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My name is Aja Tarron of House Tarron, and I want to tell you a story. It's a good story. It is very lively, with lots of humors and excitements: It begins someplace very, very, very far from here, on an entirely different planet called Akiridion-5... my brother and I were forced to leave our home. And this is what we really look like. We are not like you, but we are like you... and you welcomed us, and your world became our world. We made many, many friends. And together, we embarked on adventures we'll never forget.
Aja to the people of Arcadia during the DJ Kleb re-auditions, revealing her true form

A Glorious End, Part Two is the twenty-sixth episode and the series finale of 3Below.

Official Synopsis[]

With the fate of the universe at stake, the royal heirs and their allies must gather their forces for the ultimate battle to defeat General Morando.


Krel tries to explain to Zadra what he needs, but she's in the middle of a battle against Morando's forces, trying to re-take the planet. Aja tells her what has happened and says they need her help to stop Morando. Krel sends her the speculations for his wormhole prototype and tells her to have the engineers make a larger version, large enough for the Akiridion fleet. Zadra says she'll do it. If this doesn't work, Krel and Aja will lose their parents again. Aja says if it comes to that, they'll power the cannon with their own cores. Varvatos tries to help when they go tend to tasks, but Aja orders him to stay and make sure no harm comes to their parents. When it's over, she'll decide what to do with him.

Ricky and Lucy help battle the Omen blanks. Costas also fights on their side. Eli and Steve try to separate the pieces of the broken blanks, but the parts fight against them. Aja arrives to help fight and faces Kubritz herself. The fighting stops suddenly when they hear Morando approaching. He orders them to surrender the Tarrons to him. Morando fires a weapon. Aja asks how Kubritz can call that protecting Earth, but Kubritz still believes Morando will keep his promise. Aja tries to appeal to Kubritz to join their side. Aja then goes to Morando, telling him she's there. He fires at her, knocking her back. Then he prepares to fire again, but is shot by Kubritz, who has had a change of heart since he's betrayed her. He doesn't care because he's a god. Kubritz fights him, but ends up trapped under a car. Aja goes to rescue her, but Morando fires on the car, killing Kubritz just after she tells Aja to finish Morando off. With Kubritz dead, Morando asks where Aja is. He holds Steve and Toby and squeezes them, so Aja shows herself. Aja then calls Krel as they run away from Morando.

Krel is talking to Zadra, who says the Foo-Foos have agreed to help. Aja says she needs the reinforcements now. Krel tells her it won't be much longer.

Aja tells Steve and Toby they just have to keep Morando busy for a little while longer. She attacks Morando, hurting him.

Krel listens to music and gets others in on it with him as they finish their work.

Zadra makes an announcement on Akiridion-5 about what's happening and tells Akiridions they need to show up for the royals now.

Aja tells Morando they'll never stop fighting him. He says they will once they're dead.

Krel opens the wormhole. Akiridions come in and start to fire on Morando. Krel comes in to fight by Aja's side. Morando is weakening as they fire upon him. Aja and Krel realize they won't have to use the cannon after all. But then, Morando stands up and revitalizes himself. He sends a shockwave out around him.

Krel looks for Aja and the others in the aftermath. He finds Aja, Steve, and Toby. They realize Morando is too powerful. The cannon is their only option. Aja says they can't lose their parents again. Krel says it has to be them. Aja calls Varvatos and says they need the cannon. He's already on the way in the food truck.

The food truck is confronted by blanks, who fire on them. Aja and Krel go to take care of that while Steve and Toby go back to town to make sure everyone there is safe.

