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Jim: Where's the real Enrique, you filthy rugrat?!
NotEnrique: As if I'd ever tell you!
―Jim fighting against NotEnrique

Adventures in Trollsitting is the eighth episode of Trollhunters.

Official Synopsis[]

While AAARRRGGHH!!! settles into his new digs, Jim volunteers to babysit so he can find out whether Claire's little brother, Enrique, is a Changeling.


A goblin enters the Nuñez house and hovers over Enrique's crib.

Toby and Jim admire a Vespa in a window. Toby asks Jim what the odds are that his mother will get him one for his birthday. They aren't good. He has $328.32 saved up. By the time he has enough to buy one, they'll drive themselves. Jim hears a baby cry and turns to see a goblin holding a bundle on an electric wire. Jim runs to follow it, but quickly reaches a dead end. He sees a stuffed bunny on the ground and vows to find out what a goblin could want with a baby.

Jim is in his armor climbing a wall and talking about how Changelings replace kidnapped babies. In order for the changeling to maintain their appearance in the word, the baby must remained unharmed in their world. There's no safer place for a baby than in the bowels of the Darklands nursery. Toby asks if that isn't where Gunmar is trying to escape from. Blinky says it is, but cracks form, which allows things to go in and out. Small things, like babies and goblins. Jim says if they can find out which baby was stolen, they'll find a changeling in its place. Once they have the changeling, they'll have their proof. Just then, Jim slips and falls, but is saved by his rope. Jim says he told Blinky he'd fall. Blinky says he fell because he knew he could. Next time, he can climb without the safety line. Blinky says with so many changelings, Arcadia is much more dangerous than they thought, for both of them. AAARRRGGHH!!! is going to start protecting Toby's home as Draal is doing for Jim. Toby is excited and AAARRRGGHH!!! drops the line holding Jim to high-five him.

Toby is grossed out to see that Jim is still carrying around the stuffed bunny. He's determined to find out who it belongs to. Toby still thinks Jim didn't really see a baby. Claire then comes up and says Jim has Suzy Snooze, her brother's bunny. She's been looking all over for it. Claire says he's been acting weird without it. Jim asks her what she means by that, but then Toby asks if she's sure it's his. She says she would now the stuffed bunny she grew up with. Mary Wang then comes up and tells Claire she can't babysit tonight. Claire reminds her that she promised. Her parents have a work thing and the Papa Skull concert's tonight. She lives in their t-shirt every day. Mary says Dean finally asked her to a movie and Hank invited her to ice cream. Jim quietly talks to Toby about how Claire's brother is a changeling and then he offers to babysit. She asks him if he's ever babysat before. He says he has. Claire thanks him and kisses him on the cheek as she walks away. She tells him to come by her house at seven, no sooner. Toby still doesn't think he's a changeling, but Jim says there's only one way to find out.

Toby comes home and calls out to his Nana. When he realizes Nana's not there, he invites AAARRRGGHH!!! in. Toby says Nana will love him as long as she never sees him, which she won't because she's legally blind. She also doesn't come upstairs much, so the upper floor is theirs. AAARRRGGHH!!! struggles to fit up the stairs and into Toby's room. He watches the gnome dance with the doll in the dollhouse. Toby then shows off his magic set. Toby's excited to have a roomie. AAARRRGGHH!!! asks him to do more magic.

Jim arrives at the Nuñez house and Claire invites him in. She has put Enrique's schedule on the fridge and tells Jim he's a good sleeper. She gives him phone numbers for emergencies, but tells him not to call her parents first. They don't know she's going to the concert. She says he's not the only one hiding a secret. If his secret is eating babies, now is the time to tell her. Her ride pulls up outside and Claire tells him her parents won't be back until late late because they're at a fundraiser of some sort. Jim is upset to see that Steve is her ride and he has the Vespa that Jim wants. She says Steve bought the last tickets. Steve brags about his Vespa and they drive off.

Jim tries to feed Enrique and says he seems a little too adorable and drooly to be a changeling. Still, he goes to get the gaggletack, but can't find it. Then he notices that Enrique is not buckled in and he was a second before.

