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A Glorious End, Part One is the twenty-fifth episode of 3Below and the twelfth episode of Part Two.

Official Synopsis[]

As the town of Arcadia gathers for the premiere of "Kleb or Alive," an army of Omens, led by an armored Kubritz, makes plans to lure out the royals.


Sergeant Costas expresses his doubts to Kubritz that they can trust Morando. She says she doesn't want to end up on his bad side when he rules the universe. Morando surprises Costas by coming up behind him. Kubritz tells him they're ready. The Pmen blanks bring in Gaylen's Core. They fire upon it to crack the shell around it. Kubritz says it'll take hours to integrate it into his biology, so he's ready to start immediately. He tells Kubritz to take the Tarrons into custody because their souls are the ones he wants to devour first. Kubritz asks Costas if he has a location on the Tarrons and he says he doesn't. She has an idea to draw them out. Morando celebrates his victory.

Aja tells her mother they failed and Morando has the core. Krel tells his father he always had the words Krel needed when he didn't know what to do. He's not there now to say them, but Aja tells Krel to think of all the things they've done without their parents. They can do this without them. This is defeating a god. Aja says they'll find a way. Stuart comes to them with an idea. Toby wants to use the same thing Seklos used, but Stuart tells him Seklos's cannon was destroyed in that battle. Toby suggests building one. Stuart says he can build it, but Aja was asking Krel. The bell on the door rings and Stuart gets excited because he thinks he has a customer. Instead, it's Costas. He tells them he's on their side now. He explains that Kubritz has sold out to Morando. He thinks she made a deal with the devil. Aja is surprised to learn that Morando isn't a god already. While the process takes place, he's in stasis, vulnerable. It's their window of opportunity. But he tells them Kubritz is after them and has a plan to draw them out. Before he can tell them the plan, Krel gets a call from Eli, who is wondering why he and Toby aren't at the premiere. He realizes that's her plan.

In Granada Drive - In, Toby's film is announced. Varvatos sits next to Nancy and Phil to start reconnaissance. The film starts. A few minutes into it, Kubritz appears in her body armor, stopping the film. She has several Omen blanks with her. She announces that she's looking for Krel and Aja and begins the search. People quickly rush out in their cars. Krel and Aja appear along with their friends and prepare for battle. The Omen blanks fire, but they are shielded by a serrator. Aja says she'll handle Kubritz while the others focus on the Omens. Aja warns Kubritz that Morando is not her ally and will betray her, but Kubritz isn't concerned with that at the moment.

Varvatos faces an Omen blank in his human form as Phil and Jerry watch in awe.

The battle continues. Aja steps in front of Darci and Mary and shields them, revealing herself in her Akiridion form. They both take pictures, then Aja tells them to run. Kubritz tells Aja this is her fault because she's the one who invaded. Krel saves Miss Janeth and reunites her with Señor Uhl. Varvatos searches for Nancy and reveals his Akiridion form to her. She says everyone has secrets and says she was a spy in World War I. Varvatos finds Aja and Krel and tells them the humans have been evacuated, so it's time for a tactical withdrawal. Aja thinks Kubritz has other plans, but if they don't go to Area 49-B soon, it'll be too late. Kubritz finds where they were hiding, but Krel is able to trap her in a ball he made. Another Omen blank attacks them, but Eli uses a truck to destroy it. They all climb into the truck and head for Area 49-B.

Nearby, Aja and Krel jump out to hoverboard the rest of the way, leaving the others to keep Arcadia safe. Steve and Aja share a kiss before she and Krel leave.

Kubritz fights her way out of the ball and others the newly reassembled Omen blanks to round everyone in Arcadia for aiding fugitives.

Stuart is working on the cannon, but he's struggling. Costas offers his help.

Kubritz and the blanks march through town, ordering everyone into their homes. She declares them under martial law until the Tarrons are apprehended. People close their windows and blinds and hide while blanks enter their homes and scan for the Tarrons's pretenses. Señor Uhl and Miss Janeth are snatched through a window. Just then, Varvatos and the others return and start fighting the blanks again.

Eli gets picked up by a blank.

Varvatos asks where Eli is. The blank arrives and brings Eli to Kubritz. She orders him to tell them where the Tarrons are. Darci agrees to tell them in order to save Eli. Her dad says the Tarrons are heading to Canada. Other townspeople suggest other place the Tarrons have gone. Kubritz tells them there's no reason to protect them. The teachers and students stand up for Aja and Krel and their place on Earth. Kubritz is unaffected and orders the Omen blanks to fire on them. Varvatos shields them and they start fighting Omen blanks again.

Aja and Krel try to make a plan how to take the core away once they get there. Aja says they'll improvise. They arrive at Area 49-B just as there's an explosion.

The soldiers watch as Morando, now much larger, breaks through the building and starts walking around.

Aja and Krel call Varvatos and Stuart and tell them they were too late to stop Morando. They're going to need the cannon. Stuart has finished it, except the power source. He starts to tell them what they'll need to power it, but the phone call breaks up, so Aja tells him to tell them when they get there. They hang up and Stuart tells Varvatos it can only be powered by two royal life cores. They'll destroy Morando, but end up killing themselves in the process. Varvatos suggests the king and queen instead. Stuart says Aja and Krel would never let him do it.

Stuart tries to think of another way. Varvatos comes in and says he made a promise to protect Aja and Krel at all costs, even if the cost is them hating him. Varvatos apologizes and kills power to their stasis chambers just as Aja and Krel come in. Aja is angry with him. She reconnects the power and calls him a murderer. She starts to hit him, but then Krel sees Luug's ball and says there's another way. He has an idea to stop Morando without using anyone's cores. Akiridion-5 has the technology to make a wormhole big enough to send a small fleet to stop Morando. They have to take the chance that it might work. If it doesn't, they lose everything. Krel and Aja escape in Aja's hoverboard.



  • Everyone in Arcadia finds out about the world of aliens.
  • Morando successfully integrates himself with Gaylen's Core and is turned into an unstoppable god-like alien monster in this episode.
  • Nancy reveals she was a spy during World War I. If this is true, this would mean she would have likely been born during the Victorian era (June 20, 1837 - January 22, 1901).
    • With this revelation, there is speculation among the fandom as to whether she is actually human, and hope this will be further explained in Wizards.
  • Steve and Aja share their second kiss in this episode.
  • Before destroying one of the Omens with Luug's projectile farts, Eli addresses the Omen with the famed line from the 1983 film Scarface "Say hello to my little friend!"


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