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Part Two of 3Below premiered July 12th, 2019.

This is the final chapter of the 3Below series, but also a setup for Wizards, which debuted the next year.


Part Two of 3Below​ finds the royal aliens, Aja and Krel, cleaning up the mess that was left behind after their epic victory against General Morando’s bounty hunters. Still reeling from the betrayal by their close bodyguard and comrade, Varvatos Vex, Aja and Krel continue to bravely defend themselves and their "Earthling" friends against powerful dangers, old and new, all while attempting to find a way to return to Akiridion-5 and enjoying their summer vacation. Or so they think...

Now aware of the Tarrons' whereabouts, General Morando launches an armada invasion towards Earth so he can finally end the House Tarron line once and for all himself. It also appears Morando has even bigger plans for both Akiridion-5 and Earth as well. He comes to Earth to hunt down the legendary Gaylen's Core to make himself an unstoppable god and destroy the entire universe.

But not if the royals have anything to say about it.


NO. Episode name Originally released
1 (14) "Moving Day" July 12th, 2019
2 (15) "Moonlight Run"
3 (16) "Dogfight Days of Summer"
4 (17) "Mother's Day"
5 (18) "Ill Gotten Gains"
6 (19) "There's Something About Gwen (of Gorbon)"
7 (20) "Asteroid Rage"
8 (21) "Luug's Day Out"
9 (22) "The Fall of House Tarron"
10 (23) "The Big Sleep"
11 (24) "Race to Trollmarket"
12 (25) "A Glorious End, Part One"
13 (26) "A Glorious End, Part Two"


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  • This is the second season in one of the Tales of Arcadia trilogy installments to premiere in a month other than December. The first being Part Three of Trollhunters, which premiered on May 25th, 2018.


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