to float as well and then Blinky himself. Blinky sees the box and wonders why they would be in possession of such a dangerous gift. They were trying to help Jim and they want Blinky's help to fix it. Blinky says curses can only be passed on or they'll grow stronger by the minute. Vendel can contain it, so they must get to Vendel. Draal comes in and starts floating as well. Toby tells Claire to use her Shadow Staff to get them to Vendel. She says she can't. She can't open a portal big enough. Blinky tells her to clear her mind and think of nothing but Vendel. Toby starts to goad Claire, telling her not to let them down like she did with the Killstone. That gives her the anger she needs to open a larger portal.

Vendel is reading when the others come through. He has to pull them the rest of the way. The curse spreads to him when they arrive and he floats as well. Vendel says he can stop it, but he needs a vessel to trap the curse. Toby knows just the thing.

Toby whirls around the Warhammer, now light enough for him to carry. He and Claire spar with their new weapons. Jim has come in and sees them getting along. He asks if there was any trouble with the package. Blinky is about to tell him what happened when Vendel interrupts and tells him they did an excellent job. They're getting strong. In time, they'll be useful. Jim joins their sparring.



  • Toby gets a new weapon, the Warhammer, in this episode (which holds the Gravity Curse, giving his hammer the ability to switch between super light and super heavy).
  • Title: The title likely refers to the 1994 film of the same name. It even refers to Toby's struggle throughout the majority of the episode trying to stop the Gravity Curse he unwittingly placed upon himself, which makes him light enough to float away and heavy enough to not move a muscle.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar:
    • It is shown that Steve drank multiple energy drinks in order to keep up his stamina for the Touch-A-Truckathon. When questioned about his need to use the bathroom, he says that he "[has] it covered" (by wearing a diaper). This is mentioned, prodded and lampshaded for the rest of the episode.
    • Toby openly claims he is sexually declined to the whole class and Miss Janeth clearly did not approve it.
    • Claire was able to get out of class to help Toby with the gravity curse by telling Coach Lawrence that she was having "girl problems" (i.e. menstruating).
    • At one point, Strickler is off to another date with Barbara, and rudely taunts Jim by asking if he has a breath mint on him — clearly implying that there may very well be kissing later on.
  • Continuity Error: Claire is shown as being in health class at the same time that Toby was in his math class. However, Toby has previously been shown to be in Claire's health class. Also, Mary, Logan, and Seamus are shown as being in both classes.


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