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They barely escaped a coup on their home planet. But nothing could prepare them for high school life in Arcadia.
―Netflix Synopsis

3Below: Tales of Arcadia (or simply 3Below) is a Netflix original series created by Guillermo Del Toro, produced by DreamWorks Animation and Double Dare You Productions. It is the second installment in the Tales of Arcadia franchise, succeeding Trollhunters and followed by Wizards and Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans.

The first episode premiered at the New York Comic Con on October 8th, 2018, before Part One was released on December 21st, 2018.

Part Two was released on July 12th, 2019.


Following Trollhunters, DreamWorks 3Below will focus on two royal teenage aliens and their bodyguard who flee a surprise takeover of their home planet by an evil dictator and crash land in Arcadia. Now on the run from intergalactic bounty hunters, they struggle to blend in and adapt to the bizarre world of high school all the while attempting to repair their ship so they can return and defend their home planet.[1]

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  • According to Krel in the beginning of Part Two, there are 50 trillion life forms in the Tales of Arcadia universe.
  • Steve and Eli from Trollhunters have "major roles" in the series (especially since Steve is Aja’s love interest and Eli took a photo of their alien selves).[2]
  • Since the series focuses more on the side characters from the first installment, Jim, Toby, Claire, Blinky, and AAARRRGGHH!!! have minor roles in Part One (due to their own adventures during the final part of Trollhunters). In Part Two, Toby and AAARRRGGHH!!! have major roles.
    • With events coinciding with the end of Trollhunters, most of the main cast makes a cameo at least once. Including Jim several times, both in and out of his armor and in his old look.
  • Part One of 3Below takes place during Part Three of Trollhunters.
    • One of the episodes of Part One features a crossover between the main casts of Trollhunters and 3Below.
    • Another shows the other side of the Trollhunters episode "In Good Hands" the siblings introductory episode in the meta-series. Literally called "Lightning in a Bottle", it is a complete 180 in the point of view of Aja and Krel, demonstrating how odd the Trollhunters can seem without context.
    • Several events from Trollhunters also get further explanation.
    • There are also many references in the Tales of Arcadia world. {See List of Continuities}
  • Like the trolls, terms used on Akiridion-5 differ from those on Earth. {see Terminology}
  • Compared to Trollhunters, 3Below has little-to-no innuendos.

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