Zadra arrives and helps Varvatos fight off the blanks while Stuart gets the cannon ready. Stuart warns them that Morando is incoming. They aim the cannon at Morando. Morando fires on them, blowing them all back. Varvatos wakes and looks in the taco truck to see the king and queen come out of stasis. Varvatos puts three layers of shielding around the royals as Morando approaches. Aja and Krel wake just in time to see the king and queen hook themselves up to power the cannon. Morando breaks through one layer of the shield. Aja and Krel beg their parents not to do it, to let them do it instead. Their mother tells them to be proud instead of sad. Morando breaks through another layer of the shield. Aja and Krel's parents say goodbye to them. Morando breaks through the final shield, injuring Varvatos. The royal cores power the cannon and Krel and Aja aim it Morando. It fires and defeats Morando. Krel and Aja go to Varvatos, who says this is a glorious death. Aja tells him he deserves a long and glorious life. She orders him not to die. Varvatos tells her he's hers to command. Zadra calls for medical help for him. Toby calls Krel and tells him everyone is fine and the Akiridions love Eli.

Aja and Krel look out over the city.

Toby introduces Aja and Krel prior to the re-premiere of his film. Krel sends Aja out on her own to speak. Aja says she wants to tell them a story and begins the story of Akiridion-5, revealing her Akiridion form to the crowd. Their adventures inspired Toby's movie.

Toby's movie plays as the audience watches.

Steve asks Aja if she and Krel are going back. She says yes, but he can come with her and be an ambassador. He says his family is on Earth. Aja suggests long distance. Eli offers himself up as ambassador in Steve's place. He says he'll tell his parents he's studying abroad in Cantaloupia.

The Akiridions say their goodbyes as the prepare to leave Earth. Krel steps away to cry and tells Aja that all his friends are there. Earth is his home now. He turns into his human form. Ricky and Lucy are also staying. Krel asks if Aja will be fine without him and says says yes, because now they'll both be home. A wormhole opens.

Varvatos tells Nancy he would like to have her by his side someday, but he's the royals' guardian and he must go back and stand by Aja's side. She says once Toby leaves for college, she'll join him there. They share a kiss.

The ships from Akiridion-5 fly back through the wormhole. The Foo-Foos and Akiridions also walk through. As Varvatos and Aja walk through, she tells him she's going to think of a new title for herself after he calls her queen.

AAARRRGGHH!!!, Toby, and Steve lament how things have ended. Just then, a cat startles them. The cat is wearing glasses and warns them they'll all in grave danger. AAARRRGGHH!!! says it's not a cat at all, but a familiar, a wizard's assistance. The familiar takes offense at that, saying he's a wizard associate. He tells them to come with him or the worst will come to pass. The world as they know it is about to end. As the cat runs off Toby and AAARRRGGHH!!!! stand in disbelief while Steve literally screams into the heavens at the fact that there's going to be another apocalypse.

The stage has officially been set for the next installment, ''Wizards: Tales of Arcadia''



  • King Fialkov and Queen Coranda sacrifice themselves to power the cannon so that Morando can be stopped once and for all.
  • Aja returns home to Akiridion-5 with Vex, Zadra, Luug, and Eli to take the throne, while Krel decides to stay on Earth a little longer so he can remain with Steve, Toby, Stuart, Momblank, Dadblank, and AAARRRGGHH!!! and other friends he made there.
  • A cat wearing glasses (which is actually a wizard's familiar) appears at the end of the episode, warning Steve and Toby that the universe is in danger once again, setting the stage for Wizards.
  • Morando kills Colonel Kubritz, just as she was about to reform.
    • This circumstance happened with Angor Rot after he realized who he once was and tries to help the Trollhunters trap Morgana. Kubritz tried to give the Tarrons an advantage to slow down Morando.
  • While traveling across the bridge, Toby, Aja, and Steve turn back to see Morando after them, to which Toby shouts, "Why does everything end at the bridge!?" This is referring to several events:
  • Varvatos and Nancy share their first kiss in this episode (offscreen, that is).
    • Nancy also promises that once Toby has gone to college, she will join Varvatos on Akiridion-5.
  • Just before Aja enters the wormhole back to Akiridion-5, Toby tearfully asks "Why do these things always end in tearful goodbyes?" This could be an allusion to Jim, Claire, and the majority of the Heartstone Trollmarket trolls leaving for New Jersey at the end of "The Eternal Knight: Part 2".


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