A Night to Remember is the twenty-fifth episode of Trollhunters.

Official Synopsis

With Barbara's life hanging in the balance, Jim races to break the spell that bonds her to Strickler. Angor Rot attacks Toby and Claire.


With Barbara's life hanging in the balance, Jim races to break the spell that bonds her to Strickler. Jim realizes he has no choice but to go to Barbara and tell her the truth, especially since she seems to be getting weaker every time Stricklander gets attacked. While Jim stays in Trollmarket to help his mother, Toby and Claire must go get the next stone at the dance, but Angor Rot is in hot pursuit of them.




  • Barbara loses her memory of Jim's secret life and trolls as soon as the binding curse is gone.
  • The song that Jim and Claire dance to is "Eres Tú" by Carla Morrison.
  • Stricklander officially reforms in this episode (although Blinky and the others don't necessarily believe so). 
  • Steve wins the title of prom king, despite never winning any of the events, implying that the contest was rigged. 
  • Continuity: Barbara mentions the "camping trip" Jim went on, but he confesses that he was actually on a quest to find the Birthstone in Gatto's Keep. Then she recalls how Steve crashed his Vespa, Jim says that he was being chased by a Vulture Troll (Stalkling). 
  • Continuity: Toby remarks to Claire to quickly find the Book of Ga-Huel and get out of Strickler's office fast since he's "not a big fan" of the office, recalling the events of "Recipe for Disaster" when he had to run away from a deadly Antramonstrum that was guarding the office. 
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: Miss Janeth is way too excited about giving Toby mouth-to-mouth. It gets treated and depicted as though she is making out with him. It does not help that she says, "I always wanted to do CPR," and that she wipes her mouth afterwards as though she just finished an intense make-out session. The only way she could excuse herself from be accused of paedophilia is that she was visibly blowing air into his mouth, though she never did chest compressions, which is the most important part of CPR.
    • It also doesn't help that Toby was left visibly disturbed and nauseated from the experience, even if it is also for laughs. 


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