Toby and AAARRGGHH!!! play a video game together. Toby talks about killing them all, which makes AAARRGGHH!!! rage and break the controller he's holding. AAARRRGGHH!!! apologizes and reminds himself that he's a pacifist. Toby asks him if something's wrong. Toby offers to play something else when AAARRRGGHH!!! tries to leave. They play a nicer game together. Toby then gets a call from Jim, who tells him he lost the gaggletack.

Jim checks the diaper pail for the gaggletack. As he's searching, Enrique disappears.

Blinky goes to RotGut's for another gaggletack and they claim to be closed. Blinky knows that's not true. After they get rejected, Toby offers up a bag of socks. Rot is intrigued by the offer.

Jim searches the house for Enrique. He hears him giggle and tries to follow the sound, but then spots AAARRRGGHH!!!, Blinky, and Toby outside, so he goes out to see them.

They have brought a gaggletack, but Jim admits he doesn't know where the baby is. Blinky has misunderstood babysitting to mean sitting on a baby and doesn't understand how Jim lost him. He asks them to wait outside while he and Toby handle it. He goes to enter the house and finds himself locked out. Jim is fully convinced he's a changeling. Jim says they have to climb through Claire's window. AAARRGGHH!!! lifts them up to it and they climb inside. Jim starts to look around for Enrique while Toby enjoys being in a girl's room. Jim hears crying and follows the sound to find Enrique crying in his crib. Toby picks him up and he calms down, until Jim pulls out the gaggletack. Enrique climbs away from him and he tries to test it out. Finally, Jim makes contact and his real form is revealed. NotEnrique crawls around and tries to eat the family's cat. Jim stops him and then chases him around the house.

Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!! watch from outside. AAARRRGGHH!!! wants to go in, but Blinky stops him, saying they can't be his safety line and he needs to learn to stand on his own. Jim wields his sword and NotEnrique asks what he thinks will happen if Jim does something to Claire's little brother. Jim swaps the sword for a broom and the chase continues. Toby traps him under a pot, but he's still able to hope around. Jim then gets a call from Claire saying her parents are coming back early, so she's heading home now.

AAARRRGGHH!!! ignores Blinky and goes in to help. Jim is horrified when AAARRRGGHH!! breaks down the Nuñezes door. The fight continues and Toby realizes it's like the video game they were playing. He draws the fire while AAARRRGGHH!! knocks out NotEnrique, who plays dumb on the bridge until AAARRRGGHH!!! starts crushing him. He tells him if BossMan finds out, he'll feed him to Bular. They're shocked that Bular is working with someone. A car pulls up outside. Blinky wants to take NotEnrique as proof, but Jim reminds him that he's supposed to be babysitting. Claire's parents are home and are surprised to see Jim, holding NotEnrique, now back in baby form. He introduces himself as the babysitter just as Claire comes in.

In the Darklands, a goblin tends to baby Enrique among a group of other babies.



  • Enrique is kidnapped by goblins, taken into the Darklands, and is replaced by a changeling in this episode.
    • This is also the first time the Darklands are shown.
  • Claire sort of breaks the fourth wall when she says that she wears the same shirt every day.
    • A similar incident occurs between Toby and Jim in "Mudslinging".
  • First appearance of NotEnrique.
  • This is the first (and only) episode of Trollhunters Part One where Strickler does not make an appearance, but has been indirectly mentioned by NotEnrique who calls him the "Bossman" who will feed him to Bular if he ever told Jim anything.
  • According to Aaron Waltke on his Twitter page, he states that Toby was not necessarily gaslighting Jim throughout the majority of the episode, but was instead just expressing poor denial at the idea that an evil creature would take sweet, helpless babies from their families and replace them.
  • Title: The title obviously refers to the 1987 film, Adventures in Babysitting.
  • Continuous Error: When Claire writes her phone number for Jim to call her before taking off to the concert, it is the same number used with Strickler as seen in "Becoming: Part 1".
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: Toby finds a revealing magazine NotEnrique was reading and calls him a "very bad baby" as he proceeds to read off the pages.


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