Part One of 3Below premiered December 21st, 2018.


Part One of 3Below takes place during the events of Part Three of Trollhunters. It focuses on two royal children, Princess Aja and Prince Krel Tarron, along with their royal bodyguard, Varvatos Vex, as they crash land on Earth after their planet, Akiridion-5, has been taken over by the exiled General Morando and his rogue Taylon Phalanx army. They must stay on Earth while the king and queen recharge in their stasis chambers, as they were attacked by the army. 

While on Earth, they try to find components to repair their ship to return home, while trying to fit in and adapt with the humans. However, desperate to end the Tarron line once and for all, Morando has hired many of the most deadliest bounty hunters in the galaxies to locate the royal children and take their parents' life cores. 


NO. Episode name Originally released
1 "Terra Incognita Part One" December 21st, 2018
2 "Terra Incognita Part Two"
3 "Mind Over Matter"
4 "Beetle Mania"
5 "Collision Course"
6 "D'aja Vu"
7 "Flying the Coop"
8 "Party Crashers"
9 "Lightning in a Bottle"
10 "The Arcadian Job"
11 "Truth Be Told"
12 "Last Night on Earth"
13 "Bad Omen"


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